Best Learning Apps For Kids And Toddlers

10 Best Learning Apps For Kids And Toddlers

Children are visual learners, which means they learn faster with pictures and moving images. Technology has understood that and that is why developers have built many mobile apps that can aid children in learning visually and of course, better.

So with these tools, you can tutor your child/children at home or keep your kids busy during the holidays. All you would require is just an iOS or Android phone and sometimes internet connection.

So in this post, I have shared with you the top 10 learning apps for kids. With the knowledge of these apps, you can now go ahead and keep your children busy, while they learn important things. I urge you to read carefully so that you will not miss important details.

1. ABCMouse

ABCMouse is a learning app for kids between the ages of 2 to 8. It is an award-winning learning programme that delves into maths, arts, music, reading, and many others. However, with the ABCMouse app, you will be able to sharpen your kids’ maths skills and also ensure they improve their readiness.

With this app, you will have access to thousands of books, videos, puzzles, songs, games, and educational animations. You can also track and monitor your progress and be sure it is really imparting on your kids.

ABCMouse is used in over 70, 000 classrooms and it contains over 10,000 individual activities.

Price: Free trial/ $9.95 per month

2. Duolingo

One of the best things you can teach your kid is a foreign language. So depending on what the child wants or maybe what you want, you can choose from the list of different languages available on the Duolingo app.

The Duolingo app is very interactive and engaging. The learning process is designed in levels such that a kid can start from the simple basics and grow to higher levels.

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You can set daily targets to ensure you reach a minimum goal daily. The graphics and sounds of the Duolingo app would keep your interest glued to this app.

Price: Free/Premium package is also available.

3. Pocket Code

If you love tech, I guess your kids will love it too. With Pocket Code, you can teach your kids the simple basic programming. Definitely, this app is not for the kid at the kindergarten level, but older kids.

Kids can understand how programming works and how to write simple programmes. Pocket Code app employs the visual learning style which allows kids to enjoy the learning time, and by a simple drag and drop they can see what they have done.

Perhaps you can allow your kids to create their own game, animations, interactive arts, and many others, the Pocket Code app is fit to be tried.

Price: Free

4. Amazon Kindle

Reading improves your child’s general intelligence and that is why you will encourage it. Amazon Kindle app is a sort of an eReader, on which you can access many educational books and fun books.

Although you can get adult-friendly books on this platform, there is also a pool of books for kids. In the public domain, there are tons of books you can download for free. Meanwhile, there are ones you will have to pay for. The prices of books vary too.

You could also try out similar eReaders apps like Nook and Google Play Books; you will also get resourceful books on these apps that will be helpful to kids.

Price: Paid

5. ClassDojo

This app serves as a perfect communication app for parents, teachers, and students. It comes in as one of the best virtual classroom-style apps out there, just for you.

When a classroom is created, the teacher will add their students and can also bring parents in, to share in the activities of the class. Students can submit their homework through the platform and parents will be able to see their child’s performance.

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Announcements, photos, and videos can be shared in the virtual classroom and everyone (parents, teachers, and students) will be able to communicate and understand each other better.

Price: Free

6. DragonBox

DragonBox apps are some of the best learning apps for kids that you can get out there. The DragonBox apps include DragonBox Number, DragonBox Algebra, DragonBox Elements, and so on.

Through a very interactive and kid-friendly interface, DragonBox can impart very much into kids. With the DragonBox Number, your kids can learn what numbers are and how they work. The DragonBox Algebra are two (for 5 years plus and 12 years plus); with it, your kids can learn algebraic functions and equations.

The DragonBox Elements, on the other hand, teaches children more of geometry and the mathematical relations of the world.

Price: $5

7. YouTube Kids

Another educational app for kids is the YouTube Kids app. This app is just like the normal YouTube platform, but it is specially made for kids. On it are educational videos and entertainment contents developed to grow the minds of the young ones.

You can actually control the use of this app if you are scared your kids might become obsessed with it. There are settings where you can limit the screen time, block videos you do not like the content, flag an inappropriate video for further review, and also keep up with your children watch.

YouTube generally is a great resource and a learning platform. The kids’ version would not be a disappointment.

Price: Free/$12.99

8. Epic

Epic like Amazon Kindle is an app for kids with an e-book library containing over 35, 000 children’s books. The Epic app has a Read-to-me feature which makes it a great app for a kid who wants to learn how to read.

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Epic also has videos and audiobooks which can allow kids to explore fun while they learn at the same time. The epic app is recommended for kids between the ages of 2 to 12 and of course, for kids who want good screen time.

Price: 30 days free trial/ $7.99 per month.

9. Stack the Countries

This is one of the best educational apps for kids that allows them to explore the world from a mobile device. I would simply put that Stack the Countries app teaches children geography.

With this app, kids can learn about the different countries of the world: their capitals, landmarks, flags, border countries, languages, country shapes, major cities, and many other facts about a country.

This app comes in the form of a game and if you complete any level, more countries will be unlocked for you to explore. You can get your hands on it and let your children know the world better.

Price: $4

10. Starfall ABCs

This is yet another educational app you can exploit to teach your kids the English alphabets. It is however recommended for kids between 2 to 5 years old; or just any kid who should learn the alphabets.

This app is an interactive and engaging one as it allows kids to see, hear, and interact with letters. It also lets them hear the sounds in words and sentences. It is full of fun and your kid will love such a colourful interface that the app is developed to have.

Price: Free

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