Best learning korean apps For Android & Iphone Users

10 Best learning korean apps For Android & Iphone Users in 2023

It is always an added advantage to be able to understand and speak a variety of languages. It will not only place you on a broader scale in your industry but it will also give you the opportunities to explore different cultures and people.

Today, technology has made things easier, such that you can acquire skills more easily than ever before. Learning an extra language is now something you can do just with your smartphone. With the proper mobile app, you can go heights into learning languages like Korean.

In this post, I have shared with you 10 best Mobile apps to learn Korean with. The good news is that most of these apps are free and they will offer you great features you will like.

So now, I urge you to read carefully and be able to make your choice afterward.

1. Naver Dictionary

Naver is the most popular search engine in Korea. With their advent of a comprehensive Korean dictionary which has about 33 other languages, Naver has become a very great app to learn Korean with.

In Naver Dictionary, there are incredible features such as various examples on how best to construct sentences in Korean. This app also has high-quality audio recordings to show you how accurately words should be pronounced and how sentences should be said. Naver also has a useful word book where you can save useful vocabulary you just learned allowing you to go through the list more often.

Interesting enough, Naver is absolutely free. So if you love these features and if they suit what you want in your journey to learning Korean, you can download the app in your android or apple phone today.

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2. FluentU

FluentU is an app that helps you dive deep into the sea of Korean language and culture, while truly having fun. FluentU converts real-world videos into Korean language learning lessons for you. This app also has a fun-filled learning process; of course, you will never get bored of learning.

The videos contained in this app were specially handpicked and were carefully organized into different sessions. You could start with any of them which suits you at that particular point in time. The app also organizes quizzes for you, in order to test how much you have truly learned after some time. You know one interesting fact about this app, you can also try this for free! How awesome.

3. Duolingo

On Google Play Store, Duolingo is one of the most famous apps for learning different languages. Amongst the many languages found in this app is Korean.

Duolingo simply introduces you to some words and phrases as they use the system of starting small and taking little steps first. Slowly, they progress to more words and sentences until you become a full-fledged Korean speaking person.

The app boasts that spending 34 hours on their app is equivalent to a semester in a university. While it could be controversial, the fact that it is free is fantastic.

4. Google Translate

You can agree with me that the Google Translate tool is one of the most powerful translation tools on the web. It has about 103 languages when used online and 59 languages when used offline.

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This app is mostly used by travelers as it is very convenient for translating between two languages. It also has a live voice translation function that is excellent for practicing and knowing how well you speak Korean.

Google Translate app also has a camera feature that allows you to translates things in real-time. So you could easily take a picture of a sentence you don’t understand and have Google Translate give you the meaning. Leaving the best part for last, Google Translate is entirely free. Isn’t that amazing?

5. LingoDeer

This is one of the best Korean learning apps that can be found online. Its main focus is on Asian languages and for sure, Korean is one of them.

It dedicates so much time in teaching the basics such as the alphabet. Lingo Deer app also functions properly even when offline and has very engaging exercises you could take up to improve your Korean.

It is completely free; though a token of $9.99 could be given to the developers and this is optional. These people deserve your love and concern; you could donate to help them grow.

6. Simply Learn Korean

This is another great app to learn Korean. Good enough, it is relatively easier to use. It doesn’t necessarily give a full Korean learning experience but it is a great app that can be used as a study guide.

It comprises a lot of quizzes, exercises, tests and so much more that would be very profitable throughout your Korean learning process. To have a complete course, it is best to pair this with another app for more efficient training. It is quite a cheap app for what it offers.

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7. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a renowned app in language learning. It consists of 24 languages and Korean is one of them. It focuses very much on giving you that unique accent and makes you repeat words until they stick.

It produces a person that can properly use the many Korean mechanics. It is however not free. It cost $199.99 which can be paid every three months or every 12 months, though if you have the money, you could pay for everything at once.

8. Drops

This is a well-known language learning app for a variety of languages amongst which includes Korean. This app is a great option if you want to increase your vocabulary in Korean because it doesn’t concentrate on grammar.

It is free for only five minutes a day and is great for just casual learners. But for those that want to dive deep into learning Korean, they should consider subscribing for a better experience.

9. Memrise

Memrise is another wonderful language learning app. In this app are many languages including Asian languages which means it has just what we are looking for.

This app has a lot of sophisticated features and is not very wonderful for a casual learner. It is great for vocabulary, grammar, and even has a pronunciation guide which would help you speak very fluently. You could also use this with other great apps to improve your learning experience.

10. Mondly

This app is a very good app for learning a lot of languages, though it is quite expensive. It doesn’t follow the usual method of teaching Korean.

Mondly is relatively more difficult to start with. So if you want to learn Korean from scratch, it is not advisable to use this app. Although, it is a great app for more advanced learners.

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