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5 ways you can hurt your phone badly. No 5 is a major concern

Premium or not, a phone is a worthwhile investment. You are probably doing all you can to make sure your phone performs as expected.

But no matter how much time you spend clearing out old apps or ensuring that your software program is regularly updated, there are nonetheless lots of ways that you may accidentally harm your cell phone.How you can harm your phone

Dropping your phone or accidentally smashing it against an object is not the only way you can hurt your phone. There are several ways you can hurt your phones, luckily for you, I will be sharing some of them

Ways You Can Accidentally Hurt Your Phone.

Leaving your phone plugged in for so long

many people have been told or read that leaving your phone plugged in for long does no damage to your smartphone. It is partially true. Reason being that devices can reduce power being transferred to the battery once the battery is fully charged.

Nevertheless, it is unwise to take advantage and leave it for that long. When you leave it for long, it generates excess heat which in turn can damage your phone.

Phones need to be pampered. Often times we make the mistake of tucking it under the pillow. If you don’t place it where heat can dissipate, the chance is you will be planning for a new phone soon. Keeping your device at a comfortable temperature is a good idea to prevent damage.

Contact with liquid

Most people are aware of the danger of exposing their phone to liquid. Naturally, we all have a tendency to always shield it from the liquid. Plenty of smartphones aren’t made to stand up to use in a rainstorm or under the pool.

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Only a few, mostly premium phones enjoy this privilege. You should prevent yours from getting splashed especially if you are running on a low budget.

Having your phone working 24/7: A mobile phone is no different from a computer. It is occasionally cool to shut down your phone once in a while to keep it running at its most efficient.

Having your phone every time makes it closer to its life expectancy. Doing this will also ensure that caches are cleared and as well makes it run at its top level.

Keeping your phone at the back pocket

We do sometimes forget ourselves. You don’t want to break your phone by sitting on it.

When you’re watching a movie or engrossed in something fun, it’s easy to forget that your phone is in your back pocket.

Accidentally sitting on it can damage the components. Why not cultivate the habit of puttin it where there is no chance of damaging it. Also, avoid putting it on the couch.

Phone getting overheating

Phone does not have to be plugged before getting overheating. Phones mostly get heat in strong sunlight.

Normally our phones do protect themselves, phone can get hot enough to shut down mostly during extreme sunlight condition.

The trouble here is that excessive warmth can harm the battery. That’s never good, mainly due to the fact most people need longer battery life out of their smartphones.

Generally, a smartphone that overheats will close itself off to save itself. But pushing your phone to that point will probably do extra damage than precise

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Defending your phone against sun, turning it off if you have to leave it in a hot car, and otherwise retaining your device at a normal temperature is a nice idea to save your device from unintentional harm.

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