9mobile more flex tariff plan: migration code, charges + benefits

9mobile added another great tariff plan to her armory, introducing 9mobile moreflex and everything you need to know about this awesome prepaid package.

Customers often wonder why 9mobile is yet to provide a similar package called MTN xtravalue like her competitor.

And here you have it now

9mobile more flex prepaid plan is designed to give you more than deserved, customers can get much more for calls, data, SMS and pay as you go services. Talking about strategy to keep the customers and keep people coming in, one can say it is the right call.

To make most of this new offer, 9mobile also gives 20% when a customer purchases higher moreflex bundle before the current plan expires. This offer is only applicable to 200, 300, 500, and 1000 bundles. What this means is that when a customer purchases N200 bundle and he later buys another before the N200 bundle validity expires, 300% bonus will be given coupled with the 20% for buying a higher moreflex bundle.

To make it clearer, let us highlight the key moments of 9mobile moreflex, that is what makes it special.

Why you should buy 9mobile more flex bundle

  1. So easy to opt in or opt out, with just a string ot codes dialled on your phone.
  2. Charges are good, so you can expect to make even longer calls.
  3. Customers will get bonus for voice calls, SMS, Data and Payg services.
  4. 300% bonus when a customer purchases 9mobile moreflex.
  5. Cheaper call and SMS when compared with 9mobile moreflex plus.
  6. There are lots of options available on moreflex to choose from.
  7. Another extra 20% when you buy a bundle from 9mobile moreflex.
  8. Freebies such as free incoming calls while roaming on selected 10 countries when you buy airtime not lower than N5,000.
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Selected 10 countries that customers can enjoy free incoming calls while roaming on 9mobile more flex

  1. UK (Vodafone, EE, 02, H3G)
  2. UAE (Etisalat, DU)
  3. South Africa (Telkom, Cell C, Vodacom, MTN)
  4. Spain (Telia Sonera, Movistar/02, Orange, Vodafone)
  5. Kenya (Safaricom, Orange)
  6. France (SFR, Bouygues, Free Mobile, Orange)
  7. Saudi Arabia (Mobily)
  8. Germany (E-plus, Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile)
  9. Turkey (Turkcell, Vodafone)
  10. Egypt (Etisalat, Vodafone, Mobinil).

Charges on 9mobile more flex prepaid plan

Charge on every bundled purchased on more flex is 40k/sec for every call including onnet and offnet calls. Customers can call whosoever they wish without being restricted. For instance, A customer pays N24 for any call across to either of MTN, Glo, Airtel or 9mobile/Etisalat.

For the SMS, 9mobile charges N4 for every sms sent and N100 for MMS. Lastly pay as you go data is charged 0.002k per kilobyte.

9mobile More flex bundles activation code & price

1 Moreflex 500

  • Value: N1500
  • Activation code: *344*500#
  • Price: N500
  • Validity: 7 days

2 Moreflex 1000

  • Value: N3000
  • Activation code: *344*1000#
  • Price: N1000
  • Validity: 14 days

3 Moreflex 2000

  • Value: N5000
  • Activation code: *344*2000#
  • Price: N2000
  • Validity: 30 days

4 Moreflex 5000

  • Value: N12500
  • Activation code: *344*5000#
  • Price: N5000
  • Validity: 30 days

5 Moreflex 10000

  • Value: N32500
  • Activation code: *344*10000#
  • Price: N10000
  • Validity: 30 days

6 Moreflex 20000

  • Value: N62500
  • Activation code: *344*20000#
  • Price: N20000
  • Validity: 30 days

How to migrate to 9mobile more flex

Migration to 9mobile moreflex only takes a few steps, to migrate or activate this prepaid plan, just dial *344*amount#.

You will be immedatelu be welcomed into your new plan and can start enjoying great rate. To opt out of a bundle, just dial *344*0#

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Customers may opt out of a bundle but not out of 9mobile moreflex. To move into another prepaid plan, you will have to dial the activation code for the plan. Tariff plans available on 9mobile are morelife complete, moretalk, and talkzone.

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