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A2 Hosting Review: Login, Coupon, Plans, Prices & Support

A2 Hosting was established in 2002 in the United States of America. It currently hosts over 500,000 websites around the world. A2 hosting came into operation to deliver user-friendly and flexible hosting services for people that are interested in building and enjoying a website. Over the years, this company has grown to become one of the most reliable hosting providers that deliver a money-back guarantee and a superb 24/7 customer support services.

A distinguishing feature that makes the A2 hosting company stands out is the fact that you stand the chance of enjoying a full refund, that is, your account can be terminated within 30-days and after this, you would be qualified for a full refund of unused service.

Also, the plan comes with unlimited disk space and bandwidth with an option of choosing between Linux or Windows hosting and easily install your desired website script. The website script could either be Joomla, Drupal, or WordPress.

The following hosting services like the shared, dedicated, VPS, cloud, and managed WordPress hosting could be accessed via the A2 hosting platform. All hosting accounts qualify for a free site transfer by the support team. So, to further enjoy speed, you could settle for the exclusive Turbo server option.

Pros of A2 Hosting

  • Its servers are super secure.
  • A2 hosting customer service also known as Guru Crew is very responsive and friendly.
  • The hosting platform offers a guarantee money-back policy.

Cons of A2 Hosting

  • It does offer a competitive uptime like some other hosting companies.
  • The sign-up is a bit clunky.

A2 Hosting Customer Support

The A2 hosting service customer service which is named Guru Crew is ever available 24/7 to lend their hands of support to clients. This they do via live chat, emails, or phone services. The Guru Crew ranks among the best customer support services in the web hosting marketplace.

The team is well-equipped with the necessary knowledge and information that helps you understand everything about how to develop, maintain, and manage your website easily. Also, they address issues that might arise with a hosting account.

Also, clients get to enjoy free site transfer to your hosting account from other hosting providers; this can be done by contacting the Guru Crew and request for a free site transfer.

If you wish to speak to a customer service support, similar navigate to Contact Us Page, choose your desired channel and chat with me.

Types of Hosting and Features on A2 Hosting

The types of hosting offered by the A2 hosting are; Shared, WordPress, VPS, Reseller, and Dedicated. The basic features of the different types of hosting are highlighted below:

1. Shared Plan

This is for beginners and it’s also the most affordable hosting plan. However, you might need to settle for a higher plan if there are plans to scale your site.

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If you are just starting your blog or website, it is usual for one to start on a very low scale. As your blog continues to grow, it will call for more resources which means that you will need to upgrade from shared hosting to a more suitable plan.

Regardless of your experience, A2 hosting shared plan is perfect for everyone including those who have been in the field for long.

However, the major disadvantage is that shared hosting might be unable to handle substantial increase in traffic. Therefore, if you need something capable, you should think VPS Hosting.

2. VPS Plan

This is specially designed for small and medium scale businesses. It has some features that are not present in the Shared plan, though it is not as expensive as the Dedicated plan.

VPS Hosting Plan should be the next reasonable conclusion when you are looking to make a leap from A2 shared hosting.

With VPS hosting plan, you now have a plan that is capable of handling everything thrown at it. VPS hosting is like living in an uncongested location, you will notice that there is more serenity when compared with the Shared Hosting. It affords you more freedom to the extent of even making somes changes to the virtual machine.

VPS web hosting environments work in the same way as virtualized operating system, in the sense that one server can run multiple virtualized operating system with each behaving as if it is run on a dedicated server.

VPS relies on a computer resource, known as Hypervisor. The hypervisor works by creating and operating virtual machines by segregating hardware from the OS and apps.

VPS also offers some benefits among them is being able to be dynamic by ensuring that users will be able to use any supported software on the platform.

There are also defined amount of CPU time and memory for users, it does not matter if someone has a bigger blog or website than yours, you are still entitled to what you paid.

To know if you should make the switch from shared hosting to VPS hosting, there are questions you should ask yourself. If you feel your website is expanding and now need more room, you plan on getting more website, you want to have full control over the servers or you are having a feeling that your website might have an increase in traffic…

3. Reseller Plan

If you are a budding entrepreneur who has decided to start his or her own hosting company, then this is the plan for you. You will enjoy top class support and have access to various tools that could help you skyrocket your business.

Here, you lease or rent hard drive space and bandwidth from A2 hosting and then rent out space to small businesses or some other third party users. You act as if you are a service provider and are always affordable since the A2 hosting knows you are looking to make profit as well.

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In other words, using the common marketing terms, you purchase the hosting plans as an wholesaler and sell to small site owners. If you buy from A2 hosting, there will not be any evidence that it comes from them, you are your own brand and you get to decide the price.

4. Dedicated Server Hosting

Afterall, it is normal for new website owners to opt for the shared hosting when they began their journey. Well, who will blame them, share hosting is affordable and it means they will have to live within their budget now that their website is not getting that raise in traffic. As time goes on, they may later explore other hosting plans due to expansion of their blog.

Dedicated server hosting is not meant for every blog owner, it is important to know what you are going into before making the big leap.

If your site is suddenly getting that big leap in traffic or showing some signs that it might and your hosting plan could no longer handle the resources, then it is about time you switch to a VPS Hosting or Dedicated hosting plan. However, if you can afford it, then you should go for dedicated hosting plan.

Dedicated server hosting is a type of hosting for top organisations or websites with great amount of traffic which allows them full control and flexibility. Your website or blog gets to have its own freedom and space, which could translate to enormous power and better performance.

This type of hosting plan can offer you exactly the speed you need but could be very expensive. Still, it is always worth every dough spent on it.

There are other benefits why you might need to for dedicated server hosting – your overall security will be improved, you can tweak it the way you want and also get to be in charge of how you want the features to be implemented.

You will also get a fast loading page. If you have been around for a while, you will by now know that Google seems to frown upon slow pages, dedicated server hosting could give you that advantage.

Lastly, being a dedicated server hosting, it should be able to manage and optimize everything thrown at it. To your advantage, it can be the edge you have above your competitors.

A2 Hosting Pricing and Plans

The Guru Crew is always available to help all irrespective of the plan you settle for. Interestingly, A2 hosting is also offering a discount if customers make use of the Hosting coupon code. It is recommended that you begin with the shared hosting plan and proceed to higher plans as your needs increase.

Every plan with A2 hosting comes with the option of a monthly payment, one-year payment in advance, two years payment in advance, or three years payment in advance. The secret is that the more years you commit to, the cheaper the price.

On the shared hosting plan, you can save up to 72% when you purchase the 36 months plan. By going for the plan, you pay $2.99. However, go thorough the plan to ensure that it is the right fit for your site.

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There are other plans including Managed VPS Hosting, and Managed Dedicated Hosting. For more information, visit the A2hosting official website.

Easy to use

The A2 hosting platform offers both Windows and Linux hosting. Using the Windows hosting delivers to you Plesk, an alternative to cPanel for the smooth running of your hosting account. On the other hand, the Linux hosting plans are designed with a cPanel control mechanism for the proper management of your hosting account, which includes your site files, databases, domain name, and several other things.

A2 Hosting Security

Every A2 hosting plan is designed with a free SSL certificate. Besides, it has also built its Perpetual Security initiative which helps to boost the security of the site. Every account is built to have a free Hackscan protection designed to work 24/7 for the safety of the website.

Other forms of security measures built in the plan are;

  1. The Dual Hosting Firewall: This is added to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to the A2 hosting account.
  2. Server Hardening: This is a way of strengthening the settings and stiffening access to the account.
  3. Limited Server Access: An innovation from A2 hosting which replaces passwords with the use of keys to gain access to the servers. The keys are safer than a password because they act as if the computers are conversing with the servers.
  4. Reinforced Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection: It’s been discovered that attacks usually occur whenever large traffic passes through the web server and exhausting the server’s resources and preventing legitimate traffic from accessing the resources.

So, judging by the above measure put in place, A2 hosting servers can be regarded as being safe both online and offline.

A2 Hosting Coupon

The coupons are designed to appreciate clients for showing interest in A2 hosting. Each of the plans comes with a coupon that can be used in the first billing cycle. The coupons come from A2 hosting, so, you are guaranteed that it would work.

Coupon codes for the different hosting plan are;

  • Save 66% on the first billing cycle when you buy the Shared hosting plan.
  • Save 51% on the first billing cycle when you buy the Managed WordPress.
  • Also, you get to save 34% on the first billing cycle when you buy the Reseller hosting plan.
  • Save 34% on the first billing cycle when you buy the Managed VPS.
  • The users of the Dedicated Server hosting plan get to enjoy a 17% discount on the first billing cycle

A2 Hosting Login

A2 hosting service is built to use the cPanel control panel mechanism for its login. The cPanel is a complete web-based control panel that allows for the management of the domain through its user-friendly interface.

The cPanel helps to easily manage your email files, FTP, backups, website statistics, file, CGI scripts, and so many other things.


The A2 hosting offers a very fast (317 ms average load time) and reliable hosting services, and a super-responsive customer support team. So, it has a hosting plan for everyone irrespective of your class, whether a business owner, a website developer, a small website owner.

So, looking for super fast and reliable website hosting? Look no further because the A2 hosting is the right choice.

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