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Access (Diamond) Bank USSD Code for quick banking transactions

Do you know you don’t need to visit physical branch to perform most of your transactions? It just get better with Access Bank USSD Code

Access Bank make it easy with their effective mobile transfer, all made possible through USSD Code

Transaction is getting more easy and quick to use with the way Banks are upgrading their services.

Everyday, banks come out with a new way of upgrading their service delivery. Like other banks, Access bank give you a convenient, fast and secured way to do most of your transactions.

What is more, you can use those hours you would have spent at the banking hall to do other things. Asking what is the code?

The access bank ussd code or diamond bank ussd code is *901#. They now operate under one umbrella after a mutual agreement to join forces. 

What you can do with access / diamond bank ussd code *901#?

Of course, there is a lot you can do with *901#. Access bank transfer code is not limited to just transfer, it goes beyond that and the main ones can be found below

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1. Airtime purchase

You can now purchase your airtime without leaving the comfort of your room. With no extra charge. The era of being asked to pay extra NGN10 is now over. Banks do not charge that.

2. Account Opening

You have always wanted to own an account with Access Bank but you are too busy to visit their branch. With *901# Code, you can just do that anywhere and anytime

3. Fund Transfer

Ever wanted to send money to a friend or family but you just cant squeeze out time for that? It is over, with Access Bank Transfer Code, you are covered.

4. Bill Payment

Now provided with an easy way to make payment. Pay bills without leaving the comfort of your home or from wherever you are.

5. Balance Enquiry

It is interesting to know that enquiry which is mostly done in the branch can now be done using USSD Code.

Benefits of Access (Diamond) Bank USSD Code

  • It is fast and convenient
  • It is very secured
  • Available 24/7
  • Ease of transaction from anywhere.
  • It can be used on any type of phone be it Java, Low Cost phone, Iphone, Android Phone and others.
  • You dont need to be connected to internet before using this feature.

How to Open Account with access / diamond bank ussd code *901#

  1. Dial *901*0# on your Mobile Phone
  2. You will be required to provide your BVN or Personal details as prompted.
  3. When done, you will receive an sms with details of your New Access Bank Account Number.
  4. Opening account online attracts no charges and you are given the freedom to access your account anytime and anywhere, dependable n your mobile network.
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How to Purchase Airtime with access (diamond) bank ussd code *901#

Ther are two options available on this platform. You can purchase for yourself or for family and friends.

1. To purchase for yourself 

Dial *901*Amount# i.e *901*500# on your mobile. Then wait for confirmation message. If you are not getting one, check your mobile number account balance to confirm.

2. To purchase for family and friends.

Dial *901*Amount*Phone Number# i.e *901*500*08031111788#

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This feature is available to all networks subscribers on mtn, glo, airtel and 9mobile. You will debited from your access account upon successful transaction.

It attracts no charge and code can only work on mobile number connected to your account number with the bank.

How to transfer money with access (diamond) bank ussd code *901#

  • To transfer to Access Bank Account, dial *901*1*Amount*Nuban Account Number# i.e *901*1*3000*1234554321# on your phone.
  • To transfer to other banks, dial *901*2*Amount*Nuban Account Number# i.e *901*2*3000*Nuban Account Number# i.e “901*2*3000*5432112345#

After dialing the code on your mobile phone, you will be required to authenticate using your 4 digit security code.

How to pay bills or merchants with access bank ussd code *901#

Dial *901*3# and follow prompts

It can be used to pay for DSTV, Smile, Swift and others. Utility can be paid from anywhere.

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