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Access Bank Nigeria Customer Care Phone Number, Email and Live chat

Access Bank Customer Care unit is the enquiry and resolution unit of Access and Diamond Bank. It is also the quickest, easiest, and less expensive way to reach out to the bank customer representatives provided you are accessing any of the online channels.

This section is at the heart of all successful companies. Customer service is the support a business offers before or after buying products or services.

It is no secret that the banks are ever ready to attend to customers’ requests during the official banking hours. However, time and technology have ensured that there are more customers to attend to, yet at your disadvantage but for the bank, money has to be made.

Yet, customers will always be looking for the best alternative way to speak or chat with access or diamond bank online or offline. Offline has to do with visiting any of the branches spread across Nigeria.

Contacting the Access Bank customer care via online method means customers using phone or computers to make their plights known to the bank.

Luckily for us, there are several ways to contact Access Bank and Diamond bank customers rep depending on your stance. Meanwhile, diamond bank and access bank have now merged, and they operate under the name, Access Bank. Therefore, you are automatically an Access Bank PLC Customer, instead of Diamond bank.

Since they are now one, customers can speak to Access Bank customer care via mobile phone number, email, online and live chat, and through other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. It is not a coincidence that Twitter came before Facebook.

Anyone who has already used both will understand that there are levels to this. Twitter’s level of interaction is higher than Facebook’s. However, if you can afford to burn some airtime, contacting the access bank through a phone line may be the best.

Below are some ways to contact Access Bank Customer Care Representative.


Contacting Access Bank through their phone line remains one of the best ways ever. The reason has to do with the fact that response and resolution are almost instant.

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However, not without some disadvantages, customers will need to wait for a while before speaking to a real customer care rep of Access Bank. The waiting period can be very frustrating especially when you realise your airtime is being burned over the machine but if you want a quick feedback or things done immediately, then it is the best way to speak or chat with ACCESS BANK CUSTOMER CARE.

Access Bank Customers, comprises of Corporate, Current, and Savings account holders and they can can contact Access Bank Customer Care by dialing the following Numbers:

  • +234 1- 2712005-7.
  • +234 1-2802500.
  • 07003000000.
  • 01-2273007 (for Mobile Pin Activation).

During the call session, you may be asked some certain questions which may be only known to you. This is to confirm your identity before your queries, feedback or complaints are being attended to.


There are lots of benefits that come from tabling your complaints and issues via emails. The fact that you can attach voice notes, screengrabs, or documents would be helpful especially if you have technical issues.

There are some issues that can’t be explained better until one uses a graphic representation. Therefore, every customer of Access Bank is welcomed to contact Access Bank via their official email address.

To send an email to Access bank official email, simply compose a clear message and send it to Responses are not instantly, but you can expect the bank to get back to you within 24 hours.

After getting back to you, your message will now be prioritized, the hours will now be reduced to less than 3 hours to 12 hours depending on the time of the day.

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If you use a smartphone and not a Java phone, then another way to quickly talk or reach out to Access bank officers is via LiveChat.

The live chat is almost as instant as calling the access bank official mobile phone number. However, you will need to visit the Access Bank/Diamond bank website to use this function. If you have had the link saved somewhere else, you can quickly access it by tapping.

To quickly access the Access Bank Live Chat, follow

After, enter Name, Phone Number, Email, Account Number, Subject (short description of why you want to talk to Access bank customer care), select department, enter the security code shown below it and click ‘Send’. You should be connected within a few minutes.


Your darling Access Bank is on every popular social media, but we will only be interested in giving you the best way to contact the bank via social media.

Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp are the best ways to contact via social media. Others are not as efficient as they are. Therefore, here lies our interest.

1. Access Bank WhatsApp number

About Access bank WhatsApp, I am happy to inform you that the bank has made provision for you to contact them via Access WhatsApp Banking.

To connect or speak with Access Bank customer care rep on Access WhatsApp, you will need to add the mobile number- +234 9090 901 901 as you would add any phone number to your phone contact.

Launch your WhatsApp, and then refresh your contact list. Send, ‘Hi’, and wait for a response. It is important for customers to use the mobile phone number registered to their personal accounts with the Bank.

If it is temporary and you need a quick access to Access bank whatsapp, click

Services that can be accessed via Access WhatsApp banking include Services customers can access via the Access WhatsApp include BVN display, Balance Enquiry, Request Payday Loan, and Account Opening.

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2. Access bank via Facebook

This is my least favourite, yet does the job. Customers with complaints and issues can reach out to the bank via Access Bank Facebook Group Page.

Quite not as appealing as Twitter, but you can be assured that you will be attended to. Although, it always takes time before they attend to customers on Facebook. Therefore, your best shot is via Twitter.

However, to contact Access Bank via Facebook, simply drop a message in their inbox or comment section at

3. Access bank via Twitter

Twitter is the place to be if you need one of the fastest and cheapest ways to make your request known to Access Bank customer care. On Twitter, your complaints and issues are taken more seriously probably due to prying eyes.

Of course, every organization wants to maintain good standing with the public, and Twitter is one hell of a place for gossip. Therefore, send a tweet to @accessbank_help for quick resolutions to all complaints.


If all requests and issues remain unsolved for 90 days and above, there is an upper chamber that ensures you get all that you deserve.

It is more like an extended Alternate Dispute Resolution Centre for aggrieved customers to lodge complaints over the telephone, email, letters, physical visit to the Ombuds’ Office, the Customers Ombudsman will collate data or information from both parties and informally engage parties towards an amicable resolution of the complaint.

This branch of the bank will be responsible for possible resolution which may lead to the continued bank and customer relationship. Therefore, you can expect the issue to be resolved amicably in the nearst possible time.

Customers’ Ombudsman Contact details:
Access Bank Plc.
Head Office
14/15, Prince Alaba Abiodun,
Oniru Road,
Victoria Island,
Lagos, Nigeria.

Customers can also email Ombudsman via

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