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my USC: How to Access USC Login

my USC is one of the key components introduced by the University of Southern California. The portal is utilized by students as well as faculty and staff to access the school’s online services using their respective USC NetID accounts.

The university has ensured that the system stays updated and has been optimized for mobile devices and also comes with options that users can personalize for an even better experience.

In this article, we will provide you with the necessary information you need to know about myUSC, how to access your USC account using the login details, activating your account, password reset, and many more.

How to log in to myUSC

USC Login

Follow the guide below to sign in and access the USC login portal:

1. Launch your browser and go to

2. Enter your USC NetID which is your username in the textbox.

3. Now, follow it up with your password in the second box.

4. Click Sign in to access your myUSC account.

What is USC NetID?

A USC NetID is very important for access into myUSC portal. The USC NetID is a username that grants you access to the many valuable central USC online tools and resources of the school. They include MyUSC, Google Apps, Blackboard, Microsoft Office 365, Workday, and many more.

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Whether you are a staff, student, or even in the faculty, you will need a USC NetID. Your USC NetID account is also known as Enterprise Account. You will not be able to make use of your account without activating your USC NetID. If you are yet to go through the activation process, check the guide below

How to activate your USC NetID

1. If you are using the login portal for the first time, visit

2. Click “Activate your USC NetID”

3. Enter your 10-digit USC ID number. The number is on your USCard.

4. Now, your date of birth in the following format, (MM/DD/YYYY) should also be entered.

5. Complete the captcha and click Find your USCnet ID.

6. In the next step, you are going to provide your secondary email address and click to process it.

7. Lastly set up your password for use on the myUSC Portal and other systems supported by the school.

How to reset myUSC password

If it happens you can not remember your USC password, you can have it reset. Meanwhile, below is the guide to reset your forgotten password:

1. Navigate to

2. Click Forgot your password.

3. Provide your 10-digit USC ID number and your USC NetID.

4. Click Reset your password.

5. A confirmation code will be sent to your secondary email address.

6. Use the code to set up a new password for your USC account.

How to change your USC NetID or email password

If you are just changing your USC password, we will assume that you still have your myusc credentials.

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1. You can change your USC password by first visiting from your web browser.

2. Click Change your password from the list of options.

3. Log in using your USC NetID and Password.

4. Go to your Account or Profile section to change your Password.

How to access your USC email

Your USC NetID can be used to access email. Ensure to always check your email regularly as the school do send important updates from time to time.

  • Go to
  • Enter your USD NetID email address and Password
  • Click Sign in to access your USC email account.
  • If you are redirected to myusc, you can find the link to your school email on your dashboard.

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