How to Add, Unfriend, Tag, Remove, Block, Unfollow Facebook Friends

How to Add, Tag, Remove, Block, Unfollow Facebook Friends

After creating and setting up your Facebook account, the next thing on your mind might be how to add friends to your list. And then, how to remove, tag, unfollow, or block friends.

These are the most common features and probably among those elements, you are going to need soon. People are going to tag you in a photo, and you probably will want to do the same.

Another thing you are likely to do is to remove and block friends. You may have mistakenly added someone who you should not be on your list, then removing him or her seems to be the best solution. A friend or someone consistently gets on your nerves and you need to completely shove them out by blocking them.

Being flexible with lots of options is what makes Facebook a perfect social media app for everyone. You have a lot of tools to set up your page the way you want and in this article, you will learn the basic things you need to know especially if you are just joining.


If you have just joined Facebook, you should find some friends’ suggestions on your Facebook. However, if you have got a pretty list of friends you want to add to your list, then searching for them using their phone numbers or names on Facebook would be the recommended way.

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To find and add friends, simply launch your app or visit from your desktop or browser.

Go to the search bar and enter the person’s name or phone number. If the person registers the Facebook account using his or her phone, it will appear in the result. Using a name may not bring a specific result you are expecting, you will need to comb through the results to identify and add the person and that is if you can recognize them.

Once the actual person you want to add to your friends’ list has been identified, you will need to click “Add Friends” which should be next to their names. Once added, they will show up on your friends’ list.


If you are friends with someone and you want to unfriend or remove them from the list, the guide in this section should help out.

It is normal to feel that certain people need to give space. Sometimes, you may find out that you do not share a similar interest or could also be because of their obnoxious behaviour.

  • To unfriend them on your Facebook account, enter their name on the search bar to find them. Alternatively, you can look through your friends’ list and click on the applicable one.
  • Click the “Profile Icon” and tap “Unfriend” to remove it from your Fb friends list.


Sometimes, you might need to take a stricter approach especially if your Fb account is set to public. You will not need this if you have already locked your Facebook profile.

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The approach involves you blocking a friend who might still have access to your profile page. When you block them, they will not be able to look you up on Facebook search results, view your profile, post on your timeline, try to add you as a friend, or have anything to do with your account. You are almost invisible to them as long as they still use the blocked account to find you.

  • To block a Facebook friend, click the hamburger menu and tap “Settings”
  • Click “Blocking” and tap “add to blocked list”
  • Enter the name or email address of the person you want to block.
  • Once the Facebook name has been identified, click “Block” next to their Facebook Profile Names.
  • To remove any friend from the blocked list, go back to the “Blocking” tab and tap “Unblock” next to their names.


If you have sent someone a friend request and yet to be accepted, chances are that you will continue to see their posts and uploads even though you are not on their list.

Even if you are already accepted as a friend, you can still see their post unless you decide to unfollow them.

To stop seeing their posts in your news feed, simply go to their Facebook profile page. Click the “Profile Icon” next to Message if you already have them on your list.

If they are yet to accept your friend request, then you will need to click “Requested” to unfollow. You will have the option to cancel the sent Friend request or unfollow. Do note that by canceling the request, you unfollow their account.

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If you have a friend you want to tag in a photo, go to the photo and click the tag icon. The tag icon is between the profile and location icon at the top of the page. Now, tap your screen to tag and enter the names of the person. Click the appropriate name to tag.

To tag a Facebook friend in a post, simply enter @ followed by the person’s name. For instance, when you type @James, you should get a list of names you can choose. The names will start with the ones on your Fb friends’ list. Now, click the actual person you want to tag.

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