AdwCleaner Review – A perfect security tool against noad variance TV adware virus

Looking for a perfect security tool for your PC? adwCleaner got your back. We have been able to discuss to a large extent how you can manually remove those annoying noad variance tv adware virus from your pc. This time we will be introducing you to a perfect tool that makes sure nothing is left after the scanning.

For most people, they only know about the inbuilt app called windows defender, found on windows. This app helps to protect you against spyware, viruses and other threats to your computer. Not that windows defender is all bad but AdwCleaner can do much more with the various updates it gets regularly.

The app protects your computer against adware like ones common with variance tv and noad steep tv. What it usually does is to find them by scanning your computer and removes it from the system.
You are thinking that is too limited? It does more than that. It also deletes unwanted toolbars and programs.

Adwcleaner is one of the best software you can’t afford to ignore. It is important especially in these days of cyber theft, hijackers who want to have control over the browsers so as to steal your information and also for removal of unwanted programs and toolbars.Adwcleaner mac

AdwCleaner free download for your PC

Guess what? It is free to download adwcleaner and it is always as if it is not on your PC as it is very light. It also supports the major official language for your convenience.

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You can go to the official website to get it done but if you are looking for quick one. We have got your back. Simply click on any of the links below to get the software.

Link 1:

Adwcleaner free download 1

Link 2:

Adwcleaner free download 2

Other alternatives to AdwCleaner

  1. Clamxav
  2. Dr.web curelt
  3. Emisisoft emergency kit
  4. Spybot
  5. Windows defenders
  6. Reason core security
  7. SuperAntiSpyWare
  8. HitmanPro
  9. Herdprotect
  10. Rogue killer
  11. Kaspersky virus removal

How to use AdwCleaner (Tutorial)

I will believe you have already installed the software on your computer. If you are having problem with installation, let me refer you to this link

Recommended site

Step 1

When you first install the software on your pc, it will start automatically start. Navigate to your AdwCleaner dashboard. Click on “Scan Now”

Step 2

After the scan is completed, you will see the results. You can choose to view the logs, cancel or clean and repair.
Click on clean and repair to remove noad variance tv adware or any unwanted obnoxious files from the system.

Step 3

Restart your computer to complete the process. Your Pc will come up better and effective after removal of those threating virus or adware virus.

Is AdwCleaner safe?

For those who are just getting into it, they will no doubt be sceptical about the software. I am using this as a platform to clear your doubt.

Although, there have been widespread reports that scammes are now making a clone version of the software.

Always avoid download from such sites other than the reputable ones. What the fake version does is to make you see that your system is being infected and then propose a way for you to pay for the software.

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You are advised to always ignore the software but follow the official channels to get it at no cost.Adwcleaner fake

How to detect the fake AdwCleaner

Although the creators of this fake software has made sure it looks almost like the same but there always ways to expose them.

Pictures they say speak a thousand words, it will be of your interest to provide you with screengrabs of the fake adwcleaner.

Belows are the screengrabs of what the fake antivirus looks like.

Picture 1

Is adwcleaner legit

Picture 2

Adwcleaner mac

Picture 3

Adwcleaner free download 2019

Picture 4

Adwcleaner review

Picture 5

A perfect security tool

How to remove the fake adwcleaner

  • The good news is that the original software can remove the fake one.Download the original from any of the links above. You can save them on your desktop or in your download folder.
  • Install the software into your pc by double clicking or left click to run.
  • After installation, select scan now.
    When the scanning process is completed, make sure it is quarantined and click on apply actions.
  • Restart your PC to complete the process.


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