Airtel 6x bundles plan

Airtel 6x bundles: Charges, Migration/Subscription codes + Benefits

Do you wish you had a plan that gives you 6x bonus of your airtime? Yes, you heard it correctly. 600% bonus to be given out when you recharge using a dedicated code. Introducing, Airtel 6x bundles.

Airtel 6x bundles is an extra top up on every recharge, which gives airtel prepaid customers 600% bonus for calls to all networks, SMS and browse the internet. This is not the first airtel plan to feature these awesome goodies, airtel voice bundles and Airtel 10x smartrecharge are also among plans that no one should miss out.

Airtel 6x bundles is not a tariff plan but a means designed by Airtel Nigeria to ensure you get more than you bargained for. It is designed in such a way that even when you subscribe to this plan, your current tariff plan still remains the same but you might find call being charged based on the bundle.

Sadly, postpaid customers will not be able to benefit from the various packages offered by Airtel 6x bundles.

Benefits of Airtel 6x bundles

  1. Customers will now be able to talk for longer.
  2. Enjoy extra 600% rewards on every recharge.
  3. Bonus can be gotten multiple times on Airtel 6x bundles.
  4. The validity period is between 15 to 30 days depending on the airtime loaded.
  5. It is very easy to subscribe to the plan.
    All prepaid customers are qualified to get this plan.
  6. It takes into consideration all airtel services such as voice calls, SMS and browsing.
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Charges on Airtel 6x bundles

Customers who have airtel 6x bundle activated will be able to make calls to all local networks at 0.667 per second while SMS will be charged at N8 per SMS.

airtel 6x bundle

Anyone who wishes to use his or her bonus to browse will experience different data charge which will depend on the amount loaded. Customers that recharge between N100 to N300 will be charged 3kobo per kilobyte while customers that loaded N500 and N1000 will get their browsing session charged at one kobo per kilobyte.

Calculations for calls made on Airtel 6x bundles

In order to understand how much value you will be getting when you activate Airtel 6x, we will analyse it for you using a N100 recharge voucher.

A 100 airtime will give you 600 airtime value which can be used for voice calls, SMS and browsing but we will be concentrating on the call aspect. If you are the type that loves spending time on voice calls, this is for you.

Call charged 0.667 for every second, and 60 seconds of calls to any network gives us N40.

40×15 mins = 600, customers will be able to make 15 minutes calls for a recharge of N100 on Airtel 6x bundle plan.

What is the difference between Airtel 6x bundle and other tariff plans

It is easy to mistake Airtel 6x bundle as the same as the likes of Airtel SmartValue, Airtel SmartTrybe and Airtel smartconnect 6.0. Well, the truth is they are not the same.

Airtel 6x bundle is just like a boost for a racing car which allows you to get greater value for a period of time while the rest are tariff plans that you stay on as long as you want. You will find your charges different when you activate Airtel 6x bundle, Airtel 6x charge on CALLS/SMS/DATA will take effect immediately you subscribe for the bundle.

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How to subscribe/activate Airtel 6x bundles

  • Customers do not need to migrate or move to any special tariff plans to enjoy bonus on Airtel 6x bundles.
  • Do note that Airtel physical recharge card or Airtel recharge pin will be needed to activate the Airtel 6x bundles.
  • To activate Airtel 6x bundles, dial *555*Pin#. Alternatively, dial *234*2# and select your preferred bundle.
  • After sending the command, a 600% bonus will be given instantly which can be used for voice calls, SMS, and for browsing the internet.

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