Airtel smartconnect 6.0

How To Migrate To Airtel Smart Connect

Not a new customer but you feel you have not been getting more value from Airtel especially when New customers on Airtel smart connect get 800% bonus?

I am glad to inform you that there is a prepaid plan called Airtel smart connect 6.0 for old and new Airtel customers as well. This plan may bear the same product name as Airtel smartconnect but they differ in bonus.

Airtel smartconnect 6.0 is a prepaid plan that gives you 700% on all recharge of N100 and above, that is you will be able to get the Smart Connect bonus on recharges of N100, N200, N500 and N1000. The bonus offer comes with voice and data bonus for anyone who switched to this tariff plan and also recharged.

Airtel Nigeria, the leading telecommunications services provider in Nigeria is always at the helm of things, making sure customers get more than they deserve. Aside from providing you with fast internet service, you can also enjoy great data plan and awesome tariff plans.

This is another way Airtel is making sure you stay glue with them. It can also be beneficial to your business as well, The Internet has empowered business owners to have a constant presence with their customers. Availability is not underrated and with airtel voice and data plans, you are on your way to improve your business relationship with your customers.

Do not leave yet, this article still has much to let you know, especially on how to migrate to Airtel smart connect 6.0, call charges, and benefits.

Benefits of Airtel Smart connect 6.0

  1. Airtel smart connect 6.0 is available for everyone unlike Airtel smart connect.
  2. Call charges are cheaper when compared with the other airtel smartconnect.
  3. Make calls to 5 international destinations (UK, USA, China, Canada, and India) for as low as N33/minute.
  4. First migration to Airtel Smartconnect within 30 days is free.
  5. Customers can choose between USSD and SMS option to migrate to the plan.
  6. Airtel smart connect comes with no daily access fee which means you can make a call any time without intrusion.
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Charges on Airtel Smart connect 6.0

On smartconnect 6.0, you can make calls from the main account at 26k/second to all networks within Nigeria. Calls from bonus account are charged at 40k/sec.

Calls to 5 foreign countries (USA, UK, China, India and Canada) is 55k/second, which gives us N33/minute and other destinations at zone rate. SMS to all networks in Nigeria including Airtel is charged at N8/SMS and International SMS is charged at zone rate.

Please note that first migration within 30 days is free but subsequent migrations within 30 days attract N100 fee.

airtel smart connect

How to migrate to Airtel smart connect 6.0

  1. First migration within a month is free of charge but subsequent ones will attract N100.
  2. To migrate to Airtel smartconnect 6.0, send SMART as SMS to 311.
  3. Old customers can also join airtel smartconnect 6.0 using the ussd code *311#.
  4. A notification will be sent instantly, informing you of the migration.
  5. To confirm if you have been migrated to Airtel smartconnect 6.0, dial *121*3*5#. It will instantly display your tariff plan.

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