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Airtel smart connect – migration code, charges + validity

Airtel smart connect is Airtel’s default tariff plan that has been adorned with bonuses to give customers more value for joining the network.

This plan is fully enhanced with lots of benefits including double data on every data purchased and 800% bonus on every recharge of N100 and above. Airtel smart connect is only available for new airtel prepaid customers.

How does Airtel Smart connect work

To enjoy these amazing benefits, you must be on the Airtel Smartconnect. When a customer recharges at least N100, the customer gets 8x the amount he or she recharges and can also enjoy double data bonus for every data purchased.

For illustration, A recharge of N1000 will give you a bonus of N8000 which can be used for both voice calls and data. This bonus is split into two to accommodate your needs.

N1000 will go into your main balance, N3000 bonus for voice calls, and N4000 as data bonus.

Also, you will also get 100% more on every data bundle. If you are purchasing a data plan, say “1.5Gb” at the rate of N1500, you will be getting 3gb in data which you will be able to use anytime, anyway and anyhow.

In order to get the most from Airtel smart connect, you must insert the new sim into a smartphone. You do not want to use palasa as it is popularly called on the streets of Lagos. Using a smartphone ensures you are capable of fully tapping into the available bonus.

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After sim insertion, recharge your line to get 800% the value of your recharge to call ALL NETWORKS. Thereafter, you want to subscribe to Airtel data plans to start enjoying double.

Benefits of Airtel smart connect

  • Enjoy x2 data bonus when you purchase data bundle on smartconnect.
  • Up to 8x bonus on every airtime, you purchase on smart connect.
  • Bonus can be used for data and voice calls.
  • The bonus offer continues to apply for 90 days.

Charges on Airtel smart connect

Airtel Nigerian do not provide the information on their webpage but in order to serve you better, we put a call across to the customer care to make some findings.

Behold, the findings –

Calls from your main account to any network is charged at 50k/sec while calls made from your bonus account to anywork is charged 66.67k/sec.

International calls charges will be charged from the main account. The main account does not expire, the bonus from account remains active until after 7 days.

SMS charge does not change. SMS is N4/message to all networks in Nigeria and international SMS is 15/message.

Airtel Smart connect Calculations

Be informed that the billing rate is dependent on whether you are making calls through the bonus account or from the main account.

A customer that buys N100 airtime and make calls to airtel line using the main account will be charged 50k, 50 kobos multiply by 60 seconds will give you N30, therefore you should be able to get more than 3 minutes of call from your main account. Remember, this is just from the main balance, your gives you bonus. For instance, if you recharge N100, you will get N100 on your main balance, N300 Bonus Credit – Voice, and 400 Bonus Credit – Data. Behold, your 8x bonus.

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Calls to other networks using bonus is 0.66.67×60=40. Therefore, a one minute call made using your bonus account is billed at N40

How to activate a data bundle on Airtel smart connect

Nothing changes, activating a data bundle on smart connect takes the same procedures for every purchased airtel data. To activate a data plan, simply dial *141# and send.

You will be provided with a list of options that suit your budget.

How To Migrate To Airtel SmartConnect

Like it has been pointed out, this is a default airtel tariff plan on newly purchased airtel sim.  You are automatically on the plan when you joind the Airtel Family. However, old members can also opt in to other Airtel Smart Connect by dialing *311# on their Airtel number.

How to check balance on Airtel smart connect

Checking data bonus does not have to be difficult, it follows the same procedure as other Airtel tariff plan.

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