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Airtel voice plus bundles – Charges, Migration codes + Benefits

With plans like Airtel voice plus bundles on Airtel Nigeria, one will understand why people are now making the switch. There are times when we need to keep up with both worlds, the voice and data world especially when one can not replace the other. A bundle like Airtel voice+ bundles ensures we are in control.

Airtel voice plus is a package specially designed to meet the craving needs of customers who love to spend more time on calls than on the internet. This comes as a single plan which gives you more talk time and data depending on what really works for you.

This plan is similar to Airtel talkmore but the difference is that data and voice balance is allocated separately on Airtel voice+ bundle while the other has them together. Airtel voice+ bundles make managing your resources easier.

Postpaid customers can still enjoy all benefits attached to their current tariff plan while on this plan but prepaid customers will be migrated to voice+ tariff plan.

Benefits of Airtel Voice plus Bundles

  1. Both prepaid and postpaid customers can subscribe to Airtel Voice Bundles.
  2. Postpaid customers remain on their tariff plan even when they subscribe to any of the bundle.
  3. Customers will still be able to enjoy all Airtel Bundles, Promotions and Offers while on Voice+.
  4. Customers can use the Airtel Voice+ bundle to call Canada, US, UK, India and China.
  5. Rollover of balance is allowed provided the customer purchase additional bundle prior to their expiry date.
  6. Multiple purchases are allowed on Airtel Voice+ plan.
  7. There is no daily access fee nor extra charge on first seconds on Aitel voice plan.
  8. Data from Airtel voice+ can be used at any time and any day.
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How to subscribe/activate Airtel Voice+ Bundle

  1. Every Airtel customer is eligible to activate or subscribe to Airtel Voice+ Bundle.
  2. Dial *154*1# to choose your preferred bundle.
  3. After you have successfully subscribed, Voice+ bundle account will be credited with the values.

How to check balance on Airtel Voice Plus Bundle

  1. There are two ways to check your balance on Airtel Voice Plus Bundle.
  2. Dial *123*2# to have your balance displayed on your screen.
  3. Customers can also check balance using the option on *154# USSD menu.

Airtel voice plus + bundle instant migration code

airtel voice plus

1. N300 Voice Bundle

  • Value: 1500 + 50MB
  • Migration code: *154*1*300#
  • Validity: 7 Days

2. N500 Voice Bundle

  • Value: 2500 + 100MB
  • Migration code: *154*1*500#
  • Validity: 7 Days

3. N1000 Voice Bundle

  • Value: 5000 + 300MB
  • Migration code: *154*1*1000#
  • Validity: 14 Days

4. N2000 Voice Bundle

  • Value: 10000 + 1GB
  • Migration code: *154*1*2000#
  • Validity: 30 Days

5. N5000 Voice Bundle

  • Value: 25000 + 3GB
  • Migration code: *154*1*5000#
  • Validity: 30 Days

6. N10000 Voice Bundle

  • Value: 50000 + 5GB
  • Migration code: *154*1*10000#
  • Validity: 90 Days

7. N15000 Voice Bundle

  • Value: 75000 + 8.5GB
  • Migration code: *154*1*15000#
  • Validity: 90 Days

8. N20000 Voice Bundle

  • Value: 100000 + 10.5GB
  • Migration code: *154*1*20000#
  • Validity: 90 Days

Call charges on Airtel Voice Plus Plan/Bundle

Customers pay N57/second for initiating local calls (all networks in Nigeria), and local SMS is charged at N12 per SMS.

All locals calls and data will be charged from the bundle balance until it is fully exhausted. Once it is exhausted, your main balance or other active bonus account takes charge.

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Calls can be made to US, UK, Canada, India and China with the Airtel voice+ bundle at N34/min.

Calculations for Airtel voice plus bundle

To understand if you are getting more on Airtel voice bundle, it is important to work it out for you to understand how much value you could get for subscribing to one of the variants.

Airtel Nigeria charges N57 per second for each second spent on local calls. If you purchase N300 airtel voice+ bundle which is the least you can subscribe to, you will get N1500 + 50mb to browse the internet.

0.57×60 = 34.2, that is what you pay for making a one minute call.

1500/34.2 = 43.9.

For just N300, customers will be able to spend not less than 43 minutes of calls which is impressive when compared with other most plans.

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