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Alabama Facts: Interesting and fun things to know about Alabama

Alabama is a state in the United States with lots of interesting facts that might make you want to explore further all that the state got to offer.

If you are a visitor or someone just curious to know about Alabama, one of the 50 US states, then we have got you.

When placed Alphabetically, Alabama is the first state on the list, and also the 22nd state to be admitted to the Union. The official declaration of Alabama as a State in the USA was on December 14, 1819. Before becoming a state, it was known as Alabama Territory. The Capital of Alabama is Montgomery while the biggest city is Huntsville.

The state of Alabama has the following nicknames: Yellowhammer State, Heart of Dixie, and Cotton State.

It is worth also noting that about 95.1% of the state population speaks English and 3.1% speak Spanish. As a result of that, most people should not have any issue blending into the state since the English language is mostly dominant except for a few nations.

Alabama Land Area and Population

Alabama is in the southern region of the USA and shares a border with Mississippi, the Gulf of Mexico, and Tennessee. On the population side, the state is the 24th most populous state in the US with the population size estimated to be 5,024,279.

It is the thirty largest by area with the total area of Alabama being 52,419 sq mi. Land takes a larger share of the area, having recorded 50,744 sq mi while the water gets 1,675 sq mi.

Gulf Coastal Plain has about three-fifths of the land area and then the North Alabama, which is full of mountains with the Tennessee River that has a pathway to various creeks, rivers, large valleys, lakes, and mountains.

The land Alabama occupies has 22 million acres of forests. Suburban Baldwin County which can be found in Gulf Coast, is the biggest county in the state.

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Alabama State Flag

The currently used flag of Alabama State was officially declared as the state flag on February 16, 1895, under Act 383 of the Alabama state legislature.

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It looks like a red-colored multiplication sign in a white-colored rectangle. However, the better explanation is to liken the flag of the State of Alabama to be the crimson cross of St. Andrew on a field of white.

The same model is also used in Scotland as the Scottish Flag except for the colors. The Scottish flag has the white saltire defacing a blue field.

Andrew was one of the Apostles of Jesus Christ who was tied to an X-shaped cross and then crucified. Normally, Andrew would have been crucified the usual way but requested he should be crucified on a diagonal cross as he felt he was unworthy to go the exact way Jesus left the world.

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Most Interesting Cities in Alabama

There are beautiful places to be in Alabama, so are the most interesting cities in the state. In Alabama State, there are over 169 cities and 291 towns, but we will be concentrating on the best places you can visit:

1. Huntsville

Huntsville is one of the best cities to visit or live in in Alabama. The city sits in the Appalachian northern side of the state and also the county seat of Madison County.

The total area of Huntsville is 220.83 sq mi with the land having 219.34 sq mi and water, 1.50 sq mi. The population of Huntsville is 215,006 which makes it the 105th most populated city in the United States of America.

Huntsville can be visited almost any time of the year, although it may come down to what you intend to achieve in the City. If you aim to get to the City for the Panoply Arts Festival, then your visitation period should end in April ending.

And during June, the weather could be very hot and which is also the time that Huntsville does get a large number of visitors. Towards August, you can expect more visitors.

For the best places to lodge, you should take a look at Drury Inn and Suites, Element Huntsville, The Clarion Inn Huntsville, and Vrbo. And if you are also looking for the best place to relax and have a good meal, then consider Commerce Kitchen, AM Booth’s Lumberyard, or Earth and Stone Wood Fired Pizza.

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As a visitor, you should not leave until you have actually checked some of the most interesting places in Huntsville, which include U.S. Space and Rocket Center, and Space Camp.

2. Birmingham

Birmingham is a city within Alabama in the north-central region of the U.S. state. The total area of the city is 149.54 sq mi with land covering 147.02 sq mi and water just 2.52 sq mi. The population size of the city is estimated to be 200,733, a figure which makes it the 118th largest populous city in the United States.

There are several important things about this city but one of the most dominant ones is being the only place in the world to get all that is needed to make iron, iron coal, ore, and limestone.

Additionally, Birmingham also has a very great memory, being the city where the nation’s oldest and largest Veterans are celebrated.

The city is not just the largest for nothing, there are places that you might want to visit, and among them are Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum, Birmingham Museum of Art, Vulcan Park and Museum, Birmingham Zoo, and Theatre.

Also, if you will be hanging around for some time and looking for fresh produce from the farms, you are going to love Pepper Place, Saturday Market.

3. Montgomery

No one would have dared to leave out the Capital of Alabama, Montgomery. It is a very nice place to be if you are looking for some interesting places to go to in Alabama.

Montgomery is beside the Alabama River with the total area of the city being 162.27 sq mi. The land area is 159.86 sq mi while water occupies 2.41 sq mi of the total area. The population size of Montgomery is 200,603, thereby making the city to be the 3rd most populous city in the state and the 119th most populous in the United States.

In Montgomery, you will see more memorials and museums than any other attractions, these include the Civil Rights Memorial, Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, Rosa Parks Library and Museum, and Hank Williams Museum.

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And if you are looking to stay in Montgomery, it will amaze you to know that you have got some very decent choices. However, we will be proposing Hampton Inn & Suites Montgomery-Downtown, Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham Montgomery, and Homewood Suites by Hilton Montgomery EastChase.

4. Mobile

Mobile in the beautiful Alabama State is another city to consider. It is the county seat of Mobile County, Alabama in the USA. Currently, the population size of Mobile Alabama is 187,041, 4th largest in Alabama, and 141st most populous city in the United States.

The total area of Mobile, Alabama is 180.07 sq. The land has 139.48 sq mi of the area while the rest is made up of water. As a visitor, you are going to be amazed at the number of attractions you get to see. Among the attractions, we have the historical USS Alabama Battleship Memorial, History Museum of Mobile, and Bellingrath Gardens and Home.

For places to stay, you have a good number of options, and among them is The Battle House Renaissance Mobile Hotel & Spa, Renaissance Mobile Riverview Plaza Hotel, Homewood Suites by Hilton, and Mobile Marriott.

5. Hoover

Hoover is a city located in Jefferson and Shelby counties in the north-central part of Alabama, USA. The population of the city is 92,606, the 6th in Alabama and 397th in the United State. The city’s total area is 49.04 sq mi, land area is 48.07 sq mi and water occupies 0.97 sq mi.

Among the beautiful places you can visit, worth mentioning are Moss Rock Preserve & Waterfalls, Alabama, Aldridge Botanical Gardens, Hoover, Veterans Park, and Riverchase Galleria

5 Interesting Facts About Alabama

1. The State of Alabama is known to be a place where the first rocket that took humans to the moon was built.

2. In 1886, the first Electric Trolley System in the world was introduced.

3. Alabama is the producer and supplier of irons and steels. It is the only state with all the resources needed to make steel and iron.

4. “Alabama” means tribal town in the Creek Indian language.

5. Alabamians is the name people from Alabama are called.

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