Best Alarm Clock Apps for Android

Top 10 Best Alarm Clock Apps for Android

We are now fond of using an alarm clock every day to meet our needs. We can’t keep time for anything we are involved in, whether a scheduled meeting, event, or job interview. Some of us usually sleep deep, forgetting we have important things to do later in the day, which might cause us problems sometimes.

Many factors make someone prefer a specific alarm clock app over the other. However, some key ones like preferences, functionality, and pricing largely determine the type of alarm clock a user installs.

Preferences: These cute things are very useful. If you like to create to-do lists and set deadlines, or if you need to see when a task needs to be performed, you need to check if your app can do that.

Functionality: Some apps can come with extensive functionality that allows users to do a lot more than just get alerted at any required time. These features are like shaking off the phone or moving the sensor closer. However, it also shows a preview of the headline of the day’s weather, which is useful if you like it.

Pricing: Though some apps are totally free, some have paid and free options built on them. You might want to play around with some of the apps we will list to see which you might be comfortable using. Let’s gradually look at them.

Best Alarm Clock Apps for Android

1. Alarmy

Popular and also annoying, but with great features that would intrigue you. With a wide variety of features, Alarmy also makes sure you don’t skip the tasks. The app will wake you up and stop thinking about sleep after some power-down missions. These annoying features are:

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High Ringing: Those ringtones won’t allow you to sleep again; It’s so noisy that they can awaken a person from a very deep sleep. It’s so noisy that they can awaken a person from a very deep sleep. If you’re the type who likes to wait for the sun to come out completely before you wake up, Alarmy will wake you up with its loud ringtone.

Puzzles: Puzzles are like missions, math, and QR codes to resolve an alarm before it sounds. These missions can be set to various alerts at that time.

It is also highly rated on Google Play and the Apple Store. Downloads are available on Google Play and the Apple store.

2. Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android, also known as sleep cycle smart alarm, helps monitor your sleep patterns. You still can’t turn off the alarm easily with just a click on this app.

There are features such as puzzles, capture scans, math calculations, phone shake activities, and barcodes to make sure you staay awake. It is different from other devices because it is compatible with wearable devices. These devices include: Mi Band, Garmin, Pebble, Wear OS, and a smartwatch to try.

This particular app has a sleep talk recording; when you talk or snore while sleeping, it records it so you can control it. Downloads are available on Google play.

3. Challenges Alarm Clock

It comes with an annoying mode feature if the other features don’t keep you awake. The annoying mode, once turned on, can be extremely annoying; it would make you jump out of your bed immediately.

It has puzzles, games, and photo challenges to keep you awake before making the final call. You can set those challenges to fit in with what you want. To access the paid features, you will have to pay less than $1 to access them.

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Downloads are available on Google Play and the Apple store.

4. Timely

We all love to have a bright day that could help us be productive. Timely has different themes that would brighten your day after you switch it off. These themes can be chosen and set, so it doesn’t get boring. It has a cool feature – when you turn your phone upside down, the alarm sleeps, and you try to pick up your phone, the alarm ringing volume gradually reduces.
Available on Google play.

5. AlarmMon

Multiple cartoon characters in games to help you stay awake before you finally call it off. Those cartoon characters are set before the alarm. The multiple characters on it are fun to play and will also keep you awake.
Downloads are available on Google Play and Apple store.

6. Early Bird Alarm Clock

Also known for beautiful themes that would brighten your day. It has various themes that can suit you perfectly. It doesn’t repeat a single ringing tone on any alarm, which makes it more interesting. It has some other features that would keep you awake – they are; scanning, voice recognition, and drawing with weather news. A paid version is also available—$ 4.99 to get the paid version.
Downloads are available on Google Play.

7. Music Alarm clock

Setting the alarm on the particular music you want – A music alarm clock gives you those features; you get to set your music from your playlist directly and set it as an alarm which makes it interesting. User-friendly and with a nice interface that might get you attracted to it.
Downloads are available on Google Play and Apple Store.

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8. Google Assistant

This works differently from the others, you have to issue a command to it, and it automatically sets the alarm for you. Most android phones have Google Assistant available by default, so you don’t have to worry about it. Still not able to find it.
Downloads are available on Google Play and Apple Store.

9. I Can’t wake up

It is often hard to get up from the bed even with an alarm, but this app has some pretty cool features you would like. Firstly, don’t expect it to get you hooked, you can set it the way you like, but they are mandatory and cannot be skipped. Games on top of that include math equations, matching words with pairs, rewriting texts, e.t.c.

There is also a “wake test” that must be passed. Setting ringing tones to your special playlist is also included on the app, which makes it a combo.

It has advanced features with a price of $2.99. Downloads available on Google play.

10. Loud alarm clock

You still don’t want to be on your bed after downloading this app. It is unique in terms of loudness; try to turn off the volume booster if you turned it on, so it would fit in a little.

There is a reason this app is named that, but it is known for its loudness. It gives a variety of ringing tones and is definitely from your playlist to use.

Downloads available on Google Play and Apple Store.


After reading, it will be worth it to give any of the list apps a trial to see which you might be comfortable using. Though there are free versions and also paid versions. Not going to recommend which might be the best for you, it depends on what will suit you, but the listed apps are not just apps but the best app among their peers. A trial on any of them will be worth it.

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