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If you need information on how you can apply for Unemployment Benefits, then it is worth going all the way with this article as we will reveal every important detail about the Kentucky unemployment benefits.

We are not just going to provide a guide on how to apply for the program, but we also go as far as revealing other information such as who is eligible for the Kentucky Unemployment Insurance, how to claim the benefits, who to reach out to for help and others but first, what is Kentucky unemployment benefit?

Kentucky unemployment benefit is a program aimed to help residents of Kentucky who are unemployed or have been affected by pandemics such as recent waves in Covid 19 with unemployment insurance benefits to see them through these periods.

The recent pandemic that hit the world further opened access to more people from various professions including craftsmen and women, small business owners, and even more. Therefore, eligibility has taken a new turn as you may now qualify for Unemployment benefits.

Eligibility for Kentucky Unemployment Claims

If your status matches the eligibility criteria, then you may be in a position to claim the benefits as determined by their present laws. Things tend to change from time to time at the department, but for now below are the requirements to get the Unemployment Benefits:

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1. You must at the time of the applying have no job or earned a minimum amount of wages as determined by the establishment.

2. You must be willing and actively looking for jobs.

3. Prospective beneficiaries are unemployed through no fault of their own rather being unwilling to become part of the working force

4. Another way you might be in a position to claim Kentucky unemployment insurance is if you were kicked out due to the pandemic.

5. You must also be partially unemployed. By that, the amount you earn is not enough to cater to your needs or family.

What You Need To File Your Unemployment Insurance Claim

If you are to successfully get the benefits from, you are going to have to satisfy the various requirements. First, you will need to provide your personal information such as SSN or Alien Registration Number, phone number, date of birth, and your residential address.

ky unemployment benefits

Aside from fulfilling the above requirements, another piece of information that the Kentucky Career Centre (KCC) will want from you is that of your previous employer for the last 18 months. And other information you are required to also provide is the name of the business or company, its address, phone number, the dates you were with them, and the reasons why you left the job or business. If you have worked with multiple employers during those phases, you can segregate using their respective days.

Another important detail to sort out to claim the unemployment benefits are information about your previous jobs – states you were previously employed, if you have worked for the govt, temporary agency and if you have worked through a skilled trade union or ever been in the US military

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All these will be required to claim the Unemployment insurance benefits. The application can also be carried out online which makes sense considering the numbers that would have turned up especially during a pandemic as virulent as Covid 19. Also, comfort is another thing as you get to save some time instead of spending several times in the queue to do what is necessary to be part of the program.

What to take note of when applying for Kentucky Unemployment Benefits Unemployment Benefits: With many websites now claiming to be the correct link to apply for the insurance benefits, it is now on us to sensitize people about the danger of using the wrong website to claim what is entitled to you.

Understand that almost anyone can create a site that looks exactly like the real Kentucky Insurance Benefits Site and the intention of those sites is to steal your personal information and then use them for fraud. If not, they will probably ask you to pay a fee to claim the benefits.

To avoid this, always take time to find out if you are on the ‘’ website before using the platform for registration or claims. KCC services are always free, if you are asked to make payment, this should set up an alarm that you are about to fall into a trap.

Email is also another way that fraudulent individuals used to defraud people of their hard-earned money. If you must take cognizance of any email, ensure they are from the address. For instance, if it does not look like, then it is 95% fake.

How to Apply Online ~ Unemployment Login

You can apply for KY employment by visiting Scroll down and tap FILE MY CLAIM. Once done, you will be redirected to Go to MENU and click ‘REGISTER’.

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You will see Welcome to the Kentucky Unemployment Insurance Claim! and also some important information about the benefits. Take a few moments to go through them. If you are okay with Terms, simply proceed to the next page by tapping NEXT.

Enter your Social Security Number. Follow the on-screen instructions to successfully apply for the program.

The website can be used from Monday – Friday at 7 AM – 7 PM ET while Sunday is from 10 AM to 9 PM ET. Alternatively, you can also apply through a phone call made to this number 502-875-0442, call from 7:30 a.m – 5:30 p.m EST during the official working days.

If you want to also speak to someone for other concerns, the toll-free number to call is 800-648-6057.

Can I get Kentucky Unemployment Benefits even though I resigned from my job?

If you had left your old job for no reasonable explanation, you would not be able to get unemployment benefits. For you to be able to get the benefits, it must be that you have no choice but to leave the job unwilling.

At times, it may be due to erratic working conditions or harassment by the employers which is also a very good reason to quit. For you to be able to get the benefits, it has to be due to a good cause and one that left you without any choice.

Can I continue getting the unemployment benefits even if I do not want to work again?

If you are to continue receiving the insurance benefits, you must be willing and actively looking for gainful employment. Therefore, if a job comes along the way, you are to accept it, although it may be determined by certain factors.

The factors may include if you are on the right salary, do you have the experience to handle the task, the working condition, and if the training required to handle the job will have no adverse effect on your health, families, or things of greater concern.

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