How To Download Instagram Photos & Videos On Android

10 Top Apps To Download Instagram Photos & Videos On Android

There are over 10 social media programs available in the present-day world, and Instagram stands out amongst other social media programs out there. It is easy to get lost while exploring the Instagram feed as well as the stories and other exciting features of the app.

The possibility of coming across an interesting photo or video is very high, and you may want to save these media files on any of your smart devices. It may be saddening to discover that the social media program does not offer this feature, which is why this publication will address the top 10 apps that will enable Instagram users to download photos and videos with ease.

10 Top Apps To Download Instagram Photos & Videos On Android

  • Video Downloader for Instagram
  • Video Downloader – Fast Saver
  • Repost For IG
  • Saver Reposter for Instagram
  • Quick Save
  • Photos & Video Saver For Instag
  • Gram Saver
  • Video Downloader, Story Saver
  • Insta Save
  • Snapinsta

Video Downloader for Instagram

This app allows Instagram users to download any type of video content from their DM, reels, news feeds, or their stories, therefore making it easy to repost on your feed or other social media programs. You may choose to repost downloaded videos with suitable captions of your choice.

The app has a beautifully designed interface and it is easy to use. Users are only required to copy their video links from their news feeds, reels, or via inbox then paste them on the app while they wait for confirmation about their choice video to download.

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Video Downloader – Fast Saver

As the name implies, IG users can save or repost any videos of their choice at lightning speeds. You are not limited to saving a specified amount of video daily or monthly, the best part is that it comes at no cost.

You can start saving videos from the app dashboard without having to navigate to different menu options. The app features an additional vault that can be used to protect your media files from intruders or third parties.

Repost For IG

Most Instagram downloader apps are expected to have a watermark embedded in downloaded videos making your video look fake or duplicated to your followers, whereas some may require you to pay a monthly or yearly fee before removing the watermark. However, this app helps instill a sense of originality in your downloaded videos as it offers no watermark at zero costs.

It is highly recommended because it allows users to download or repost Instagram videos on the app. Rather than having an unwanted watermark on your videos, the app allows users to embed their customized logo or watermark for free.

Saver Reposter for Instagram

This IG downloader functions like no other because it’s not limited to saving photos and videos alone for reposting purposes or watching while you’re offline.

It also allows you to duplicate the added content on the video, this means you can repost your downloaded videos with the exact content, or you edit it to your taste before posting.

The only downside is that the app comes with in-app advertisements, but they are not extremely annoying like you’ll find on other apps.

Quick Save

This app stands out amongst other IG video downloader apps because it allows users to modify downloaded videos to their taste. The process of saving any video of your choice involves you using the share feature on IG to copy the video or picture URL, then you paste the copied URL on the app.

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It offers editing features on videos and pictures downloaded or existing media files on your storage device. This means that the app can function as a media files downloader or as a video picture or video editor making it a fun app to keep on all Android devices.

Photos & Video Saver For Instag

Next on the list is photos and video saver for Instag – an app that not only functions as a video downloader but also functions as a photo downloader.

The process of downloading videos from any source starts with copying and pasting the video links on the app, only then does the instant download of videos in diverse formats occur. You can use this app to download any video from a YouTube channel or any streaming channel for free.

The app helps separate each video files from each other. For example, saved videos from your reel will be distinguished from the videos downloaded from IGTV.

Gram Saver

As mentioned above, it is easy to get lost on IGTV, reels, news feeds, and the “explore” menu option. Getting to save and repost pictures you like on IG can be achieved by using your phone screenshot option.

There is however no proven method you can use to download videos on Instagram itself which is why Gram Download was introduced as a third-party app to solve that problem. IG users no longer have to use the screenshot option before saving a picture, nor do they have to worry about how to watch a video offline with the DownloadGram app.

Video Downloader, Story Saver

Next on the list is an app that’s designed to only help IG users download HD videos for free, which means you should check out this app if you dislike watching low or medium-quality videos.

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The InstTake Downloader app speed is incomparable to no other, and this is because of the team of developers behind the app launch who are constantly releasing new updates to improve users’ experience. Users can also get to switch between daylight or night mode while downloading IG videos.

Insta Save

This is a top-rated app on the Google Play store that allows users to download and repost downloaded pictures and videos for free. The app has been tested by millions of users from around the world, who find it perfect for saving videos on the social media app.

Another thing that may seem impossible to do on Instagram is viewing or downloading Instagram profile pictures, the good news is that the Instasaver app eliminates that impossibility. The app is also free from bugs and works at lightning speed while enabling users to download high-quality pictures or videos from Instagram.


This IG downloader offers multipurpose functions such as the ability to duplicate content posted alongside a video or posted by people you follow on Instagram. It further helps IG users generate relevant content, and trending hashtags that will help them rank on the Instagram app.

The app also integrates picture editing features where users can make photo collages of downloaded pictures alongside existing pictures on their storage files. The only downside is that you may be required to make a purchase or upgrade before enjoying the full benefits attached to the app.

In conclusion, we’ve taken a look at some of the apps that will enable IG users to save any photos, or video of their choice in different sizes and formats for free. Some of these apps may forcefully embed their logo on your downloaded videos while giving you the chance to upgrade in other to remove the unwanted watermark.

There are also several apps that will help you download watermark-free pictures or videos without the need to make any form of purchase.

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