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10 Best Asset Management Companies In Nigeria

If you are looking for the best asset management companies in Nigeria, this article will guide you through the best options that are being recognized for their huge impact and for consistently proven to be virtually unbeatable in the industry.

Asset Management Companies are set up with the main focus of ensuring that funds of individuals and companies are well managed through diversification. By diversifying investment, the asset management companies will be able to make the most profit for their clients with very low risk.

This method allows them to invest clients’ funds into multiple investments so that risk exposure will be minimized. Being an expert in this field, they know that the best pay to protect pooled funds is to put them in portfolios such as stocks, commodities, and fixed income. By doing this, it is rare for the overall portfolio to lose, therefore this is the most common method used by Asset management companies in Nigeria to protect funds.

As wealth increases, our capacity to manage them effectively may not be enough, hence the need to entrust them into the hands of experts such as asset management firms.

It is important to know that the enlisted asset management firms in this article also manage pension plans, bonds, mutual funds, commodities, and hedge funds among others, and receive commissions or charge a specific fee from clients for the services they render.


Lead Capital PLC

Lead Capital Plc was instituted in 1987. They have teams that are created to help clients and shareholders maximize opportunities through provided facilities and subsidiaries which include Lead Asset Management Limited, and Lead Securities & Investment Limited.

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They offer multiple financial services to corporate institutions, high-net-worth individuals, and the government with insights, commitments, and a wealth of expertise that makes their clients’ goals a reality.
Lead Capital Plc has offices in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Lagos, and Port Harcourt.

Stanbic IBTC Asset Managers Limited

Stanbic IBTC Asset Managers Limited is a member of Standard Bank Group which is already 150 years old in the industry. They have a team of individuals that are focused, experienced, and dedicated leadership executives who are constantly combining efforts with other employees around the globe to produce the required effect for all stakeholders of the company.

Their team of qualified personnel have expertise built in investment, asset management, and portfolio management. They have the unwavering support of financial institutions with strong reputations. The company is the foremost non-pension asset manager in the country and is devoted to providing clients with the best wealth solutions.

Asset Management Corporation Of Nigeria (AMCON)

AMCON was instituted with the goal of revitalizing and stabilizing the Nigerian financial system by providing effective solutions to non-performing bank loan assets within the economy. The company was established in 2010 and has ever since been efficient in delivering its role in the management of assets and advancing the state of the Nigerian economy.

The collaborative efforts of the Central Bank of Nigeria and the Federal Government which brought the company into the limelight promise fairness, loyalty, professionalism, equity, integrity, and excellence in the services they offer.

Cowry Asset

Cowry Asset was established on February 22, 2005. The company is channeled towards providing asset management solutions to businesses and individuals who have investments in the real estate industry. Services offered by this company in estate management include property purchase or sales, renovation, and re-leasing of properties.

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They also engage in security trading, property trading, investment banking, facility management, asset management, and consulting. The company is licensed by the Securities & Exchange Commission as a financial adviser, a venture capital manager, and an issuing house.

Cowry Asset is set out to improve the industry standards as regards professionalism, competence, and service quality through top-level technology supported by excellent relationship managers and research team. They currently have offices in Abuja, Lagos, and Port Harcourt, and are working to spread its operations to other aspects of Africa by putting up offices in different regions including South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, and Egypt.

Frontier Capital Alternative Assets

This company was incorporated on 20 June 2001 by the partners of Alliance Consulting which was also set up in 1999 as an offshoot of the non-ratings business of Agusto & Co Limited in combination with IBFC Limited.

Frontier Capital has the responsibility of offering advisory services on certain requirements together with key finance obligations. The institution is registered as a Corporate Investment Adviser with the Security and Exchange Commission.

Forte Asset Management Plc

Forte Asset Management Plc provides financial advisory services to a specific group of families and individuals. They draw out comprehensive solutions through a combination of active and passive asset management which results in sophisticated investment management that is affordable, transparent, and accessible.

Their mantra as revealed on their website indicates that their sole focus is to create financial peace of mind for their clients to help them feel a secure and confident future. Their core principles involve serving each client’s unique needs, maintaining complete independence, delivering values that well exceed charges, and harnessing highly-concentrated knowledge, diligence, and experience.

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Forte Asset Management was established in 2004 to help fill up the void that existed within the investment advisory landscape.

PAC Asset Management Limited

PAC Asset Management Limited is an Asset Management Firm that is authorized to conduct business in the management of funds and portfolios by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC).

They offer diversified investment opportunities and innovative investment management from diverse sectors covering assets classes such as real estate, equities, alternative investment, and money market/fixed income.

ARM Asset Management

ARM Asset Management is a financial service company in Nigeria that provides management services for assets and securities across diverse traditional and alternative investment options such as real estate, equities, cash, and fixed income securities.

They are specialized majorly in the management of private wealth, retail assets, institutional assets, and alternative investments. The investment center simply provides clients a potential platform for realizing all their investment objectives.

CashCraft Asset Management

CASHCRAFT was incorporated in 1991 and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a fund manager, dealer, broker, and issuing house. The company is a member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange and has the vision to be the top choice financial service firm that harnesses the best tools in building and managing client’s wealth.

They have a mission to arrange easy ways to help clients achieve great results and also spread out the gains of the capital market.

Atlantic Global Asset Management

This company is owned by Asians but is strongly instituted in Nigeria. Atlantic Global Asset Management is built of a team of qualified professionals with years of proven record in their services.

They are specialized in the production of optimum investment income with reduced risk possibilities through their immense innovations in the global investment market. Services they proffer include capital management with the employment of top-notch innovative technology and cryptocurrency with the involvement of experts in the crypto industry.

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