How to Become a Betking Agent

How to Become a Betking Agent (Own a Betking Shop)

Betking can be called the second-biggest betting site in Nigeria after Bet9ja. They offer excellent betting and very competitive odds; according to punters, there’s really no room for improvement when it comes to their prematch odds.

BetKing offers about 5,000 sporting events in a month, with the most popular sport being football. The sports betting company actually came into the limelight after they made Jay Jay Okocha, a Nigerian football legend, their advertising fac,e and thus, it attracted a lot of customers.

There are over 45 betting sites and platforms operating in Nigeria, but not all of them offer good odds and enough variety of sports to bet on. Of all these betting platforms in Nigeria, only about 20 offer contracts or openings to third-party individuals to serve as betting agents for their company.

Luckily, Betking is one of the top betting platforms offering contracts to individuals who want to become their agents; we will be going through the steps to sign up as an agent with them in this article.

Who is a BetKing agent?

A BetKing agent is any person who the Betking company has given a license or authorization or permission to operate a Betking outlet. They are charged with the task of:

  • Educating customers on healthy betting.
  • Ensuring people under 18 years do not place bets.
  • Informing customers about the odds available on particular games.
  • Placing a bet chosen by a customer.
  • Aiding customers in placing bets.
  • Hosting virtual games for customers.
  • Operating a viewing center if they have one. 
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As a BetKing agent, you earn commissions from every bet placed in your shop. This implies that the more your customers, the more your gain.

Are you interested in becoming a BetKing agent, or do you think becoming an agent is hard? Below are easy steps to help you become an agent today:

Requirements to own a Betking Shop

1. Ensure you get a shop in a good place, mostly strategic location and ground floor of a building. The minimum size of the shop must be at least equal to a standard room size.

2. The distance of the Betking shop must not be near another Betking Shop. It must be up to 5 mins distance trek.

3. Prospective betking agents must be capable of paying for the cost of the shop and general set up the betking business.

4. If in doubt or have any enquiries to make, you can send a message first through WhatsApp to +234(0)8166362447.

How to become a BetKing Agent

Fill out a BetKing agent registration form

The BetKing registration form can be gotten from a BetKing office or online at If the form is gotten from a BetKing office, you should fill the form immediately and submit it there at the office, or you can take it home and submit it to the office the next day but if you are filling the registration form online, complete it and click submit.

Locate a Shop

Locate a shop in an environment where there are no BetKing shops or get a shop more than 400 meters from an existing BetKing shop. The shop should not be less than approximately 18 sq m (room size), and the applicant (potential Betking agent) should be able to pay for the shop’s rent. You are advised not to pay for the shop before the inspection.

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Send BetKing a Video

After locating a shop that passes the criteria above, send a video showing the shop and the environment the shop is in and send it via WhatsApp to BetKing at +234 (081) 663 624 47

Contact BetKing for Inspection

Contact BetKing for inspection through the number you sent a video to. After the inspection and approval of the shop, you can now pay for the shop rent.
Shop Set-Up

After inspection, the inspection team assists you in how to set up and run your shop. There should be at least two cashier spaces and three booking systems in your shop. You are given at most 42-43 days to set up your shop, and they register as an agent and are mandated to pay a sum of 25,000 as a security fee into your BetKing account.

As a BetKing agent, you enjoy high commission, bonuses, support, Betking virtual decoders, training, etc. So becoming a BetKing agent isn’t a bad choice, and it is even safer to be an agent than be a gambler.

Note that not everyone who applies to be an agent will become one, but if you follow these steps in this article properly, you may become a BetKing agent.

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