Apps for making new friends

10 Best Apps for Meeting People and Making New Friends

Ever wonder why meeting people and making new friends becomes very difficult as we grow older?

As a child or teen, we were never short of friends no matter how many times we moved or relocated. As we grow older, we begin to lose touch and eventually lose old friends as well.

This is not only peculiar to you, it comes with being an adult. Now, we have more responsibilities than ever. We can no longer shove our needs to our parents. There are bills to pay along with every package that comes with attaining adulthood. For some, they changed location, some got jobs in different cities, some got married and now with children, and some had no time to connect again with old friends due to their working hours.

We want to save up for the future, have a better life and also manage our finances. However, you do not have to be alone just because your old friends suddenly abandoned you. There are many apps you could use to connect with new people and eventually meet new people, especially within your new location.

In this article, we will provide you with the best apps to meet people and make new friends. No matter how tight your schedule is, you can chat, talk and arrange to meet during your free time.

Best Apps to Make New Friends

1. MeetMe – Chat & meet new people

Apps for making new friends

MeetMe has done a very good job of allowing people who are bent on making friends to meet on their user-friendly app. You can change location as you like or move about a lot knowing that you have got this friends’ finder.

There are over 100 million registered users on MeetMe with each looking to chat, connect and meet up with their newfound friends. The features are quite useful, but users will find the one that allows them to chat with people within their neighborhood.

Think of all the fun you can have with them especially if you are yet to have full knowledge of your environment. And with Meetme, you can also quickly change the tone of friendship to dating. It is a perfect app to pass away your time and have fun.

  • Play Store: Download MeetMe for Android
  • App Store: Download MeetMe for iPhone. Also available for iPad.
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2. Bumble BFF – Dating. Friends. Bizz.

Apps for making new friends

On the outside, you might think of Bumble as a dating site, but it is a very lovely platform to meet new people. This free friends’ finder is specifically made for people who are looking for meaningful friendships.

Being new to a place could take the excitement out of anyone. You need people to show you around, and the best way to do that is to create a new circle of friends. Whether you just need someone to talk to, frequently visit, or just want to expand your social circle, the app is a very good option.

It is free to use, but there is also a premium plan for people who intend to take advantage of all that it can offer. The upgraded plan gives you more and makes your searches better with features such as Spotlight, SuperSwipe, Bumble Premium, and Bumble Boost.

  • Play Store: Download Bumble BFF for Android
  • App Store: Download Bumble BFF for iPhone. Also available for iPad.

3. MeetUp – Meet new people, do new things

Apps for making new friends

If meeting new friends is on your to-do list, we are sure that MeetUp is perfect just for that. For over 2 decades, Meetup has helped people in building relationships, grow individuals, and establish connections.

With the app, you can extend your reach, meet professionals, find people with similar interests, build a network for your career, improve your brand, and more.

For instance, if you have a knack for something, this app can connect you to the right people that can further improve you or enjoy the thrill with them. Members can also create their own groups, and host events for others to attend. Having your own group allows you to take charge and do more.

There are many attractions on MeetUp, having a discussion, sending direct messages to people you wish to meet, and explore events are among the many things that it opens you to.

  • Play Store: Download MeetUp for Android.
  • App Store: Download MeetUp for iPhone. Also available for iPad.

4. Hoop – Make new friends

Apps for making new friends

Hoop is one of the most downloaded apps on the store with a rating of 4.5. Users have found the friends’ finder good enough to connect with locals as well as people from around the world.

You can be on your way to a new country and you need some new friends once you settle in. The app has millions of users who are also eager to meet new people.

Once in, you will be able to send friends to new profiles, and chats and also add them to your social media apps. Diamonds are earned daily, they can be used to send recent requests, view profiles again, and more.

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To earn diamonds on the friends meeting app, you will need to share your profile, watch videos, check in daily, purchase diamonds, or level up.

  • Play Store: Download Hoop for Android.
  • App Store: Download Hoop for iPhone.

5. Nextdoor – Neighborhood network

Apps for making new friends

The name may have already given a hint of what the app is all about, but it is important to provide some notes. NextDoor is an app specifically created to help new neighbors make new friends.

The app is very popular in the United States, and about 290,000 neighborhoods worldwide. The app aimed at providing users with an easy way to quickly connect with people with common interests.

When moving into a new area, you will still need some time to know your way around. Nextdoor makes it easy, and you can find services, get recommendations, look for work, or even trade, to name a few.

  • Play Store: Download Nextdoor for Android.
  • App Store: Download Nextdoor for iPhone. Also available for iPad.

6. Hey! Vina – Where women meet

Apps for making new friends

The gossip, chats, and fun do not have to stop just because you changed location. There are exciting women around you in your new location who are also looking to mingle with new friends. Hey! Vina is the app for that.

From taking you to the popular joints in town, to finding the right ideas you can work on. It is not just about fun but also igniting your passion for things you love with the right recommendations. It is women empowering women and you have got the app to connect you with the right people.

The app is embedded with most features known to popular dating apps and friend finders. Users can swipe and then decide whether to show interest or move to the next one. Meanwhile, there are many to look through even if you have not gotten the right profile.

Some of the features you will come across are taking quizzes, adding friends, engaging in group chats, and joining a community. New members can sign up quickly with their Facebook account which is also used to confirm their gender. Automation makes things tick quickly.

7. Yubo – Chat, play, make friends

Apps for making new friends

Meet Yubo, another top and one of the most used apps to meet and quickly start a new friendship. The app was launched in 2015 and now has over 60 million users who are making use of it to meet new people.

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The app is a social platform that you can use to easily make friends using live streaming and interactions. Users have the option of going locals or with friends from across the globe.

They can stream on youtube, chat, play, and do more. However, one of the most important features you want to check out is accessing the community where you can meet people of like minds. Connecting with people with similar interests tends to help you bond with them quickly.

  • Play Store: Download Yubo for Android.
  • App Store: Download Yubo for iPhone.

8. Wink – Connect now

Apps for making new friends

Getting bored should not be managed, you deserve all the fun you can get. And here we are adding another top app to make friends. Wink is the name.

Wink is far from a dating app, it’s designed for people who are looking for friends irrespective of where they are. Wink can be used by users aged 13 and above.

All users using the app are carefully verified so you do not have to worry about chatting up fake profiles. You can do most things known to other apps such as swiping to see your matches, chat, and collect gems.

The app is free to use, but you always have the option of upgrading to enjoy better and bountiful benefits. The gems can be used to purchase boosters, gifts, use on friends’ requests, etc.

  • Play Store: Download Wink for Android.
  • App Store: Download Wink for iPhone.

9. Skout – Meet, chat, go live

Apps for making new friends

Making friends, connecting with people around, and building strong bonds can all be achieved using the popular app, Skout. The app has seen many improvements after being on since 2007. It functions as both a friend finder and a dating app, making it a top choice for most people.

The massive downloads from users all over the world are enough evidence to show how much of an app it is. Millions of users use it to warm up with new people around them and even make some new friends from other countries.

Users have lots of amazing features to access, they have the option to extend their searches using proximity or preference. Broadcast, stream content from others, see who viewed your profile, go through profiles, etc.

  • Play Store: Download Skout for Android.
  • App Store: Download Skout for iPhone. Also available for iPad.

10. Peanut – Find friends & support

Apps for making new friends

As a female, you are going to go through different periods – when you are in your fertility period, pregnancy stage, when you finally become a mom, and more. For every stage, you need people with similar stages in life and this is where Peanut comes in.

Peanut became an idea that was eventually established in the same 2007 when the founder, Michelle had her first child. It is specially designed for women to easily find support through bonding in friendship.

On the app, you are not only finding people with experience or currently in the same stage who might have gotten some tips, but you are also making friends.

  • Play Store: Download Peanut for Android.
  • App Store: Download Peanut for iPhone. Also available for iPad.

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