best apps like whisper for anonymous chatting

10 Best Apps Like Whisper For Anonymous Chatting

Whisper is an anonymous social interaction software where users communicate and share ideas.

The 10 best apps like whisper for anonymous chatting are Kwee,, AntiChat, Friend Shoulder, Chatous, F3, Moco, Galaxy, Hola, Anonymous Chat Rooms, Dating App

What Is Whisper

Whisper offers similar features alongside top social media platforms such as Facebook, except for the fact that users’ identities are kept a secret when they interact with other users. Users get to customize their profile to their taste just as they’ll do on Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Whisper users can express their thoughts and feelings anonymously, therefore, making it their haven.

Salient features Of Whisper

  • The software program understands the need for people to share their thoughts and feelings without feeling judged.
  • It is targeted at teenagers who are trying to communicate thoughts related to depression up or share a secret.
  • It allows people to seek advice about a particular situation.
  • Just like every other social media platform, users can interact with local and international users.
  • Although it is said to be an anonymous social media platform. People tend to organize meet up, hook-ups, and other business or friendly related meetings through the app.
  • It is highly encrypted, and that means your private information is kept confidential.

10 Best Apps Like Whisper For Anonymous Chatting

Numerous apps have been introduced offering similar features to Whisper where users can express their thoughts and feelings anonymously. Some of these apps are copycats while some offer an improved version of the app making them a perfect alternative.

These alternatives give users more access to other anonymous platforms where they can express themselves, and they are as follows:

  • Kwee
  • AntiChat
  • Friend Shoulder
  • Chatous
  • F3
  • Moco
  • Galaxy
  • Hola
  • Anonymous Chat Rooms, Dating App
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Just like Whisper, this app connects you to people from across the globe. This app does not require users to sign up with any personal information such as an email address or phone number thereby making it impossible for hackers to trace the anonymous account back to users.

Kwee also features an inbuilt image scanner that compares and contrasts downloaded pictures with real ones. This feature makes it easy for users to figure out who’s real, and who’s impersonating. The app further protects users’ anonymous status by giving them the choice to delete their chat history.

Some of the aforementioned anonymous apps only work on speculated devices but this one is compatible with all types of devices. The connected2Me app is available for download on all credible app stores, it is further easy to customize your profile.

Users are not restricted from signing up with fake data and can take on any character of their choice. The connected2Me app is a top choice for roleplayers who want to play the role of a favorite character in a movie or use their imaginations to bring a character to life.

Its distinctive features include the ability to check other users’ online statuses in order to know the right time to send them a message. This will let users know when to expect instant or scheduled replies.


AntiChat integrates the services of Facebook Messenger except for the fact that users have the choice of protecting their identity while communicating with other users. The app helps filter out explicit, spammy messages in order to reduce scam rates and optimize users’ experience.

The app promotes social interaction by offering karma points judging from the user’s daily activities on the app. However, users stand a chance of losing a certain percentage of their karma points if they fail to abide by the app’s rules and regulations.

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Users from around the world commend the app for offering multiple languages such as French Spanish, and 30 others.

Friend Shoulder

This anonymous iOS app integrates the services of an online forum where users can ask questions about a topic, seek advice, find friends, etc. Users get to converse with strangers from all parts of the world anonymously. However, users get to filter out the type of content and users they like.

Many users have a satisfactory review about Friend shoulder since it’s been very helpful to them in getting marital advice, educational advice, and general life advice anonymously.


This app is just as powerful and popular as the Whisper app where several users get to converse with people who match their interests. The app also allows users to customize and modify their usernames whenever they want, this means users are not stuck with their registered username for life.

It’s easy for impersonators and scammers to utilize an anonymous social platform like Chatous to lure victims for monetary scam purposes, which is why the platform integrates media sharing and video chat options for verification purposes.


This is a fast-rising anonymous social app where users get to express their deep thoughts and feelings to other users. What differentiates this app from Whisper is that it offers advanced features for a fee, but users may always choose to use the limited features for free.

Users can check the status of their posts in other to measure their engagement level, and make friends. The limited version of the F3 app displays ads to users but this can be avoided if users upgrade to the premium version.


Next on the list is an anonymous social app that’s compatible with all types of devices. This app lets you connect with people in your neighbourhood and people outside your locality, and then interact with them. Users get to use the search icon to filter out people that match their kink, age, and other types of preference.

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Users get to decide who they want to have private conversations with, and who they want to have group conversations with. Moco has helped several users find love, and friends through numerous chat rooms available. It also serves as a mode of entertainment since users get to engage in different games that match their interests.


Galaxy integrates the services of all social media programs out there ranging from offering trivia, games, private chats, and lots more. Although the app has a premium version, free users get to enjoy the Galaxy app without ads.

The app has further received numerous commendations from individuals who have used the app in sharing information anonymously, the games are also fun to play for all age ranges.


Hola stands out amongst other anonymous social media programs because it features other anonymous chat functions and also offers distinctive automated translating features making it easy to interact with foreigners who do not understand your language.

Users get to chat with local and international people without worrying about language barriers. The app does not help translate languages during a live video session or via media sharing, so it’s best to stick to conversing through the messaging option while communicating with foreigners.

Anonymous Chat Rooms, Dating App

This is an anonymous social platform designed for people seeking romance on all devices. It features live chat rooms where users can interact with people who match their interests. The app is available worldwide and not limited to finding romance because people tend to find friends and business partners from diverse locations.

Several users have commended the app for its credibility after meeting their online buddies in person. The app cannot protect you against con artists or impersonators, users are however expected to remain smart when dealing with other users. My friend Alex tends to have his anonymous friends DM him short videos of them or propose a video chat through other social media systems while he filters out real people from impersonators.

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