Best Baby Apps For Dads

Top 10 Best Baby Apps For Dads

Both parents are expected to be actively involved in the growth of a child. Although the mother plays a more vital role when compared with the dad, dads are also expected to contribute a quota to the growth of a child.

Research has shown that dads are often clueless when raising a child and that mothers are the ones who play a larger role in raising a child. Dads no longer need to feel helpless or clueless when caring for their babies thanks to the fast-evolving technology rate around the world.

Lucky for you, there are apps specially designed for dads to create awareness, intending to let dads be more supportive, and actively involved in the growth of a child.

Top 10 Best Baby Apps For Dads

Top 10 best baby apps for dad in 2023 are;

  • Pregnant Dad
  • Contraction timer
  • Who’s your daddy
  • Daddy up
  • What to expect
  • HiDaddy
  • Tasty
  • The Big Daddy App
  • Baby center pregnancy app and baby tracker
  • Babysparks development

Pregnant Dad

The app helps keep dads informed about the various developmental stages of their babies. The pregnant dad app allows you to walk in your wife’s shoes while she’s pregnant.

You’ll get to learn how your baby develops in your wife’s fetus. You’ll also know what to expect while your wife is pregnant, and how to deal with every situation.

The app is helpful enough to give you helpful tips every week while also keeping you informed about when to expect your child’s delivery.

Every dad is expected to have this app because it offers additional features compared with other self-help apps. The app lets you know your child’s zodiac sign if they share a birthday date with a celebrity before they are welcomed into the world.

The app is only available on the Apple play store, and you can download it here.

Contraction timer

This app was designed by Penguins Apps PTY LTD- a company that focuses on offering professional app development services. The contraction timer app allows dads to understand how contraction works, while also providing self-help guidelines.

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You can deduce what the app offers from its name. The app enables dads to understand contraction processes and their durations and allows them to know the right time to visit a doctor’s office. The app saves you from the stress of visiting the doctor’s office periodically or leaving you clueless about what to do.

Download the Contraction timer app on Apple play store.
Download the Contraction timer self-help book.

Who’s Your Daddy? First Time D

The app was designed by 14LOX, and it aims to answer every question that dads may have regarding their baby’s growth. The app also provides helpful tips to guide dads. The tips are often written in a simple tone with a dash of humor to keep you relaxed.

You can get the who’s your daddy app on the Google play store for less than $3, and you can download it here.

Daddy Up

The Daddy up app was created to act as a guide to dads who are caring for their pregnant wives. If you have a pregnant wife, and you want to stay informed on possible pregnancy symptoms, and stages in developing a baby in the fetus.

If you’ve ever felt the need to show more concern or love to your pregnant wife, this is the best app for you because it will allow you to know when your wife will have her next contraction, and also guide you on what to do.

In addition, the app will show you a graphical display of your baby’s current state while in the mom’s fetus. The app also has an inbuilt journal log where you can keep notes of everything that happens with your wife daily, and you can always give a detailed report to your doctor when needed.

The Daddy Up app is everything a dad needs to monitor their baby’s growth.
Download the Daddy Up app on the Apple app store.
Download the Daddy Up app on Google play store.

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What to Expect

The app’s name gives a synopsis of what the app is all about. For starters, you know that you’re expecting a baby, but the app is designed to help you track your wife’s pregnancy, while also offering helpful publications, pictures, and videos update on general pregnancy stages.

You can download the What to expect app here.


The HiDaddy app was specially designed to build communication with your baby. The app enables you to understand your little one’s mood by giving you various options to try out. For example, the app gives you different music options to play for your crying child or may give you helpful tips to help calm and understand your baby better.

The app keeps you calm when nervous since you can always rely on the HiDaddy app to come up with a helpful tip on how to understand your baby better. In addition, you can choose different styles of parenting. For example, if you’re a serious type of dad, the app will provide a subtle approach, and if you happen to like acting funny or naughty around your baby, the app can also help achieve that.

In addition, the app enables you to understand your wife’s craving and to also help you plan for her dues date.
You can download HiDaddy app here.


The Tasty app is designed to help dads figure out the right dish to cooking. The app is focused on helping dads prepare foods that are healthy for themselves, their babies, and wife. For example, if your wife happens to be under the weather, you can use this app to learn how to prepare diverse dishes.

The app has over 30/0 recipes to inspire you on what to prepare, and you can always improvise by mixing things up to give you a different taste. Dads with no experience in cooking can use the Tasty app to learn various methods of cooking.

The app also has a search icon where you can browse varieties of recipes, dishes, and healthy food to prepare for your baby and the family at large. You can download the app from the Google and Apple play store.

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The Big Daddy App

The Big Daddy app is one of the best apps that every caring dad needs to have on his phone. The app was created by a doctor, who’s also a dad. He felt the need to let dads understand how their wife feels during their pregnancy stage.
The app is designed to help you walk through your baby’s developmental stages for 9 months, and it allows you to picture how your baby will look like. The Big Daddy app will educate you while giving you weekly updates on how your baby is doing, and what to expect during your wife’s pregnancy.
The downside is that the Big Daddy app is only available for iPhone users, and you can download it here.

BabyCenter Pregnancy App & Baby Tracker

The app was designed for parents who care about their baby’s developmental stage on a weekly and daily basis. The app keeps you informed and helps you track your pregnancy status, and stages while also giving you daily tips on how to keep your baby healthy.

You can also use the app to understand how much your baby weighs in kg, the types of foods to avoid feeding your baby or your wife while she’s pregnant, and different pregnancy symptoms to expect.
You can download the app here.

BabySparks Development App

There are different stages involved in pregnancy that couples find complex enough. Raising your infant may seem more complex when compared to when they are in the fetus..the Babysparks development app is designed to help parents care for their baby as they grow day by day.

You will get to understand how to communicate with your baby, give helpful tips on how to care for your child, and guide them on how they interact with their environment.

If you’re new to parenting, the app also provides helpful videos on how to help your baby perform daily tasks such as crawling, sitting, walking, etc. You can never go wrong with the Babysparks development app because it’s a complete self-help guide aimed at a baby’s development.

You can download the Babysparks development app here.

In conclusion, this publication examined the top 10 Baby Apps you can use to stay calm in difficult situations while also learning to grow a healthy child.

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