BEST conservative news websites

10 BEST conservative news websites in 2024

Let us be honest, conservative news websites are not the easiest to come by for most people when looking for ones that are very reliable especially on issues involving political systems and socio-cultural environments. Luckily for you, we know a few.

The ones we know are different and unique. Unlike most sites, they are not after clicks, but to serve readers nothing but the best while remaining reputable sources. Therefore, most of the contents you are likely to come across with be nothing short of timeliness and verifiable.

On these conservative news websites, you will also get content on various topics. They are the best places online to get informed about the latest news and websites.

What are conservative News websites?

A conservative website is a website that is mostly specialized on content that discusses extensively the political right-of-center viewpoint in the USA.

Among others, you can read stories on state affairs, religious settings as well as social conservative perspectives. It is a perfect places to get pulsating details.

List of Most Popular Conservative News Websites in 2022

Some popular conservative news websites include TheBlaze, Fox News, and Conservative Tribune. These sites often publish content that is critical of liberal politicians and policies, and they typically support Republican candidates and causes.


Twitchy is a conservative website that involves reposting provocative commentary on Twitter. It was founded in 2012 by Michelle Malkin. The website was later sold to Salem Media Group in 2013.

The Salem Media Group is a conservative Christian broadcasting corporation. Malkin lost the connection with Twitchy right from 2015. However, the website is about compiling tweets, creating stories, and putting them into short posts.

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The site can make up to 40 to 45 stories almost every day according to editor Lori Ziganto.

Visit Twitchy

LifeSiteNews is a top online news site to get informed on different topics that includes life and culture. The website was launched in 1997 and since then, it has been able to keep the public updated and well informed.

The website is also used by various individuals, organizations, and professionals for information all over the world. It keeps getting better as the year passess by.

They work round the clock to provide balance and give exact details. Anyone can use the site and the best part of it is that it is free to use.

visit LifeSiteNews

National Review

National Review remains an important link for anyone looking to read though news and access discussed topics on social, political, cultural, and international occurrence. It defines the modern conservative movements. It also published numerous slideshows, videos, podcasts on its website every 24 hours.

It was founded in 1955 as a magazine that publishes conservative opinions. Since it has also adopted the modern way, it makes it easy for anyone from around the world to access their various contents.

Visit the National Review

The Blaze

The Blaze is comprised of news and entertainment of Africa for people that found Africa interesting. It is known to be one of the fastest-rising alternative media companies. It is also the largest as it could engage over 64 million people in a month through various media assets.

Its media assets include Blaze News, BlazeTV, Blaze Live, Blaze Radio, Blaze Podcasts, and top engaging social media pages. The Blaze delivers real reports, news, and commentary opinions about different stories.

Their journalists, editors, correspondent, and contributors have high ethical and journalistic standards. This set of people ensures the authentication of the news brought in.

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Visit The Blaze

The Washington Free Beacon

The Washington Free Beacon is an American conservative political journalism website. It is privately owned and is set up to meet the demands of the public when it comes to thorough opinions about various topics and well investigated reports.

From the site, you can get news and information on issues that revolve around policy, government, media, etc. Anyone who has used the platform will agree that it is quite good at covering events and news that most media will shun.

The Washington Free Beacon also investigate and provide reports on outer security and threats. It also exposes cronyism, gathering the information of ‘who shapes the domestic and foreign policy.

Visit the Washington Free Becon

The Epoch Times

The Epoch Times is doing what some will not do by making available accurate information and opinions from every concerned person. Being an independent media, they are not likely to be controlled or influenced by any apex authority. This is one of the key features that have made them one of the fastest growing in the state.

The success it has enjoyed over the years wont have been possible without the founder, John Tang. The Chinese American was bent on creating a platform with a strong tie to true and timely information. Today, it is now possible. To reach as many as possible, The Epoch Times is available in more than 20 languages.

Visit The EpochTimes


RedState should not be far behind if we are to make a list of the best sites to get conservative political opinions and information. The podium was set up by Mike Krempasky, John Treviño, and Ben Domenech in 2004.

The site has been known to be so vibrant in the reporting of political activism as well as other reactionary content. If you are the type that loves getting diverse opinions especially from iconic persons in the political system, RedState is a place to be.

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Visit the RedState.

 The Washington Times

Another conservative website also has a thing with prominent people in the political system. The website was created in Washington D.C. It has the coverage of general insightful topics on mostly national politics.

This website existed right from May 1972 to this date. It is well known for its conservative political stance. It is adhesive to the Republican Presidents; Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, and Donald Trump.

It also rejects the scientific belief on climate change, Ozone depletion, and the harmful effect of inhaling second-hand smoke. It got much attention when racist content was published and the conspiracy theories about Barack Obama.

Visit TheWashingtonTimes

The Washington Examiner

Here is another site you will love, named The Washington Examiner. Some years back, it was run as a normal newspaper, and was known as Journal Newspapers.

As time passed on, there were some massive changes which include a thorough and more focus on on politics.

Today, they are among the top news websites in America to get publications on valid opinions, arguments, and breaking news.

Visit TheWashingtonExaminer

The Daily Wire

The Daily Wire is a fast-growing conservative website that features a lot of talented personnel who made it possible for the website to exist and grow.

Ben Shapiro, in partnership with Jeremy Boreing in 2015 created this website to focus on personality-driven journalism and digital optimization on Facebook specifically.

Visit TheDailyWire

What are the most credible conservative news sources?

According to these are the most credible conservative news sources and magazines:




These websites listed in this article are conservative news websites that discuss politics and prominent people in the political system from a conservative point of view. They also discuss the social environment and cultures.

They are not far-fetched, and their links are not hard to open. You can get enough information as you want as they are also known to give credible information.

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