20 Best Coupon Sites to Save up to 90% in 2022

20 Best Coupon Sites to Save up to 90% in 2024

Want to go on a shopping spree this new year, and also maintain your spending on a tight budget? Why not try out coupons to save a few bucks.

The good thing about coupons is that some can give you discounts up to 90% of the original price. Some of these coupons, we will highlight below. However, let’s first of all look at why you should be interested in coupon codes and the different types of coupons available for consumers.

Why You Should Be Interested in Coupon Codes

Coupon codes allow the consumer to cut down costs on a variety of products without affecting the quality of products purchased. Think more of getting a premium product at a discounted price.

Although finding coupon codes for a specific product can be stressful at times, it is often worth it in the end if you find what you’re looking for. At any rate, coupon codes are an effective way to cut down on cost.

Types of Coupon Codes

There are different types of coupon codes with each having its various uses. Before selecting any, you first off consider the amount discount available and of course, the terms required to use them.

Store Coupons

These types of coupon codes are made available by retail stores. The coupon codes are usually only tied to products available in the store

Manufacturers Coupons

These coupon codes are given by the company producing the product. These codes are usually applicable to all stores that sell the product provided they allow purchases with coupons.

Printable Manufacturers Coupons

These types of coupons after being printed from the manufacturer’s website. Think of it as a certificate you take to the store that makes you eligible for discounted offers on a product.

List of Best Coupon Code Websites

Here is a round-up of the top 20 best coupon sites you can use to save up to 90% in 2022.

1. Rakuten

Previously known as Ebates, Rakuten is without question one of the best online platforms that help you save money while shopping. Aside from discount coupons, they also offer cashback that can get as high as 40% of original spent cash.

They are linked with over 1000 online shopping malls, so it’s hard to use them and not see what you need at a reasonable discount. Also, the Rakuten website has a chrome extension that if installed, can alert you on any available deals for the products you’re currently shopping for in your favorite online shopping platform

2. RetailMeNot

retailmenot-coupon code website

RetailMeNot is also one of the online coupon websites up there with the best, trying to make products more affordable to willing buyers.

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The platform which is affiliated with over 120000 retail stores, doesn’t only make coupons available, they’ve got a follow-up system that requests performance feedback from coupon users. That gives added confidence for any future user that wants to know whether a deal is real or just a waste of time.

Also, there’s an online community where consumers can share coupons too, making the platform a hotspot for anyone wishing to get a discounted offer but don’t know where to find it.

3. Amazon Coupons

If you’ve been into online shopping for a while, you’d easily recognize this company name as one of the biggest online retail shopping malls in the world. However, what might surprise you is that they also have amazing coupon programs and we’re not just talking about Black Friday deals.

At any rate, the coupons on this platform are only usable on goods sold on Amazon. Although it’s a bit restrictive, the drawbacks aren’t noticeable considering the variety of stuff you can buy there.

4. Swagbucks

Much of the attention drawn by Swagbucks is from its online survey and rewards site, but they’ve still got some decent coupon programs as well.

Swagbucks doesn’t only make coupons available to shop on online stores, they’ve got printable packages too, and you can get offers that go as higher than 30% off if the day is going your way. They’ve also got cashback programs where you get rewarded for using coupons.

Lastly, you don’t need to worry much about finding what you need because they’re linked with big stores like eBay, Amazon, and Walmart.

5. Free Shipping

As the name suggests, free shipping is a platform that helps you avoid the expenses that come in the form of shipping fees when purchasing stuff online.

Recently, they’ve also started to offer 10% discounts on certain items when you purchase through their affiliate link.

With all these goodies, there’s a catch. A user has to let go of $12.97 per month which is quite expensive for people who don’t do a lot of online shopping. They’ve got a 7-day free trial program if you feel you need to try out the service first before making any many commitments.

6. SmartSource

Smart Source owned by News America Marketing is a company you should be used to if you’re familiar with the Sunday Newspapers.

Hold on, we’re not talking about the paper version here, but their online website with the same name, and offering the same deals as well. This platform targets shoppers that prefer to do things locally as only printable coupons are available. If you intend on taking that drive and shopping in town then it should be one of your top picks.

7. Honey


Honey brings something different to the table. Instead of taking the regular form of being a website and you need to register and go through stress, Honey is a chrome extension tool that allows you to make use of other coupon sites while shopping.

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That way, instead of going to multiple sites to look for the best offers, it’ll bring it to you on your checkout if an offer is available. Also, it has a system that automatically filters used or expired coupons which in every way makes life easier for you.

8. ShopAtHome (Tada)

ShopAtHome is also one of the coupon sites that makes printable coupons, and not just online cut deals. The cool part about using shop at home is the availability of cashback offers that can soar up to 30% of your initial payment.

Just like modern coupon sites, they’ve also got a system (toolbar) that checks each site you’re shopping on, to alert you for any available offers that may interest you.

9. Slick Deals

Slick Deals as the name suggests is a platform that offers consumers coupons with slick deals. Just like Entertainment Coupon Book, the website operates as a community where others can share their coupons as well.

The cool thing about the platform is that coupons are scored based on votes by users, so it is relatively hard for a bad coupon code to occupy the top spots and annoy users looking for reasonable discounts.

10. Savings

If you need some coupon codes that’ll help you save some cash while shopping, Savings is also one of the best options available out there.

They’re linked with stores that don’t only offer goods that can be purchased online, but also regular items like groceries and hardware. They’ve even got plane tickets if you’d also want to travel at a reduced cost.

Safe to call this platform one that perfectly mixes international and local transitions, all for making sure the average consumer gets a cut down on cost. They also have a community within the website where people can share saving ideas and coupon codes, this way it’s very easy for newcomers to blend in.

11. The Krazy Coupon Lady

TKCL is one of the very few coupon websites that gives education and tips on saving money through couponing, and not just only making the codes available to you.

If you’re new to using coupons, or just haven’t grasped the whole concept yet, then this website is a great place to start your couponing adventure.

What’s more? Well, it’s being run by two ladies and they post daily updates on available coupons and promos.

12. Frugaa

According to stats made available by the platform, Frugaa is believed to save at least $27 for every customer. It typically operates in a search engine-type manner which is great if you prefer just searching for what you need instead of going page by page to see what’s available.

They’ve also got a community as well, so you can confirm if a code works based on reviews from previous users.

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13. Brad’s Deals

This website niches everything down to just a couple of retail stores, which is perfect for shoppers who can easily get distracted by other parts of big coupon websites.

Aside from editor picks making their way to the site, they also give insights on how best one can make purchases based on previous experiences and save a lot of money. There are currently a little over 3500 stores working with them, which is not bad, to say the least.

14. Entertainment Coupon Book


Entertainment Coupon Book is a coupon website where users are guaranteed 2-for-1 deals on a variety of products. They also have other great packages that get you up to 50% off on whatever you purchase.

However, there’s a catch, as users also need to pay a monthly subscription fee to access these deals. Of course, letting off $2.99 a month or $19.99 a year to access these great offers is reasonable, but it all breaks down when you’re a one-time shopper and what you’re getting most times isn’t on their list of offerings.

15. Hip2Save

Hip2save is also one of those coupon sites that tries as much as possible to offer other services to make it more than just a couponing platform.

Aside from coupons, they also host a freebies section for consumers who are into making the most out of saving cash. Also, they post educative contents like product reviews and shopping to help you get through the daily stress that comes with fringing the best deals.

16. CouponCause

CouponCause is a couponing website that operates its system, with a philanthropic cause. No doubt there’s joy in getting the best discount deals, but the happiness in knowing profits made are for charity is overwhelming. If you love the idea of saving money while helping humanity at the same time, then this website should be your sure coupon plug.

17. Deal News

Deal News pitches itself as the coupon website with the best offers. Interestingly, they’re not disappointing on that claim. They only publish the best deals, and discount offers go as high as %85 with free shipping included.

What’s more, they’ve got a mobile app so you can shop on the go, and are in partnership with over fifty stores, including the heavyweights in the retail shopping industry like Amazon, eBay, Samsung, and Walmart.

18. PromoPro

PromoPro is another coupon site that has an extension plugin for browsers, that way, you can shop with ease and get alerted whenever there’s an available deal on the product you wish to purchase. With over twenty categories, it’s hard not to find what you need.

19. Groupon

Groupon Official_Site_Online_Shopping_Deals_and_Coupons_Save_Up_to_70%

Groupon operates in the same manner as ShopAtHome, it targets the locals who are interested in walk-in purchases. Discounts can go as high as 70% which is an amazing offer if you go to the grocery store a lot.

20. PriceBlink

Just like Honey, PriceBlink is fully browser integrated. Most reviews indicate that the service is a much better upgrade than Honey because it’s available on multiple browsers, and has an in-built search engine to search for the best available deal, instead of combing through different coupon sites.

There you go! Hope you have a wonderful shopping experience and save while doing so.

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