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Top 10+ Best Courses To Study In Nigeria ~ Better Job Opportunities

Laying a good foundation in Nigeria is very important if you want to have an edge over others. The course you study will also determine the number of job opportunities that will be available for you.

For instance, in a country like ours where getting a job is no different from looking for a needle in the haystack, you do not want to limit your chances. As a matter of fact, people still get good jobs without trying hard because the course they study is one of the most sought in Nigeria.

Students go to university or polytechnic without knowing what they are getting into. It is later they realise they will not be able to apply for most jobs due to its restriction. Someone who studies Yoruba, Igbo or Hausa Language at the University will not be able to apply for most jobs. Nevertheless, it does not mean there are no jobs for them.

Medicine will always be the best course in Nigeria because they barely get folded. A man at 45 years old who studied medicine would be able to get a job in any private or government establishment whereas it is always difficult for most courses in Nigeria.

As a would-be job seeker, the time to prepare is now. On the internet, you might find over a million job search articles but what makes you get the job is the certificate and the skills you possess. In this article, we will be focusing on courses based on employers’ perception and its attractiveness.

Please do note that best courses to study in the University / Polytechnic in this article are in no particular order. They are based on the career opportunities available for them and perceptions of employers.


Medicine is the best course in nigeriaIn Nigeria and other parts of the world, People always tip their hat to a particular set of people who studied medicine as a course. It is rare to see someone who studied medicine in one of the top-ranking universities in Nigeria without the possibility of getting a job.

Medicine is not your average course and only a few selected get the chance to be part of the people who will be trained to be a doctor, public health worker, medical researcher, surgeon, anesthesiologist, radiologist, obstetrician, gynecologist, pediatrician, etc. Whatever your specialty, you can be sure of a rewarding career in Nigeria. Doctors and people in health science are paid better than most courses.

Even when you choose not to work under anyone, you can set up your space or even become an online health blogger. There are lots of medical practitioners that earn more on their blogs.

However, the stakes are always high when looking for admission as you will be required to score high in your Jamb UTME and also satisfy the Post UTME requirement. For the Jamb UTME Requirements, you must have Five O/Level credit in Maths, English Language, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Only universities take medicine students.


Best courses to study with better job opportunitiesAccounting stands proud among the courses in Art or social science courses. It is one of the professional courses that are needed in every establishment. Such establishments include eatery, banks, hospitals, tech firms, hotels, schools, churches, or even government establishments.

Like Medicine, this is one of the most competitive courses in the university and polytechnic. The Cut off mark sets on accountancy is always higher than other courses in their league. To get admitted into the department of accountancy, you will need to possess Five O/Level credit in Mathematics, English Language, Economics and any other 2 subjects from Art or Social Science.

To have a better chance of getting jobs, you must know how to use at least one or two accounting software. They include QuickBooks Accounting, Tally, SAGE, Taggeris, and NCH.

Once you are able to do this, your chance of getting a job is high. There are several people with a certificate in accounting but what separates them is the skills they possess.

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Architecture is a good course in nigeriaAnother top course in Nigeria is Architecture, common with Professionals that build structures. It has to do with designing structures and buildings. Architects provide a framework and the details are then used to construct the physical buildings.

Architecture is always needed in every building and construction company and they always them pay well. Even casual workers would be able to testify of their magnanimity. Since it is one of the highly rated courses in the institutions, know that bars are raised very high.

To be part of the lucky few ones, you must perform exceedingly well in your Jamb Exam after satisfying the O’Level Requirements in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, English Language, and any subject in Geography, Fine Art, Economics, Wood Work or Technical Drawing (At least Credit Level).


Estate management is a good course to study in nigeriaEstate Management has always been shunned by many students due to not knowing how attractive the course is. Only a few of us get to know later as we sojourn in our journey. If you are lucky to come across this article, this might tingle your love for the course.

Are you asking why I know this? How many people have chosen the course because they really want it? Only a few if I start a survey but universities and polytechnics now make it a habit to give it to students who failed to make the school’s cut off marks for their preferred courses.

Estate management involves the management of estate. In other words, it is the control and oversight of properties. If you are in Nigeria and familiar with the success in Real Estate, you will know it is easier to make quick money as a real estate dealer than working 9 to 5 jobs. As a certificate holder in estate management, you can also work in banks, real estate firms, governments, mortgage institutions, property management companies, courts, etc.

To study Estate Management in universities or polytechnics, you must possess ‘O’ level credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Economics, and any two others from Geography, Chemistry, Agricultural Science / Biology, Government, and Commerce. The cut-off mark is not that competitive due to low applicants. It is one of the courses you can choose if you want to make get admission into university easily.


One of the best courses in nigeriaAnother coveted health science course in Pharmacy. They are always in high demand in big establishments including schools, government settings, hospitals, and private companies. They play a key role by ensuring that medicines prescribed to patients are suitable and also advise on its usage.

There is always an increased demand for pharmacists, even in the small pharmacy, they are well paid. They are also respected all over the world, someone who studies pharmacy in Nigeria can also move abroad easily for better career prospects.

Pharmacy is also placed higher above most courses offered by any university in Nigeria. To begin the journey into a rewarding career at the University, you must have Five SSCE credit passes in English Language, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology. A good score in your Jamb exam and Post UTME exam is also important to get you your preferred course.


Best course nigeriaIf you are good with words, studying mass communication at the university or polytechnic could provide several career opportunities. Time is changing at the moment, the vast improvement in technology has provided numerous channels for certificate holders in mass communication to practise their craft.

Certificate holders in Mass Communication can work in fields such as journalism, social media, screenwriting, film making, advertising and marketing, digital media, public relations, radio jockeying, TV anchoring, blogging and many more. One could say that mass communication is one of the most marketable courses in Nigeria and with good career prospects.

Despite the growing love for the course among applicants, it is one of the courses that has room for several students. As an applicant, you will need to have obtained (5) ‘O’ Level credit passes to include English Language, Mathematics, Literature in English, and two subjects in Arts and Social Sciences. Some universities and polytechnics in Nigeria accept “O” level pass in Mathematics.

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7. LAW

Best course nigerian studentsAnother course that has a big career prospect is Law. Once you get admitted to any school to study Law, white and black become your colour. The reason why Lawyers and Law Students wear black and white is that BLACK symbolizes sovereignty and power; a total submission to justice while WHITE symbolizes integrity.

The respect that comes from being a lawyer is top-notch. One can decide to work as a Legal Adviser, Stock Brokers, Judge, Barrister, Government Solicitor, Legal Analyst, or work for the state as Public Defender. You can also choose to set up own Law Chamber.

With just 5 ‘O’ Level credit passes in five subjects to include English Language and Literature in English, one could be on his way to have a big career in Law.


Course to study in universityEconomics is also at the Zenith when we debate on over the best courses in Nigeria. For most applicants in Commercial or Art Class, if it is not Accountancy then they will select Economics because of the needs for Economists in private firms and government establishments.

Applicants tend to choose economics because they want a deeper understanding of government, firms, households, and how individuals administer their scarce resources. For some, they enjoy working their brain. Nevertheless, there are still some students who choose it because it is one of the most marketable courses in Nigeria.

As one of the highly coveted courses in Nigeria, the stake is high. If you need to get the course, you will need to do well in your Jamb CBT exam and School Post UTME. To qualify to write the Jamb CBT exam, you will need to possess ‘O’ Level Credit Passes in Mathematics, English Language, Economics, and any additional two Art or Economics Subjects.

Only universities offer Economics, meanwhile, Banking And Finance is closely related to the course, it can be studied in either Polytechnic or University.


Best course mathematicsIf you are good with formulas and numbers, you can have a promising career in Mathematics. Arithmetic, as a subject in secondary school, is always portrayed as a nightmare, and when studied as a course in the University, one can expect a lot more.

Only a few will be bold enough to pursue a career as a Mathematician. The few who made the list can expect a rewarding career in the course because of its high demand in private companies, government establishments, and post-secondary schools like universities, colleges of education and polytechnics. As a mathematician, you can also work as a software tester, financial trader, insurance underwriter, quantity surveyor, meteorologist, finance and investment analyst and adviser, and financial manager.

Five Ordinary Level credit passes in Mathematics, English Language, Further Mathematics, Physics, and any one additional subject in Chemistry, Economics, and Geography will be enough to get you a Jamb UTME seat. After, you will proceed to write your post utme exam provided you meet the Jamb Cut-OFF Mark. Only universities offer Mathematics.


Top course in nigeriaAnother course people often ignore is Marketing. Not many see it as a big deal, this is why people will avoid the course until they are pushed there by the schools.

Marketing is always needed to change or improve the affair of a firm or establishment. Being a marketing student will give you a better chance of getting a job after school. As a marketer, you can work as an online marketer for a company or by creating awareness via other methods. Working as a marketer means you will have to portray the company you represent in a positive light and convince them of why they need the products or services.

As a marketer, you can have a career as Chief Marketing Officer, Brand Manager, Market Research Analyst, Digital Marketer, Advertising Manager, Promotions Manager, Market Researcher, and many more.

5 ‘O’ level Subjects (at Credit Passes) required to get admitted into Universities or Polytechnics that offer Marketing as a course are Mathematics, English, and any other 3 relevant subjects. Since it is not one of the most sought courses in the Universities and Polytechnics, it will be easier to get admitted to study the course.

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Best course africa nigeriaNursing is one of the highly-rated professions in Nigeria; as a nurse, you can carry out your practice in a variety of settings. A nursing graduate from any school is open to several opportunities, they can choose to work in schools, community health centre, clinics, camps, hospitals, nursing homes, ambulatory care, government establishment, etc or even decide to set up their own space.

In Nigeria, even nursing without paid jobs work from home. They charge between N5,000 to N10,000 per treatment depending on how they can market.

To study nursing as a course in any School Of Nursing, you will need 5 ‘O’ Level Credit Passes in Mathematics, Biology, English Language, Chemistry, and Physics. To get a space in the classroom, prepare well for the entrance exam.


theatre arts fine course nigeriaTheatre Arts course is also among the top-rated courses in Nigeria, as a student of the theatre arts, you will be exposed to pre-professional training in drama. After your exercise in school, you can get a job as a stage performer, producer, music and film director, choreographer, actor, etc.

To study Theatre Arts in the university, applicants must have obtained five ‘O’ Level credit passes to include English Language, Literature in English, and other subjects from Social Sciences or Art. The other subjects could be from Government, Commerce, Economics, Fine Art, etc.

Once ready, you can proceed to sit for your Jamb UTME Examination and with Post UTME to follow.


Best course in nigeriaAnother course with better job opportunities is Statistics. Almost as tough as Mathematics and Economics, Nigerians students have from time to time avoid selecting the course. However, if you know how to assimilate and interpret formulas, this may be the course that will give you a big break.

Since it has always been unwanted, statistics graduates are not much, if you are able to come out of school with good grades and also know how to interpret data, it will not be long before an employer picks you after your service year.

As a Statistician, you can work in a variety of settings including banks, government agencies, private firms, healthcare, research centers, and many more. However, to study Statistics in university or polytechnic, candidates must have Five ‘O’ Level credit passes to include Mathematics, English Language, and any three (3) subjects from Statistics, Chemistry, Further Mathematics, Physics, Geography, and Economics.


Best courses to study in NigeriaAnother hot cake course to study in Nigerian university or polytechnic is Business Administration. It is also one of the most chosen courses when people are vying to make a place in the school.

It is difficult to select which course has the bragging right between accountancy and economics. Notwithstanding, this is a course that allows one to have access to varieties of Career Opportunities.

Business Administrator, otherwise known as Manager is needed to carry a variety of tasks that will ensure a business is run the way it should. Aa a Business Administrator, you can work in human resources, operations, project management, and even in the accounting fields. To gain admission into the school of business administration and management, A 5 ‘O’ Level Credit Passes in English Language, Mathematics, Economics plus any two subjects from Art or Social Sciences will be required.


fine courses in nigeriaEngineering being an extensive course will be difficult to write just a few lines for. As an applicant, you just need to narrow it down and select what is best for you. To help you decide, you should come in terms with what you are excited about.

All Engineering Courses are cool no matter which one you go for. To help you research further, it is important I list some of the engineering courses.

They include Petroleum engineering, Mechanical engineering, Chemical engineering, Industrial Engineering, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, Materials And Metallurgical Engineering, Systems Engineering, Agricultural & Bioresources Engineering. They all have good career prospects.

To study any of the Engineer courses in School, applicant must possess Five O’level credit passes to include English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and any additional science subject.

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