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Top 10 Best Ecommerce Websites in Nigeria 2024

The benefits that come from buying things from eCommerce websites are not appreciated enough. An eCommerce website simplifies the process of buying things in Nigeria or the rest of the world to the extent that many people now choose to buy from online stores instead of visiting physical stores.

One of the major reasons why people are more comfortable shopping online is because of the return and refund policy when things go wrong. Companies like Jumia has a name to protect and you can expect the company to be more concerned about customers satisfaction. 

In physical shops, it is almost difficult to get such privilege. For most physical store owners, once you have paid for items, there is no refund. 

Moreover, most people never have the time to do their shopping which could be due to work or other schedules. They can easily order stuff online from an eCommerce store in Nigeria and deliver it to any location they want.

Since more customers have drawn more to using eCommerce websites, entrepreneurs also now have another way they could make money. Having an online presence has certain benefits that you won’t get in your physical store including no price haggling, orders arriving anytime, and connecting to customers irrespective of where they are in the world.

If you are looking to make sales, you do not necessarily need to build your own e-commerce store. There are already booming eCommerce websites in Nigeria that allow users to use their stores for little or no fee. In this article,
Notwithstanding, If you have the time and resources to manage an eCommerce website, it could be a good idea in the long run. There are quite a lot of stores out there, but we will provide you with the best eCommerce websites in Nigeria and what each brings to the table.

Top 10 Ecommerce Websites In Nigeria

Jumia Nigeria

Jumia Nigeria is number one Online Mall with over 14 million products to select from. The company headquarters is in Germany but its service is spread across 7 African countries of which Nigeria is currently among.

It also operates a logistics service, which enables consumers to purchase items from sellers from other countries and is backed by a responsive and effective payment service. Being in the most popular eCommerce store and website in Nigeria, you will find almost everything you want in the store.

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Sellers are also allowed to trade using the Jumia marketplace at a reasonable service fee. Anyone also looking to make money on Jumia can also register for Jumia Affiliate Program. The company is not just the most used eCommerce store in Nigeria but provides for everyone who is looking to make money.



In terms of product offering, one could say Konga is the closest competitor to Jumia Nigeria, and it will take a big stride to get to the level of Jumia. For most Nigerians, it is the second eCommerce store we are likely to use.

Konga was founded in 2012 with headquarters in Lagos State. It is an online platform where you can quickly order and pay for goods without leaving the comfort of your home or office. On the online store, you are going to come across products such as electronics, home appliances, phones and tablets, children’s items, books, computers & accessories, and more.

Konga also allows people to display and sell their products on their space. Your products have the potential to get across over 50 million buyers. And if you are all about making money without offering products, Konga Affiliate Program is one of your best shots.



Payporte is unlike Konga and Jumia, it is a retail company that has already conquered the fashion industry and continues to make waves. It is one of the best online stores where you can find any kind of trendy wear.

The eCommerce store gives everyone the ease of shopping without stress, thanks to the easy navigation. You are likely to find whatever style currently in the news.

Payporte, despite being founded in 2014 has become a house name in Nigeria, although much of her success has to do with deciding to stick with what she does best. Today, it is one of the visited eCommerce sites, especially among the ladies.


Kara Nigeria has been one of the best eCommerce websites in Nigeria for some time now that it is difficult to not notice them. On each day, they receive thousands of people who are either going through their stock or orders for items.

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Kara has almost the products you will find on any Jumia, you can make an online payment for products such as Mobile Phones, Electronics, Home and Kitchen Appliances, Computers and Office Equipment, automobile products, etc at a very reasonable price. After ordering, the product is then delivered to your place of choice which could be your home or office. Cash on delivery, bank transfer, and credit/debit card available.

You can also purchase a phone on credit, the same service that easybuy specialise on. You can get the phone now and pay later as agreed. This service is to make it easier for customers to get the phone of their choice.

Sellers can also use to sell their products or goods and make money without much stress.


Slot NG

Slot Ng has been the home for electronics, phones, laptops, and accessories for years. A popular choice for many when it comes to such product offerings and currently the most popular e-commerce store and website in Nigeria after Jumia and Konga.

The only downside to Slot is that they are not a multi-niche online shopping site. Therefore, if you are looking for products like wears, groceries, or drinks, Slot Nigeria is not a place to look.

The company offers both offline and online retail models, you could buy from any of their offices during their working hours or order from their eCommerce site.


Jiji Nigeria

Call Jiji Nigeria, a free advertising site, classified ads site, or online marketplace, you are not wrong. Jiji was established in 2014 with the main objective of connecting buyers and sellers for the exchange of goods and services.

As an entrepreneur, business owner, or seller, you will be able to post free ads on the site and buyers can also search the platform to get almost any product or service they want at no cost.

Jiji Nigeria is currently the best classified ads site in Nigeria and you can expect your ads to have the expected outcome. Phones, electronics, accessories, home appliances, laptops, etc get superior attention from potential buyers more than any offers.


Olist Nigeria

Olist Nigeria is a popular free classified ads listing website where individuals and corporate businesses can display their products and services at no cost and sell them to buyers. It is more like a meeting point for buyers and sellers. Olist is owned by Opera.

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On this free advertising site, you will be able to post products or services. As a buyer, you can easily buy used or new items on Olist. Categories available on online stores are House To Let, Cars, House For Sale, Phones, Jobs, Import Cars, Vehicles, Electronics, and more. Like all classified ads sites, the website always warns users of the need to be careful when making deals.

It is also a place where you can get the latest news including Tech, Entertainment, Fashion, and Beauty.


Obiwezy was founded in 2010 and it is currently one of the top eCommerce stores to buy quality recycled, used, and new gadgets such as electronics, mobile phones, laptops, gaming, peripherals, and many more.

The eCommerce website also provides a swap service to those who want to upgrade or change their gadgets. On the site, you have access to a large collection of gadgets with very attractive designs at a very low price.

Items can be delivered to any location in Nigeria, but payment on delivery is only available to customers in Lagos state. For all used products, you have a 14 days warranty which is enough for anyone to know if a gadget is worth it or not.



Kusnap, this Nigeria’s eCommerce website is a simple to use platform where sellers can advertise, market, and sell their goods or services to potential buyers at no cost to any parties.

Both buyers and sellers can chat on the platform and then meet for the exchange of goods and services. As a business owner or seller, you can sell all kinds of products that include smartphones, electronics, kitchen wares, agriculture and food, vehicles, health And beauty, home appliances, and many more.

Kusnap is very easy to use and registration on the site only takes a few minutes. Simply visit the site to get started.



Ajebomarket was founded by Agiri Ibrahim in 2014 and now one of the top online stores for both men and partly women who are looking to buy high-quality clothes, shoes, watches, sports merchandise, and accessories.

Customers can use their visa card, MasterCard, or bank transfer for all payments. Payment on delivery is also available. Ajebomarket could be compared with Payporte except that it concentrates more on men. If you are conscious of how you look, you can get all those trendy styles and wears on Ajebomarket to keep the business of looking good going.


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