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Best Free Animation Apps For Android, Windows, Mac & IOS – Ipad and iPhone

The internet is filled with many animation apps, but selecting the best ones that fit perfectly for your Android, Windows, Mac, or IOS – Ipad and iPhone could be an issue. To make it easier for you, we will be selecting the ones that could help you do a better job.

Cartoons can be very catchy. People are naturally drawn to it and then becoming the major reason why individuals and corporations love using it to represent themselves or brands. Animation and cartoons are now used in virtually every field.

People pay top dollars to get it, however, you do not have to. Besides, these apps, especially the ones for Android and Ios have been designed to make it easy for users to use with no much technical knowledge. It helps you to create animation and cartoons using your own perception.

If you have the creative knowledge to bring life to meme, cartoons, or comics, below animation apps for Android and Ios should help you irrespective of your level:

1. Flipaclip

Best animation apps for ipad

Flipaclip is one of the Best animation apps normally used by Android, iPhone, and Ipad users to create high-quality cartoons and animations that can be shared on any social media platform.

Users can also engage themselves in learning animation the simple ways. Draw pictures, sketch, and turn them into animated gifs using the best drawing and animating experience provided by Flipaclip.

The app is very rated on the store and also the editor’s choice on Google play store with about 4.4 ratings. Whether you are just getting started or have some knowledge, this is an app that can help you create toons a simpler way yet elegant output.

  • Google Play Store: Download Flipaclip for Android.
  • App Store: Download Flipaclip for iPhone and Ipad.
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2. Toontastic 3D

Top animation apps for android

Toontastic 3D is an animation and cartoon app offered by Google LLC to provide users the platform to create something spectacular through drawing and animating.

The app is an easy choice here especially since it comes from one of the biggest brands in the world, however, a closer look further confirmed the effort put by the maker.

It has everything you want in an animation app plus the rare opportunity to record your voice on the anime and then store it on your device as a 3D animation file. Users can use the app to create adventures, video game designs, or any creative ideas you have buried for so long.

  • Google Play Store: Download Toontastic for Android.
  • App Store: Download Toontastic for iPhone and Ipad.

3. Animation Desk – Make your Animation and Cartoons

Best animation apps for iphone

Nothing is satisfying than finding something that melts your heart. If after trying some animation apps and you are still on the fence, maybe the celebrated Animation Desk App is all you need.

It is an app that has been widely praised by almost everyone that has come across it. It can be used to draw, sketch, or animate.

When using the app to draw, there are several tools to make the work easier for you. The tools include color palette, Selection tools, Layers, and many more.

4. PicsArt Animator – Gif & Video Maker

Animation apps for cartoons

With over 30 million downloads so far, this is enough to put PicsArt Animator on the map. No app gets that number unless it is top-notch.

The app enables users to make animation, doodles, or gifs using stickers and frame-by-frame drawing tools. If you have come across gif files, and you wondered how it is done, apps and software like PicsArt have been used towards achieving it.

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Using the app, you will be able to draw on your photos and even convert to moving images, control the speed and save them as videos or gifs you can upload for sale or public usage.

5. GIFMob

Best anime apps for iphone

GifMob is another perfect choice if you are looking for the best gif and video app. The app will give you a platform along with the necessary tools to bring your creativity into life.

The interface is very easy to use and users will be able to create animated GIFs and videos using any amount of images they choose. You also use the camera option on the app to take pictures for your jobs.

Once done, the video will be saved in MP4 format to reveal the quality of your work.

  • Google Play Store: Download GifMob for Android.
  • App Store: Download GifMob for iPhone and Ipad.

6. Tween Craft

Best animation apps for android

If you want to skip the difficulties normally associated with drawing, yet create amazing 2d cartoon videos, Tween Craft could ensure you get it done with little or no stress. The anime app comes with several characters and backgrounds you can use to tell your stories.

Users will also be able to attach their audios to the animation. Once you have recorded your dialogue, the app will make your dialogue cartoony and you will also get to choose between different voice pitches and tempos.

The anime videos can be shared on popular internet sensation brands like Youtube, Whatsapp, and Tiktok.

  • Google Play Store: Download Tween Craft for Android.
  • App Store: Download Tween Craft for iPhone and Ipad.

7. Draw Cartoons 2

top cartoon apps for android

Draw Cartoon 2 provides a way to bring out your creative genius using the easiest method. Instead of relying on technical ability, you are provided with easy-to-use tools that make designing cartoons seem fun.

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Once you are on, you can forget about creating characters and items, there are lots of pre-made ones you can tweak to fit in exactly the way you want it.

Users can also create items from scratch if they choose not to use the templates provided.

  • Google Play Store: Download Draw Cartoons 2 for Android.
  • App Store: Download Draw Cartoons 2 for iPhone and Ipad.

8. Animate Free

top animation apps for smart phone

Animate free is one of the best animation apps that you can use to create poses and outlines of manikin on your mobile device.

The app can be used by anyone irrespective of their knowledge of animation. Amateurs also have nothing to worry about as they have simplified tools to bring their creativity into life.

The app has been downloaded by over 5 million users on Android alone aside from other external sources. A proof that it remains one of the highly-rated animation apps around.

  • Google Play Store: Download Animate Free for Android.
  • App Store: Download Animate Free for iPhone and Ipad.

9. I can animate

bet top animation apps for ios

I can Animate by Kudlian Software Limited is an extraordinary animation app that professionals and beginners can use to create stop motion animation using their smartphones.

It may look very easy to amateurs but endowed enough for anyone to create spectacular animation. And for experts, it is powerful enough to bring your creative ideas into that perfect anime.

10. ToonHive – Cartoon Animator

Top anime cartoon app for ipad

Toonhive is a very good app that can be used to draw or animate cartoons. Using the tools, anyone no matter their level of experience can work out frame by frame 2D cartoon animations.

One of the most exciting things about this animation app is that it has everything you need at your fingertips. If you have used any 2d animation app, but you are not yet convinced, perhaps all you have been waiting for is ToonHive.

  • Google Play Store: Download Toohive for Android.
  • App Store: Download Toohive for iPhone and Ipad.

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