Best Graphic Design Software For Beginners And Professional

Best Graphic Design Software For Beginners And Professional

  • Graphics design is the process of using tools to create artwork or picture designs.
  • The best graphic design software for beginners and professionals are Adobe creative, GIMP, Corel Draw creative suite, Sketch, Canva, etc.

The need for graphic designers can not be overemphasized as graphics design helps market a product or business, tells a story, brings ideas to life, enhance or edit pictures, etc.

A professional graphics designer must be versatile and know their way with at least two design software.

For example, it’s no news that Corel Draw and Adobe have dominated the graphics design niche for many years, while Corel draw is popularly known for drawing or designing and Adobe software serves as a great option for photo editing or enhancement.

Best Graphic Design Software For Beginners And Professional

  • Adobe Creative
  • GIMP
  • CorelDraw Creative Suite
  • Canva

Adobe Creative

Adobe creative suite encompasses a sub-division of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe lightroom, Adobe InDesign, etc are great software for Graphic designers.

Most Graphics designers often start with Adobe Photoshop before learning other design tools such as Adobe Illustrator and others. You can use diverse Adobe products to design a unique image.

Kicking off learning using Adobe Photoshop or others might be complicated since the software does not have an easy-to-use interface for learning purposes. However, you stand a chance of making a fortune with this software once you master it.

Most companies or individuals in need of a designer often require someone knowledgeable with any Adobe software. Adobe is often used to set a yardstick for graphic designers, and it’s essential to learn how it works.

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Do note that it’s not free to use this software as the newest version with updated features requires a monthly subscription, but new users get to enjoy a free 30 days trial before deciding on whether to subscribe to the monthly plan.

Alternatively, you can buy previous versions of any Adobe software and pay a one-time fee in other to enjoy the software without limits

The Adobe creative suite is also the perfect software for beginners in the graphics design niche, as the software offers training programs for newbies and advanced students. You can take advantage of the training program and enjoy up to 50% discounts.
The software is available on Windows, Linux, and Mac iOS.


GIMP is an image enhancement software available for free to beginners and professional graphic designers. The software integrates Adobe Photoshop design structure, and you can use the software to edit pictures or a designed work and further redesign it.

You can use the GIMP software to recreate an already existing image and enhance it such as changing the colors, adding an icon, masks, etc in order to make the images look original.

You can always export your recreated or created images to any picture format such as PNG, JPEG, etc. In summary, the GIMP software is a great choice for beginners since it has an easy-to-use interface, and no upfront or monthly payment is required.

CorelDraw Graphics Suite

This is one of the best graphic design software with an easy to use interface. The graphics design software features a sub-division of Corel draw for illustration purposes, Corel photo paint – an alternative to Adobe Photoshop, Corel capture, etc.

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Corel draw also allows users to employ add-ons thereby making the design process easier. It is also an easy-to-use software since it offers a self-help guide on how every tool works. Beginners can learn the basics of graphic design without the need for a tutor using the Corel draw software as it features a tutorial on how every tool works.

The software also has an alternative to almost every tool available giving users options to work with the one they find best to create a perfect drawing or design.

The Corel draw software is not free to use as it also requires a monthly subscription just like Adobe creative suite. Alternatively, you can get the backdated version of the software such as the 2020 version, and pay a one-time fee to enjoy all the software benefits.


Sketch software is one of the best software for graphic designers. It is specially designed for webmasters, and web or app developers who need to create navigation icons, banners, etc in a website or app.

A developer may use this software to set a standard for graphic designers when hiring. A newbie or someone with advanced knowledge of graphic design will find this software easy to use.

The software also features a whole lot of support for their customers. However, do note that the software is not free to use, but the cost is lesser when compared with other advanced Graphics design software such as Adobe or Corel Draw.
The sketch software costs $100 but it’s only available on MacBook.


Canva is a famous graphics design software that can be used on mobile and laptops or desktop computers. Canva is designed for people who do not have the time to learn graphics design software such as Corel draw, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.

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The web or app version features millions of design templates that can be used for a book cover, letterhead, business card, flyer, banner, CD cover, and other types of design.

All that’s required is for users to search through the available templates and recreate their unique designs. You can use the app or web version for free on your smartphone or laptop computer however users who choose the pro version get access to the software’s unlimited features such as templates, text design, etc.

Professional graphics designers also use Canva to create amazing designs before making improvements to other professional software. It is also a quick mode of adding text, and add filter to images.

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