The best places to live in Canada

The Best Places To Live In Canada

Whether you are an immigrant or someone who is just looking for the best places to live in Canada, you are going to find a good number of beautiful cities and towns where you could start all over.

Canada is a country sitting in North America with a population estimated to be about 37,742,154. The largest city is Toronto and the capital is Ottawa.

Before you decide to take on the expedition to the country, understand that the country experiences cold than any other variety of climates. The northern part is mostly cold. However, if you are looking for warmer places or just want to avoid the thick snow, Vancouver, British Columbia is the place to be.

People always move from time to time. This could be for family reasons, or you just want to move your business. For some, they may just be looking for the cheapest places to live so they can save some money.

Whatever the reasons, we are not only going to consider the best places to live, but also throw in where you can get it cheap. The cost of living can be cheap without putting a dent in other things worth enjoying wherever you choose to be with your family.


The place is home to famous attractions and uninhabited lands. The views, sounds, and scenes can be very exciting and then we have oceans, mountains, and places you could have a moment alone or with your circles.

And if you are also interested in Wildlife, Canada is a country known to have them in abundance. If you ask around or look closely enough, you are going to find rare creatures such as whales, bears, moose, diverse bird types, and many more. The most likely places to find them are British Columbia and Ontario.

When someone who has ever visited or lived in Canada talks about his or his exploration, they are likely to talk about the beauty of the country and how polite they can be to people irrespective of where they hailed from. Canadians rarely get rid of their smiles which is enough to give anyone that they are up for chats.

Besides, there are several opportunities you can tap. Everyone has an opportunity to make something out of his or her life no matter where they decide to live. Although the standard of living is high in some places, you won’t even notice it as they are places with a booming economy and massive opportunities.

Canada is also known as a country whose one of its priorities is providing sound education. Several families have migrated their wards and children to the country for mainly educational purposes. Unlike most countries, primary and secondary school education is free and this is what gives them an edge over many others. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Report on Global Education (OECD), Canadians are among the most educated people in the world with an estimation of up to 51% college graduates.

As an immigrant, you do not need to lose your cultural heritage while living in the region. Cultures are something Canadians take seriously as they are committed to the values of multiculturalism. It also allows people to have dual citizenship, that is obtaining one while in the country does not translate to losing your place in your original home country.

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A foodie also does have a plethora of foods and drinks to try in Canada. Canadian dishes are always elegant and delicious. Beefy Salmon Jerky, Donair, BeaverTails, Chalet sauce, Lobster rolls, Montreal smoked meat, Poutine, and Butter tarts are among the food Canadian foods you will never forget in hurry.

Healthwise, Canada is known to be a country where good health is termed the right of everyone. A lot of effort and research over the years has placed the country as a place where you could get solid health care.

If all the reasons are enough to convince you, then it is about time you start making plans on how to change location.


1. Ottawa

Ottawa is the Capital of Canada and a perfect place to live if you are looking for a very safe haven and good quality of life. The location can be extremely cold and snowy, thereby making it one of those places where you could get good skating.

It is also a city that accepts all ethnic groups no matter the difference in culture. As an immigrant, you are sure to experience great comfort knowing that you could practice what you believe in without constantly being put down.

It is not a big town, but it provides most of the basic things that humans need including several job opportunities, functioning healthcare facilities, business support, and an almost crime-free zone.

On the education part, the place is the most educated when compared with other Cities. It is home to top citadels of learning, research, and cultural institutions including the University of Ottawa, National Gallery of Canada, and museums.

The downside to living in Ottawa is that it is not the place to get a night out life. Nonetheless, the foods are great and there are enough to go around for people looking to stock.

The best places to live in Canada

2. Quebec City

Quebec City has a great history having being formed in 1608. It was once the former capital of New France, and now the Capital of Quebec, Canada. This is an awesome place to be if you are looking to get all the fun, work, and live happily.

Cyclists adore the place as it has long bike trails that bike lovers could use including those who are yet to master the skill. Biking is a form of exercise and you are sure to get it every day since you are likely not to be experiencing gridlocks on the trails.

Tourists would have no problem feeding their eyes with several attractions and historical places like Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, Musée de la civilization, Montmorency Falls, and the Citadelle of Quebec.

Meanwhile, it would be worth knowing some little french or you could download a language learning app because the town is one of those places with huge french-speaking residents.

The best places to live in Canada

3. Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver is located in British Columbia and among the top places you could live and work in Canada. The city is the fifth most populous place in Canada and is known for its naturally beautiful view. It is a place you are likely going to get a solid view of nature alongside the regular rains, thick forests, and seawalls.

Tourists do visit regularly to enjoy what Vancouver offers while also taking beautiful pictures. And if you are the type that loves to swim, hike, or even surf, then you are not wrong if you decide to move to the place. As a tourist, you could relax on a ferry or just spin around while enjoying the gentle touch of the seas and nature.

It has a perfect mix of city and nature life making it easier for anyone to adjust. It is not tagged the World’s Greenest City for nothing, the eco-friendly area is a place family can be without losing touch with trends.

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Best place to live in canada

4. Toronto

Toronto is the capital of Ontario and also one of the most famous cities in the world. For most people looking to migrate to Canada, the place remains one of the cities they do tick and they are not wrong in that aspect.

Being a city known for its multicultural activities, it is considered to be the cultural HQ in Canada. And for the fact that it is a very large city, it may be very difficult to know the actual place to settle in. However, Leaside, Markham, Oakville, Vaughan, and Burlington are places where you can stay and have a life there. Beaches is another place you could consider if you are looking for a very busy place with lots of bars and restaurants.

Roncesvalles or High Park is where you could get the most affordable homes and properties. If that is not the place you are looking to get it, you could also try Burlington in Toronto. You are more likely to get a decent and very affordable offer than any other place within the same terrain.

the best places to live in canada

5. St. Albert, Alberta

The cool and beautiful environment sits on the City of Edmonton and is a place with deep history, naturally endowed, and culture. The place offers a platform for anyone to succeed while doing what they do best, whether as a business person, professional, or worker skilled in a particular craft.

The farmer’s market is an exciting place to visit especially on Saturday, it is estimated to have at least 16000 visitors on Saturday and it is a place where you can get fresh and good quality goods.

Fun seekers would surely love St. Alberta. Botanic Park is a lovely and serene environment for people. The beautiful garden and lovely atmosphere are enough to make you forget all your worries and concentrate on the moment. People that have been there before do talk about the effects it has on them and can be very exciting to have your family or friends exploring together.

Other awesome places you will love at St. Albert, Alberta are Musee Heritage Museum, Centennial Provincial Park, and Arden Theater. If you are lucky to experience the Blueberry Bluegrass Festival that normally holds for three days, this alone could change your thought especially after coming across the various activities such as outdoor films, mini zoo displays, music, and food trucks.

Best place to live in canada

6. Calgary, Alberta

When making a list of places in Canada where you can get high income, then Calgary in the beautiful region of Alberta should be making the list. Aside from that, it is also a place considered to be safe and have the cleanest environment.

The cost of living is high in Calgary but people can get great sources of income that resonate with it. There are lots of job opportunities and businesses you can do to make huge cash, you just need to look inward for what you can offer. You will also need to prepare a decent amount of cash for rent as it can be very expensive.

Calgary has a lot of cool spots where you can spend some quality time and also popular for the awesome Berta Beef. The cost of dining is decently okay, which is unexpected considering it is the 4th most expensive place to live in Canada.

Not a scary place to live no matter where the world you come from. Over the years, many immigrants have moved in and quickly settled in.

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places you can live in canada

7. Montréal

Montreal is yet another place where you could build a life and find several uninhabited islands. Despite the glaring fact that it is more of a french speaking community, there are still several English speakers moving into the place mostly for the comfort, opportunities, and the cheap housing system it offers.

The town is also a place to get all the fun as there are several exciting joints and spots you could go to for your dates, picnics, and family gets-together. Biking is also another interesting thing you could do from time to time as the region is known to have more bike paths than any other place in North American City.

Montreal is a really cold area. If you are not used to having it extremely cold, it will take a while before you get used to it. Being a place surrounded by waters, this is expected. If you are just visiting, especially from December to March, it is worth taking some cardigans to fight it off.

On the work part, there is a lot you could do to make money in the city. The crime rate has declined over the years which makes it one of the places to live in Canada without constantly watching your back.

the beautiful places to live in canada

8. Aurora, Ontario

It is not a bad choice if you are considering moving to Aurora, as it remains the place where the cost of living is so low despite the enormous wages. If you want to save more as an immigrant or otherwise, Aurora is one of the best places in Canada.

Aurora also has many multinationals, thereby giving people a chance to gainfully employed. Big companies you will find there include Loblaw Companies Limited, Canada Post, Bulk Barn Foods Limited, and even the great Amazon.

It may have a small number of people living within the territory, but the affordability makes it interesting especially for people who are still trying to find their feet in Canada.

the best place to live in canada

9. Stratford, Ontario

The beautiful Stratford located in Ontario has lots of attractions that could make anyone want to live here after a few walks around. Although it has massive success in areas of agriculture, and manufacturing, tourism seems to stand out. The flourishing arts, music, and many restaurants make it a place to be for visitors from around the world.

According to data shared by the Conference Board of Canada, it is said Stratford contributes to the economy by generating not less than $140 million and still not relenting in its efforts to bring more investors. Therefore, opportunities abound and you just need to find your path if you decide to stay.

The place is also a hub for history and culture. During the festival, you are going to experience actors role-playing the legendary Shakespeare. Another exciting thing you should not miss out on is the Stratford Summer Music which normally runs for 30 days.

Stratford is a very good place to live without the constant worry of crime and violence.

best places families can live in canada

10. Victoria, British Columbia

Victoria is not just a place worth visiting; immigrants, families, or anyone could also move in and have a good life there. The city is fondly called Garden City due to the pleasant climate that allows flowers to boom and spurt nicely.

It is a very wonderful city with several attractions including the renowned Beacon Hill Park and Royal BC Museum. It is a nice community that harbors friendly people. It is no surprise why it is declared the most charming city in Canada and also among the friendliest cities.

Not a big town, but has everything to offer to anyone who is looking for a simpler life yet a bit of fun. It is also one of those places you are going to find people from the United States.

Job opportunities are quite decent and anyone coming should be able to find something to do. Being a provincial capital of British Columbia, it will continue to be a place where concentration and focus will be on.

best place to live in canada

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