BEST Private Search Engines that Don't track you

15 BEST Private Search Engines that Don’t track you 2024

Even when some of us know that the private browsing feature on our browsers called incognito mode doesn’t really offer any form of privacy we still use them.

You might not want to be tracked and have made it clear on your browser via the settings that you don’t like being followed around by ads or information related to what websites one has recently visited.

But the problem with that is how often times these same types of adverts will pop up inside Facebook alongside Gmail messages!

In this instance, the next best thing to do is consider a privateoriented search engine that respects their users privacy. Private Search Engines offer an escape route from having everything stored about our steps taken while surfing onto them (or taking any kind ‘online action’).

Which search engine is right for you?

There are actually quite a number of them with features and methods to keep your searches safe. Most these days, they don’t look too great but their job isn’t about making things pretty – it’s giving people an easy way (and trusted source) in finding what matters most!

What is a Search engine and how do they work?

A search engine is a web application that allows people to search for information on the World Wide Web. They work by indexing websites and then storing the information on those websites in a database.

When someone enters a query (a question or keyword), the search engine will return a list of results that match the query.

Search engines use a variety of algorithms to rank the results, depending on the type of query.

The most popular algorithm is called PageRank, which assigns a score to each website based on how many other websites link to it. Other factors that may be used include the age of the website, the number of keywords in the website, and how often those keywords are used.

Why not Google Search Engine?

According to the industry estimates by Internet Live Stats, Google handles almost 3.5 billion searches a day on average and as such has become one of the most dominant players in search engine market share with over 1/7th (17%) being from its own products like Gmail or YouTube whereas other competitors see less than 10%.

These stats show how powerful this company really is – not just because it’s big but also due largely do tracking your online activity which gives them incredible potential data sets that can be used for advertising purposes among other things.

There are a few other search engines like Google that are not private. Yahoo and Bing are more mainstream options.

Why use a Private Search engine?

There are a number of reasons why someone might want to use a privacy-focused search engine. Some people may be concerned about their personal data being collected and tracked by search engines like Google.

Others may worry about the possibility of their search history being accessed by third parties such as employers or the government.

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Privacy-focused search engines such as DuckDuckGo do not track users or collect any personal information.

They also do not store user search histories, so there is no risk of this data being accessed by third parties. This makes them a good choice for people who are looking for greater privacy and security online.

How to Choose a genuine private search engine that respects users privacy?

how to choose a private search engine

Protecting your data is paramount. By leaving your data vulnerable, it can reveal important information such as social security numbers, bank information, and many more. With such data breach, it can be used to cause damages. Therefore, before choosing a private search engine, you might want to know whether the particular private search engine respects users’ privacy. If No, the risks involved.

Although there are search engines like Google that do collect data which is mostly to personalize your experiences, and provide better service.

However, before looking for a search engine that does not track you, there are few things you should know before choosing one. The first is ensuring that the search engine is open source and transparent. When the developer has nothing to hide, the codes will be visible to the public.

Another is making sure the search engine does not gather or keep your data. This means there are no tracking cookies nor other methods used to keep track of your browsing, sites you visited or collect your data.

BEST Private Search Engines for Browsing

If you are looking for an encrypted search engine that will keep your searches private and safe, then keep reading!

I have gone through many high quality anonymous engines to find which ones meet my needs as well as those of others who might be interested in this topic but don’t want their information accessible by anyone else on the internet .

Fortunately, there are several high-quality anonymous search engines available today that provide a variety of security measures and features to keep your investigated search phrases private.

The majority of these secure internet research engines do not have all that many bells and whistles. They do, however, provide a private and secure experience when searching for things online. Below are the best Private search engines that you should consider using today:


DuckDuckGo private search engine

DuckDuckGo is one of the most popular private secure search engines. You get a personalized search experience with this browser and search engine because it never records your searches while providing you more flexibility and control.

DuckDuckgo is increasingly getting popular by the day and by 2022 the search engine already pride itself to have over 80 million active users across the globe, a global search engine market share of 0.63%, an estimated net worth of $901 million and over 10 million downloads on Google Playstore.

is a search engine that is purposefully intended for those who enjoy being private and provides quick outcomes without tailored advertising on the search pages.



Swisscows private search engine provides an efficient, privacy-driven solution for your online searches. With a strict no-data tracking policy and no search history built up, Swisscows is perfect for individuals and families alike.

The search engine that respects your privacy and knows not to track you. You get great results because it’s powered by Yahoo.

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Swisscow does not control or bias any of the searches that are conducted on it. With Bing’s assistance and years of expertise in search technology, you are sure to get a close result for just about any search.

The best part about Swisscow is that it is family-friendly and safely filter off adult contents so children and anyone can use the search engine safely, sanely and securedly.


qwant search engine

Qwant is another search engine that respects its users privacy. It believes in the basic freedom of action for each individual to browse freely without fear of being tracked.

Qwant is the only private search engine that doesn’t track you or personalize your results with ads.

You can read the latest news and articles on Qwant without being disturbed by personalized ads.

Plus, Qwant offers maps as well as a search engine for juniors that’s great for kids between 6 and 12 years old – without tracking them!



Searx is a free, open source search engine that doesn’t track your searches or store personal information.

It’s easy to install and use on any computer (including mobile devices). Plus you can even get it hosted for yourself!

It offers secure connections with SSL encryption so users will always feel safe when using this site – no matter what their location may be in the world at large level-and comes without cookies by default which means better privacy protection too!.

If anonymity outside of Tor isn’t enough reason alone then there are plenty other features worth mentioning: Searx also makes vertical seach easier than ever before thanks to a built-in set of types and instructions for easily narrowing down results when searching from one or more websites.



Yippy was a metasearch engine that organized searches into clusters.

You can also eliminate any search result manually if required and mark any result as inappropriate using Yippy.

Unlike other search engines, Yippy can look up materials on the web in a wide range of categories, including web, news, pictures, government data, jobs, and blogs.

It doesn’t save your searches or display personalized advertisements. It does, however, allow users to see the cached pages in a similar manner to Google (in a good way).

It uses smart crawlers, robust API and comprehensive connector framework to connect all of your documents and data sources.

Create a visual presentation of data that allows the user to access critical information in an organized and easy-to-understand manner.



Looking for a search engine that respects your privacy? Look no further than Mojeek. With billions of indexed pages and an advanced search technology.

Mojeek gives you the most unbiased and independent search results out there. Plus, your searches are never tracked – so you can search with peace of mind.


WolframAlpha search

WolframAlpha is a very useful and incredible search engine that can be used to get answers or understanding on wide range of topics such as mathematics, science, personal finance, physics, society, life and more. It is really a great discovery especially for students and seekers of knowledge.

The search engine can be used by almost anyone. It answers various issues perfectly and also offer dynamic solutions even for the most difficult problems. This is made possible by over 30 years of work by the team.

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I love this search engine for it’s very clean search interface. A fast-growing private search browser that works systemically to provide it’s users dynamic search results without tracking or recording their activities in any form.

It protects you from websites by redirecting your IP address or location through a proxy server. It is available on almost all type of browsers.

Disconnect Search

Disconnect Search

Disconnect Search is the best way to search privately and securely. It uses content search assistance from major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, but never tracks your online searches or activities.

You can surf by location to get location specific relevant results based on the location of your choice.

Disconnect Search clearly informs about the tools that which are protected and unprotected, letting you choose which to use.


lukol search engine

Lukol is the perfect private search engine for those who want to keep their searches confidential.

It uses a proxy server to deliver customized search results from Google while protecting your privacy by removing traceable entities. With Lukol, you can be sure that you’re safe from online fraudsters and spammers.



MetaGer protects your privacy by making confidential, untraceable searches that leave no footprints. It also integrates a proxy server so that you can open any link anonymously from the search result pages, and keep your IP address hidden from the destination server.

MetaGer never tracks your keywords, preventing third parties or advertisers from targeting you for ads or malicious attacks. Its default language is German, but it can be easily changed to English.



Gigablast is the perfect private search engine for those who want to keep their web browsing and searching habits hidden from marketers and spammers.

Without monitoring your online searches or surfing history, the Gigablast indexes hundreds of billions of web pages and offers real-time information.

With Gigablast, you can customize your searches to meet your specific needs, and rest assured that your information remains confidential.


Peekier search engine

Peekier is the new search engine that protects your privacy while providing you with quality results. With Bing as its main source, Peekier offers a true alternative to Google. The search keywords are not saved and aggregated into a history, so you can feel confident that your searches will remain private.

Peekier wants to give you a heads-up before accessing any website that could contain the information you’re looking for. You can save time by checking out their preview and then going direct if needed!


oscobo search engine

Oscobo is the perfect private search engine for those who care about their privacy. Unlike other search engines that track your data and sell it to third parties, Oscobo does not store or track any user data. It’s also a great choice for those who want to keep their searches confidential – Oscobo doesn’t let any third party hack or misuse users’ data.



Gibiru- the best uncensored search engine on the market. Gibiru is faster than any other private search engine because it uses Google Custom Search.

It does, however, get rid of all Google tracking methods. It also includes a free Firefox/Chrome search bar that can be used to conduct safe searches online.


yacy search

YaCy is unlike most search engines. Instead of running its operations on a central server, it makes use of peer to peer network to deliver services to users.

The program is accessible for Windows, Linux, and maKarlsruhe Karlsruf Institute of Technology and the SUMA eV are offering support for this project.

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