Best Social Media Platforms To Make Money

10 Best Social Media Platforms To Make Money

Usage of social media programs has skyrocketed over the past decade resulting in higher revenue generation for the owners of the platforms. Users from around the world often engage on various topics of discussion or create engaging content on their feeds for their followers.

It is easy to create content on diverse social media platforms but most people are oblivious to the fact that they can also make money while having fun or unwinding on their favorite social media platform. We’ve carefully selected 10 of the best social media platforms for anyone to make money while still enjoying what they do best online.

Despite the fact that you are no stranger to any of these social media platforms, there is still much you may not know. Social media is more than just meeting random people. For instance, Billions of people generate thousands of dollars monthly just by creating online content.

Making money off these social media platforms does not require you to have millions of followers like a celebrity before you start earning, and this publication will explain how you can enjoy the benefits that come with using apps like Facebook, Twitter, Til Tok, etc.

10 Best Social Media Platforms To Make Money

  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
  • Spotify Live
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Clubhouse
  • Twitter

1. Instagram

There are numerous ways to earn money on the Instagram social media platform, but most people tend to use the app to unwind or stay updated with what’s happening around the world.

My friend Amy was guilty of using the app to keep up with her favorite celebrities while she tries to maintain a low profile sometimes. She was shocked to discover that people earn thousands of dollars just by doing the same thing she does on Instagram.

The app allows people to generate money through ads placed on their IGTV reels, or when brands or businesses partner with them for promotional purposes. Another mode of earning through the Instagram app can be made possible if your followers choose to voluntarily donate funds to you through badges, and this is only possible if you post contents that appeal to their emotions.

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2. LinkedIn

This social media platform is majorly used by businesses that are seeking to reach prospects and exhibit their goods and services. The platform supports people with low or zero budgets who are trying to network or connect with people within their demographics or internationally.

Aside from using the platform for marketing purposes, users can also generate income through the app. Freelancers and businesses stand a chance of meeting prospects and earning money through the website, and anybody can make money on the app as long as they have something to offer.

3. TikTok

This social media platform has only been around for less than a decade and has recorded immense growth when compared with historical social media programs like Facebook by Meta.

One of the few things that made the app famous was the ease that comes with monetizing content creator accounts, & this attracted billions of skit makers, motivational speakers, news bloggers, and more to the app. Celebrities are not left out with earning an income on this app, but that does not imply that you need millions of followers before you can start earning on the app.

However, the app restricts a few people from earning on the app such as people with less than a 10,000 fanbase, people who live in unsupported countries such as China, and people who have low views on their profile page.

If you happen to fall under the categories of people who are limited from earning on the app, you can invite brands and businesses to advertise on your page for a small fee.

4. Snapchat

This social media platform is popular for showing dance videos of celebrities and other users. It is highly rated for featuring a photo and video editor but most people do not realize that the app holds a record of paying nothing less than $7 million per week.

You can also be a part of the app revenue system by taking part in the spotlight revenue program; a system that pays the likes of content creators for showcasing media to their fanbase. However, content that goes against the set standards on the app will be deemed ineligible for payments.

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5 Pinterest

Next on the list is a platform that allows artists, graphic designers, businesses, and private individuals to showcase what they offer through the aid of images for free. The app or website is well known amongst people who use search engine websites such as Google since it always pops up on the platform.

It has been used by various brands with little or high advertising budgets. Businesses or individuals can further generate money while exhibiting what they offer on the social media platform. It is one of the fastest ways to make money online because the site is highly ranked on Google’s search engine.

6. Spotify Live

The majority of Spotify users dwell on using the app to listen to their favorite celebrity music or podcasts. Although the app was designed for streaming purposes, you can also make money with ease.

The app is not only available in the United States, but also in countries that Spotify supports. It also does not support copyright infringements which means it’ll be difficult for you to post contents that are not yours on the Spotify forum. People who can make money on this platform are musical artists and broadcasters with a substantial fanbase.

7. YouTube

Another social media program that lets users earn money online is YouTube where users have access to myriads of videos. The app recently integrates image sharing on its platforms but still prioritizes the promotion of videos.

Vloggers or content creators on this platform earn thousands of dollars monthly through the Google Adsense program, sponsored posts, affiliated sales, etc. All that’s required is for you to have a good number of subscribers on your channel who are actively involved in watching your videos, and you are a step away from earning high income monthly.

8. Facebook

Facebook stands out amongst other social media platforms that offer revenue generation for users because the app keeps unlocking various programs that are beneficial to the users.

One of the quickest ways of making money on the app is by having a reasonable number of followers on any of your pages, and you can earn money from multiple pages with one account. If you’re the type who manages more than one page, you stand the chance of earning money on each of them as long as they meet the app standards.

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Other ways of making money on the app are through sponsorship deals, buying and selling through the Facebook marketplace, starting a crowdfunding campaign for a cause, redirecting your friends and followers to your landing pages, etc.

9. Clubhouse

The app recently gained limelight during the covid 19 pandemic, although it is still not as well-known as other social media platforms such as Twitter. Content creators stand a chance of getting paid, and the fact that it’s not popular puts you at a higher advantage in using the app to make money easily.

It features the use of audio messages to interact with local and international users, and people make money through voluntary donations made by individuals and businesses on the app, users are rest assured about getting their full payment without any deductions from the app.

10. Twitter

75% of Twitter users are not aware of the fact that the app offers a source of income for content creators, journalists, Influencers, and more just for using the app. This is made possible through a program known as ‘Twitter Tip Jar’ where the users get to solicit voluntary funds from their fans.

This does not imply that you are going to engage yourself in online begging before you can earn, because people may choose to willingly tip you if they like your content, and you can get paid via credible payment platforms like the Cash app.

Other ways to make money on twitter include sponsored tweet, promote affiliate products and brands products, run giveaways, and more.


In conclusion, people who are looking to generate income from the comfort of their homes should consider using the social media platforms highlighted in this publication, each of them has its benefits.

I will recommend that you consider a platform like Pinterest since it’s a social media platform that attracts the majority of its visitors from the Google search engine.

You may choose to begin your journey in monetizing any of your social media accounts by posting content that appeals to your followers and maintaining the trend of posting relevant content.

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