Best Spy Apps For Android With No Access To Target Phone

10 Best Spy Apps For Android With No Access To Target Phone

In the present-day world, people may feel the need to spy on other people in order to satisfy their curiosity or for security reasons. Some employers may also desire to keep track of their employee’s daily activities during work hours in order to know how dedicated they are to their job.

If you find yourself amongst the above categories of people wanting to spy on other people for reasons best known to you, then you should consider taking a look at the 10 best spy apps for Android devices that work without you having access to your target phone in this publication.

These 10 apps will be discussed in this publication with their features. However, you should only use these apps for important purposes since the invasion of privacy is considered offensive in the face of society and the law.

Truth About Spying Apps

  • 75% of Smartphone users are not aware that some apps on their phones have monitoring features.
  • There are apps designed to track your daily activities on your smartphone.
  • Some apps take advantage of your data and in turn, outsource it to market research companies.
  • You don’t see specific ads on social media and search engine programs by mistake, but based on data extracted from your phone.
  • You can monitor people’s activities on their smartphones even when they are not in the same geographical location as you, and these apps are undetectable.

How to Spy on a Phone?

The process of spying on people’s devices involves selecting a spying app > signing up & logging in to the app > filling in the necessary information about your phone & your target phone > disable play protect on your target phone> next step is to download the app on your target phone & apply the same configuration processes >check back after a minimum of two hours to spy on all of their phone activities.

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10 Best Spy Apps For Android With No Access To Target Phone

  • Clevguard
  • iKeyMonitor
  • Google Family Link
  • Hoverwatch
  • EyeZy 
  • Family Locator 
  • FlexiSPY 
  • Spyera 
  • UMobix
  • mLite 

Clevguard – $16.99/Month

This spying app is targeted at parents looking to gain insight into their kid’s smartphone or laptop devices. It allows parents to know when their children have started digressing from the moral standards instilled in them since they can keep track of their storage devices remotely.

Additional features include the ability to take screenshots of files you see on their phone for reference purposes. You can also keep track of how your children move from one place to another even without being physically present with them.

The only downside of this app is that users can not use the app to keep track of multiple devices simultaneously. However, the app has a great customer support team and lets you spy on your target phone without stress.

iKeyMonitor –$16.99/Month

This tracking, and spying app can be installed on all mobile devices, and it performs multipurpose functions such as being able to screenshot files. This can be very helpful when you are trying to confront your target about what you had seen on their phone, a screenshot serves as better proof even if they had deleted the bad file from their phone.

The app helps you gain insight into all your target activities and will remain untraceable on their device. The downside of using this app is that you are not allowed to view your target saved bookmarks in order to know their favorite websites, but you can always check their browser history when needed.

Google Family Link –$0 (Free)

This app is dedicated to parents looking to keep tabs on their child activities on their mobile phones. This app eliminates the risk of downloading apps with bugs or malware since it’s Google’s product, and it allows parents to protect their kids against harmful things online.

It further allows parents to plan their children’s daily schedules. For example, Annabel from the USA says she uses the Google family link to monitor her kid’s screen time and knows when to tell them to go do other things such as read a book or go play outdoors.

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The app has helped several parents find their child lost phone, and activate parental control, it also enables users to interact with their target seamlessly.

Hoverwatch – $24.99/Month

This app offers distinctive features when compared with other spying apps since it allows users to spy on multiple devices simultaneously. It gives users access to see through their target camera, listen to their voice calls, check call and SMS history, etc.

Users can also keep a close watch on their target social media activities making it easy to know who they are making friends with, and the things they do in secret. This may help expose kids that are being exposed to content or people that may want to demoralize them.

EyeZy –$14.99/Month

This app stands out amongst other spying apps because of its simplicity in helping you monitor your target activities. It is highly recommended for parents or spouses looking to discover any hidden fact. You can access your target social media feeds, and see who they follow on social media, and who they send messages to every day.

It works on every smartphone device out there, and it allows you to control diverse things on your target phone. Sarah, a user of the Eyezy app, says she loves how the app gives her full control of her target phone making it feel like it’s her phone.

Family Locator –$39.99/Month

This app was designed to help build family bonds because it integrates features of diverse social media programs, and it enables users to know each family member’s location. This means the app will always inform each family member about where to find each other, and they can always use their chat feature to give a better description of where they are.

It has helped build more trust, and bond with couples, and has also helped parents locate their kids easily in dangerous situations or unforeseen hazards. For example, Kurt Cobain says the app helped him locate his kid during a gang gunfire report in his kid’s school environment. The app also helped reduce the risk of missing children to a minimum.

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FlexiSPY – $68/Month

This app is designed for people looking to implant a hidden software program into their target phone in order to monitor all their activities, its usage is not restricted to Android devices but also works on computer and iOS devices.

The downside of using this app is that users only get to enjoy less than 24 hours of free trial; meanwhile, 24 hours is not enough to make purchasing decisions about an app. It functions effectively in getting into your target media files, their private messages, and many more.

Spyera – $69/Month

This app provides real-life tracking of your target devices where you can see where they go, and what they do on their mobile phones. It also helps employers keep a close eye on their employees’ daily activities during work hours in order to promote efficiency.

You can also restrict your target users from accessing specific websites without your consent. For example, employers can prevent employees from accessing their personal social media accounts during work hours, or block their kids from accessing websites above their age range.

UMobix –$49.99/Month

Next on the list is a top choice in the United States because it gives users unlimited access to all apps on target devices such as their text messaging apps, photo editing apps, contacts, social media, voice recordings, and many more.

These features can help you know a family member, employee, or neighbor’s true personality. Mike a user of this app, commended the Umobix app for helping him reveal an indecent relationship between his daughter and their neighbour. The app has also helped several people discover cheating spouses, unserious work personnel, and many others.

mLite – $15/Month

This app was designed for people who are within proximity such as family members, neighbors, etc. Users can view their target call history, SMS, and other messaging apps such as WhatsApp Messenger, limit internet usage, check the target’s location, and remotely modify settings on their phones.

The app has an excellent support team that is always ready to listen to your inquiries about spying on your target phone, manage pricing, etc. Although the app’s basic and premium versions are not free to use, users can take advantage of the app’s refund policy targeted at unsatisfied customers.

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