Best Stress Management Apps For Android

7 Best Stress Management Apps For Android

7 of the best stress management apps available for Android devices in 2023 are The Mindfulness App, Worry Tree, Calm, Relax And Sleep Well Hypnosis, Happify, Wysa: Anxiety Therapy Chatbot, and Breath Ball Stress Relief.

Stress management apps are virtual tools integrated into software programs to help users achieve an optimum state of mind and relaxation.

The term “Stress” is often caused by a lack of relaxation or a state of imbalance in the human mind. You can’t relax or function effectively if you’re stressed in your body system, and it often leads to depression, anxiety, insomnia, low productivity, insomnia, high blood pressure, and many more.

Getting to manage your stress level can be achieved by constantly visiting a therapist but the time factor may limit people from visiting their therapist or counselor regularly. That explains why diverse stress management apps have been designed to meet the same purpose of meeting with a therapist, and what makes this a better option is that you can go everywhere with your Android device.

You can get therapeutic solutions without having to visit your therapist for counseling and guidance on how to manage stress. We will be examining 7 of the best apps that you can use on the go to manage your stress and increase your productivity.

7 Best Stress Management Apps For Android

The Mindfulness App

This therapeutic app builds you to be self-reliant when it comes to maintaining a stable state of mind. It focuses on the use of meditation to keep users in a serene state of mind, and people who use this app are provided with the right courses that will help them achieve this even if they are strangers to meditation.

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Aside from guiding you on how to maintain a stable mind, the app also allows you to keep track of your daily progress. You can use the app for free but the premium version gives you access to unlimited courses and tutors who will help guide you to the right path when letting go of stress.



Just as the name implies, the app is designed to help keep you in a serene state every day. You no longer have to go on with your daily activities while you are troubled by multiple thoughts in your head.

The app further leads you on a meditation journey that’ll help calm your mind. In addition, it’ll guide you on simple exercises that will keep you relaxed after a stressful day or an unforeseen circumstance. This means you can also use the app to stay fit by constantly setting reminders for whenever you want to have those simple exercises, and you can control your limit for the day or week.

Relax And Sleep Well Hypnosis

The human body needs a minimum of 5 hours of sleep for the brain to function effectively but most people are a victim of insomnia due to worrying about one thing or the other. The developers of this app understand the journey to eliminating stress often starts with getting good sleep, and that explains why this app was introduced.

Because a fraction of the world population often has trouble getting enough sleep, this help will help mend your broken mind that may have been caused by heartbreak, depression, fears, and more. The app features a hypnotherapy session that’ll take your subconscious mind on a journey to discovering how to find your serene state.

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We’ve ascertained that stress can cause unhappiness and may further lead to depression. This is why the developers of the Happify app introduced a solution to help eliminate sadness from user’s life. It features user-friendly games to keep you lively whenever you’re feeling down and diverse courses on meditation.

If you or happen to know someone feeling unhappy because of a particular situation or series of occurrences, you can apply this app to introduce happiness and letting go of stress. This will help you scale through stress and further help eliminate all forms of depression that may come as a result of being unhappy.

Wysa: Anxiety Therapy Chatbot

Next on the list offers exclusive features compared with other stress-relieving apps in this publication as it integrates the use of Artificial intelligence to help you relieve stress. It offers quick results and is also a great alternative to visiting a therapist for guidance and has helped several users fast-track their journey to serenity.

You can have your virtual therapist or friend to whom you can express your feelings such as how your day went, and your worries, and a chat buddy. All of these come through an encrypted AI chatbot, so you need not worry about your private messages getting exposed to a third party.

Worry Tree

Worrying too much about situations in your everyday life can cause a person to be stressed. It can also make a person anxious about future occurrences, which explains why this app exists to help users let go of any state of unrest.

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It helps you manage and plan your day while also preparing your mind for both positive and negative outcomes. The app aims to build you to be self-reliant and help other people who are stressed overcome the state of unrest with the aid of this app.

Breath Ball Stress Relief

This app features virtual tools that’ll help users breathe better thereby achieving a relaxed mind. People who are anxious depressed, anxious, or stressed often breathe differently when compared with a person who breathes normally.

You can practice the breathing techniques offered by this app in your free time to let go of emotional pains, anxiety, and many more. You only need to dedicate at least 10 minutes of your time to applying the techniques you learned in this app while using the background music as an added advantage to achieving a serene state of mind.

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