How to block a Program from accessing the internet on Windows Firewall

How to block a Program from accessing the internet on Windows Firewall

A firewall can do much aside from preventing your computer from various security risks including malware. It can also be used to prevent applications like Corel draw, adobe photoshops, and Microsoft office from accessing the internet.

It remains a very important tool to keep running on your PC as it helps with shielding your software or computer by carefully looking through the incoming and outgoing traffic. It works by dusting out potentially dangerous traffic.

By using an outbound rule on Firewall, you will be able to keep your application or software from the internet. Almost every app can be blocked and unblocked from connecting, but we will be using Corel Draw to take you through the process.

Why you may want to block your App or Software from the Internet

There are several instances why anyone will want to set a rule that prevents a particular program from the Internet. Among the reasons, the common one is due to unending updates from the developers. Although these updates are made to ensure improvements or provide a fix for glitches which may not even affect its basic usage for most users.

Another is when you are running cracked software on your Computer and when connected to the internet, it may invalidate the software which then calls for the need to cut it off from the internet.

Another reason why you may need to prevent internet access is when you are not totally in support of your children or ward connecting to the multiplayer mode on a game. This is to prevent security issues such as data breaches, DDoS attacks, spyware, malware, etc which might also occur as a result of connecting to an online game.

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Your app or game might also be using a big chunk of your data. This might also induce you to temporarily disconnect it from online until later. Whatever your reason for this, this tutorial will guide you on how you can easily block access without breaking a sweat.

How to prevent an application from accessing the Internet

Windows defender firewall does a good job of totally disconnecting your app or game from the internet. This can be achieved on any computer running windows. However, we will be carrying out this guide on Windows 11. To get started, the major starting point is your windows firewall. Follow the below guide >

Step 1: On your PC, go to the Windows “Start” button.

Step 2: Enter “Windows Firewall” into the Search field and click on the result to access the tool. If you are using a lower version of the OS, you should click “Advanced Settings”

Step 3: In the left navigation pane under Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security on Local Computer, locate “Outbound Rules” and access it by tapping the link.

Step 4: Click “New Rule” located at the top right pane.

Step 6: The next step is selecting the type of rule you want to create. Since you want to block a program from using your data plan, you are to select “Program” from the list and click “Next”

Step 7: On the Program page, go to the “This program path:” option, and browse for the .exe file of the program or app you want to disconnect from the internet. Once found, click ‘Next”

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It is very important to locate you get this location. Once you miss it, it will not work. After clicking “Browse”, you to find the EXE file of the app you want to stop from the internet. The .exe file means an executable file and is used to install or run software on a Computer. To get the .exe file, you can find it in Program files under Local Disk (C:). Be sure you select the correct .exe file of the program.

Step 8: Select the “Block the connection” option and tap the “Next” Button

Step 8: You are to specify the Profiles for which the rule should be applied. Normally, you are to select all profiles. After, click Next.

Step 9: Lastly, On this Action page of the ongoing wizard, you will need to provide a name for identification purposes. For instance, you may want to modify or delete it later. If you are blocking an internet collection on Corel draw 19, you can specify it as “Corel draw 19 blocked”. You can also give it a description, although it is unnecessary. Once done, tap “Finish” to execute the rule.

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