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Brightspace Purdue: How to make use of Purdue University LMS

Purdue University has adopted Brightspace’s Learning Management System (LMS). The move to D2L Brightspace from Blackboard Learn was influenced by the need to create a better platform for Students as well as make the task less stressful for Employees.

After a thorough review that encompasses about 1200 Faculties, Staff, and Students of Purdue University, then came the birth of Brightspace by D2L. Since the migration, one could attest to the fact that activities have been better which has led to greater productivity among Students, and Teachers.

Even if you are an outsider, but have one eye fixed on Desire2learn Brightspace, you won’t deny the massive positive effect that the LMS is having on Students. Specialists are now taking a deep interest in the program. Therefore, it was a right call for Purdue University to switch to this LMS as they continue to take advantage of the massive benefits provided by technology.

This article will provide the guide to LMS used by the institution, Purdue University, and other important details surrounding the management system.

What is Brightspace Purdue?

Brightspace Purdue is the name for the LMS used by the Employees and Students of Purdue University. The implementation of the Brightspace LMS can hugely benefit both the Students as well as Teachers.

For the Teachers, this can ensure they have more control and freedom. They can connect to the Students better, thereby leading to higher engagement. For instance, a teacher with a lower-pitched voice may be unable to successfully deliver to a large number of students in the class at one go. The online management system provides a way out.

The LMS used by Purdue University is meant to improve the learning atmosphere and we will be highlighting some of the advantages that can be derived from D2L Brightspace.

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Benefits of Brightspace Purdue for Teachers

1. It makes jobs easier for the Teachers in many ways.

Teachers are able to create content that Students will be able to make use of over and over. In the classroom, not many students can understand what is being taught at once, so there may be a need for the teacher to repeat or try to explain again. The introduction of LMS has ensured that Students can go back to videos or any uploads to get a better understanding.

2. It deepens Teacher to student relationship

Every teacher will want to have a very deep relationship with their students and one of the ways to make that happen is by making use of the Brightspace Purdue. This can be used to carry out classwork, instruct students, and do other series of things to improve learning.

3. Access to parents

Of course, Parents are also not left behind on Brightspace as Teachers can have a direct connection to the Parent when needed. Most students never deliver messages sent to their parents and this can be very frustrating especially when it is very important. The online platform could bridge such a gap.

4. Reach every student

Every teacher who has ever engaged Students in the classroom will understand how difficult it is to manage the class. Brightspace Purdue can help the teacher to provide a better way of helping students. Advanced content can be added to the system which they can use at any time.

Advantages of Brightspace Purdue to Students

1. Learning becomes easy and fun for Students

There is nothing uplifting for students than knowing they are in control of their activities. This is what they can get from Brightspace Purdue as it allows them to study at their own pace instead of being overwhelmed.

2. Increased communication

Not many students have the confidence to go one on one with people in a physical atmosphere, the provision of a Learning Management System (LMS) will therefore enhance communication between the Teacher and Students. It also allows for discussion and exchanging of opinions among various topics that are poised to lead to increased learning.

3. Information are in one place

One of the benefits of Brightspace Purdue is the provision of a one-stop shop for various resources that Students can make use of. All information is centralized and thereby helping students to quickly access any resource or information right there without the need to engage another platform.

4. It offers students freedom

The introduction of Brightspace Purdue will ensure that students can access resources or information online and from anywhere. They are no longer bound by the need to meet their tutors one on one every time since the LMS has support for Smartphones which young people are known to carry about.

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How to log in to Purdue University Brightspace

1. Go to from your desktop or mobile browser.

2. Choose your Campus from the options – Purdue Northwest, Purdue West Lafayette, Purdue Global, and Purdue Fort Wayne.

3. Provide your Username and Password.

4. Tap ‘Login’ to access Purdue Brightspace.

How to use Brightspace Purdue

There are several activities you carry out on Brightspace Purdue as a Student, they include checking your courses, viewing and submitting your assignment, joining a discussion, taking a quiz, and many more.

The first thing you need to learn is how to navigate the Brightspace Purdue learning environment and other things will follow. Once figured out, you need no technical knowledge on how to use Purdue University. Still, we need to help.

A very important tool is the minibar. The minibar allows you to navigate within the LMS environment.

First on the list is My home icon which when clicked will allow you to return to Purdue University’s homepage at any time. This could be very useful when there is a need to go back to where it all started after finding yourself in unfamiliar pages when there is a need to go back to a different page.

The next icon is the Course selector. The selector can be used to access or view the courses offered at Purdue University. When clicked, you will see a preview of the courses.

There are three more icons on the minibar. They are message alert icon, update alert icon, and then the subscription alert with all carrying out important roles.

The message alert will prompt you about unread messages, the update icon alerts students about updated and new announcements, grades, and due and end dates about activities while the subscription icon notifies students about new posts, forums, topics, and more.

At the end is your name along with your profile picture which when clicked will display your Personal Menu. From the options, you can log out, check your profile, account setting and more.

How to submit an assignment on Brightspace Purdue

To avoid missing the timing, you should be interested in the due and end date of submission of Assignment. The Brightspace Purdue allows Learners to submit their assignments online and below are the steps to follow:

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1. Go to the navigation on the Brightspace Purdue after login.

2. Next, tap the assignment you want to submit to your Teacher.

3. Depending on the nature of the assignment, you will be able to attach files like documents, record, or type your assignment directly.

4. Follow the online instructions to submit your assignment on Brightspace Purdue.

Discussion on Brightspace Purdue

There are two ways about it when it comes to discussion on Brightspace Purdue, one is creating a discussion thread and how to reply to a discussion. Follow the below guides:

How to create a discussion thread

1. Find ‘Discussions’ on the NavBar and click on it.

2. Choose the Topic you want to create a discussion on and tap Start a New Thread.

3. Enter a subject and post.

4. The next step is setting up the posting options. Go through each of them and make decisions as you deem fit.

5. Tap ‘Post’

How to reply to a Discussion

1. To reply or join a discussion going on D2L Brightspace Purdue, simply go to the Discussions tab on the Navigation bar.

2. Find the discussion thread you want to join and click Reply to Thread or Reply. Reply is for a message sent to a particular post while reply to thread is for the main conversation.

3. Enter your message and then proceed to make adjustments to the discussion options as you want. For instance, you can decide to appear as an Anonymous, attach files, and more.

4. Once satisfied, tap Post to have your comment delivered.

Assignments on Brightspace Purdue

Another benefit of the LMS provided by Brightspace is being able to submit your assignment as well as deleting them if you wish. We have the guides for you as well.

How to submit Assignment

1. After logging in to your Brightspace Purdue, Go to Assignments on the main page and then tap the specific assignment you want to submit.

2. Read the instructions provided and carry out as instructed. The options are Text Submission, Add a File, Record, and Audio.

3. Next, click Submit

How to delete an Assignments after submission

There is no way to delete an assignment once submitted. However, you can resubmit another, but you will still need to contact your Lecturer for them to know you are replacing the former.

Grades on Brightspace Purdue

Students can check their assignments and test grades on the LMS. Students might also be able to comment and also check the overall performance of the class depending on how it is set up by the instructor. Once the grades have been updated, you will get a notification if you have already set up a contact method.

Set up your notification by following the steps below:

  • Go to Mini Bar and click the Personal menu.
  • Select your notification type, email, or SMS and tap Save.

How to take a quiz on Brightspace Purdue

1. Visit Quizzes from the Navigation bar.

2. Scroll through the list of available quizzes and select the one you want to partake in.

3. Go through the instructions and tap Start Quiz when ready.

4. Navigate between each question by tapping Previous Page and Next Page.

5. When done, you can click Submit Quiz.

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