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How To Start Bumble Free Trial

If you are considering a platform that can help you build connections with the right people – whether for new friends, for healthy and productive relationships, or to step up your career – then it might be just perfect to join Bumble. With your busy life, you’ll find this app a helpful resource. But while it is not absolutely free to users, you can discover how to start a Bumble free trial below, and get started.

The platform flaunts the platform as a movement, and not just an app, to encourage equality, integrity, confidence, respect, and kindness in all levels of online and offline relationships. It is positioned to help users gain and sustain healthy connections.

One fascinating thing about this platform is how equality is encouraged in relationships with a bold digress from the power dynamics of the archaic pattern. When Bumble members who are of the opposite sex match, the lady is often required to take the first step.

New members are welcome with 7 days free trial before they will be required to subscribe for the enterprise plan. In addition, no refund is available for any form of subscription you do. So, if you decide to cancel your Bumble subscription, then you must do that before the end of the billing cycle.

How To Start Bumble Free Trial

Upon signing up on Bumble, you’ll need to register your personal information.

1. To get started, visit the Bumble website at Bumble.com. If you are on a smartphone, tap GET BUMBLE.

2. At the homepage, you’ll see a rectangular box positioned at the center, tagged “Make the First Move”, with the ‘Join’ and ‘Sign in’ tabs attached below.

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3. If you select either of the tabs, you’ll be directed to the signup page where you can either get started with either Apple, Facebook, or your phone number. Once you have selected your desired option, then continue.

4. You’ll be sent a code if you used your phone number to verify your true ownership of the phone number. Input the code in the provided box, and then choose your password.

5. Next, provide answers to the questions, and go ahead to upload 6 photos of you, that should be your shots. After doing this, click continue.

6. You will need to provide access to your authentic location so that people around you can be matched up with you. Then, go ahead to either choose a Bumble date or Bumble BFF.

7. Once you have decided what you want, your registration process has been fully completed, and your 7 days Bumble free trial period commences.

For the 7 days Bumble free trial period, you’ll be given access to the full Bumble features for those days after which you’ll be required to subscribe for a plan.

How to Become a Bumble Premium Member?

After the expiration of your 7-days free trial, you’ll be required to choose one of their subscription plans. The location you provide will determine how much you’ll be charged. And your choice of Bumble plan will also determine the cost and features of your upgrade.

While Bumble says that you can continue using Bumble for free in the Basic plan, you’ll however be limited on the features that will be available to you. They have two major premium features to choose from – Bumble boost and Bumble Premium.

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You can also pick from two extra features such as Spotlight and SuperSwipe. With the premium accounts, SuperSwipe and Spotlight will need to be renewed every week. So, if you activate a plan on Monday, you’ll be required to reactivate the following Monday. Hence, if you do not make use of the features when active, they’ll be gone and you’ll need to reactivate them.

The Bumble Boost can be subscribed weekly ($5.99), monthly ($9.99), and every three ($19.99) or six months ($33.99). The Bumble Premium has weekly subscriptions ($12.99, monthly ($22.99), quarterly ($46.99), and Lifetime subscriptions ($139.99).

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