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C24 loan | Need quick cash? Get up to 5m

What is C24? Let us skip the part for now and how about we discuss the myths surrounding loans? It is something that always placed on the negative side of things.

Whenever the issue of loan is raised, people look at it with spite in their eyes. It is understandable when we look at the damaging effects borrowing could have on borrowers. The question is what powers do one have when tightened to a corner?

Will you allow a business you have nurtured for years to go down easily or let the neighbours keep asking why your wards are not in school? How about the landlord who refuses to go away because of your inability to pay for your house rent as at when due?

Do you crumble at the thought of that or let C24 take care of it for you? C24 loan is not different from the most loans out there but prides themselves as an umbrella during the raining moments.

Therefore, who or what is C24?

C24 is a fintech company which provides temporary cash for consumers in need of an emergency loan.
C24 loan can be assessed from anywhere and anytime on any internet supported device within Lagos.

When a fintech is being mentioned alongside an institution, know that they are operating on the highest form of professionalism which is aided by advanced technology. Fintech has been around for a while, a lot of institutions have brought into it, it has no doubt change the ways banks and other financial institution work.

I can understand deep down you are asking why I am trying to dress up C24 loan. It is becoming usual for me to put it down to you the way you will understand better and all that surrounds it.

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Lets quickly go into all you should know about C24 including how to apply for C24 loan…

Loan products available on C24How to apply for c24 loan

There is about 3 available loan product on C24 which they are personal loan, business loan and quick cash loan but we will focus on two.

Personal loan

Personal loan can be the best thing to do if you ever find yourself in a challenging position. Banks and other loan providers do give out loan with no collateral to people that have excellent credit.

For personal loan, banks have no business to know what you are using the money for. There are lots of finance companies that grant this type of loans like renmoney, paylater loan app, and branch loan. C24 is not left behind, and pretty much does the same as the rest of them but not without some conditions to be fulfilled.

Requirements to apply for a personal loan on C24

  • You must be in paid employment.
  • Applicants must be 22 years and above.
  • Employment letter and one recent passport.
  • Bank statement of last 6 months connected to your work.
  • Like every financial institution, good credit history is important to get a loan.
  • Staff ID card pension statement or tax ID.
  • Utility bill; PHCN, Rent agreement, LAWMA, and water bill are accepted.
  • Valid proof of ID (any government-issued ID card are accepted)
  • Direct debit mandated and post-dated cheques.
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Business loan

The loan could be for a startup or to expand your business; as expected, not everyone will be on paid employment. We can not deny the several benefits that business or side hustle have over paid employment. Aside from escaping the monotony of working in an organization, what more can be better than having your own free will? You set your own rules and make your own timetable.

Unfortunately, all businesses will at one point face unpleasant situations and there are expectations to be met before being granted immediate cash on c24.

Stating it clearly, C24 business loan is a loan made available to entrepreneurs for business purposes. You might find yourself in a more compromising situation that the maximum amount allowed is never enough, standard chartered loan offers up to N10m with longer tenure.

Requirements needed to be fulfilled before being granted a C24 business loan.

  • Applicants must not be less than 18 years at the time of registration.
  • He or she must have an excellent credit report.
  • A recent passport photograph and formal loan application on letterhead.
  • Signatories on letter confirming the authority to print bank statement.
  • Undertaking for dishonoured of postponed cheque.
  • Direct debit mandate bearing signatories.
  • For loan above N200,000, you will need to provide your cheque leaves.
  • All pages of the initial offer letter.
    Recent utility bill and means of identification.
  • Rent receipt and lease agreement.

Why people choose C24?

  • It is quick, fast and convenient to register.
  • Enjoy simplified and well-structured repayment plans.
  • Minimal documents required.
    No office visitation.
  • Collateral free loan up for grab.
  • Good rates and less management fees.
  • Extension of tenor on currently running loan facility through up.
  • Applicants can forward their application using C24 loan secure portal.
  • Great customer support.
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How to apply for C24 loan

Signing up is easy and straight forward, below are the steps to take:C24 loan registration

  • Enter c24ng.com into your device’s browser and locate “apply now” to start your registration process.
  • You can also click here or visit the office to start the registration.
  • Fill in the application form and make sure details are accurate.
  • After you have filled in the fields, C24 will come for your documents or you can deliver them yourself at C24 office.
  • An analysis will be carried out by the team to confirm if you are qualified for the loan and feedback to follow shortly.
  • Expect your loan request status within 24 hours; if approved, you will be credited.

Why finance companies ask for BVN to process loan.

I can understand why anyone would be worried about giving out their BVN. The reason why loan providers ask for BVN is to protect you and protect their own interest. finance company uses the data found on your credit history to determine your creditworthiness.
Also, when you refuse to make repayment, they report you to National Credit Bureaus which will definitely ruin your chance of getting credit in the future.

Giving out your BVN poses no risk to you, it is to verify that the BVN found on the bank you provided is the same as the one you tendered and also ensure third party can not use your details to apply for a loan without your permission.

Lastly, no other person aside your banks can have access to your account.

C24 loan contact details

  • Office address: 4 Adenubi Close off Majekodunmi Street, off Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos.
  • Phone number: 090 90896919
  • Email: contact@c24.com.ng
  • Website: https://c24ng.com

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