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Top 5 Best Calendar Apps for iPhone and iPad 2024

When it comes to remembering important events, this might not be your strong suit. A calendar app may be what you need to keep up with appointments.

We all understand how important a Calendar is and is virtually part of our daily activities. Everyone lives by it and remains among the tools used in making decisions.

Since mobile phones emerged, people are now switching from paper calendars to virtual calendars on their devices. If you are an iPhone or iPad user, there are top calendar apps you could use. And most of them are available for free to download.

The online calendar has almost everything to keep up with your routines as well as scheduling meetings, setting reminders, creating recurring events, and checking for important public holidays.

All phones do come with a Calendar app, but you may not be open to more options like you would have on 3rd party apps, this is why you should check out this list of best calendar apps for iPhone and Ipad.

1. Google Calendar: Get Organised

Google bringing what the Android users have been enjoying to IOS is surely a great move by them. Google Calendar has been downloaded by over a billion users so far, although helped by being the default calendar app for Android Devices.

With the Google calendar app installed on your phone, you would be able to manage your time well using the task options that allow you to create an appointment, view them and edit it anytime.

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It also comes with different ways to view your calendar, switch between daily, weekly, or monthly. You could also go back to view a particular day from the past. Imagine you want to know the day your last birthday fell, all you have to do is scroll between pages and you have it.

It also works with your Gmail, it ensures you do not have to manually enter events from your Gmail, instead, it automates the process for you. There is more this app can do for you but you will never know until you install and try it out.

App Store: Download Google Calendar For iPhone and Ipad.

2. 24me Smart Personal Assistant

Maybe you are now considering employing a secretary after having it tough with keeping up with appointments, events, and tasks, you can hold the thought and consider 24me Smart Personal Assistant.

This could save you some bucks and still be very efficient. It helps you to manage your tasks, thereby leading to greater productivity. It is more like a one-stop-shop for your calendar, to-do list, notes, and personal account.

24me also enables you to use voice to add tasks, notes, and meetings which could come in handy in some situations you have no choice but to do that. The app is free to download and use, but the premium version gets you more done. With just US$5.99 a month, or US$35.99 per year, you can have them all instead of being limited to certain areas.

App Store: Download 24me Smart Personal Assistant for Free.

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3. Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is another Calendar app you could turn to if you are looking to keep up with things that matter to you. It allows you to bring all your email accounts and calendar together, giving you easy access.

What you can do on Microsoft Outlook are scheduling, archiving your message, and also delete when you choose to do so. Users will also be able to access and attach any files from popular online storage and their email accounts.

It also gives you the flexibility that may be difficult to find on any app such as accessing and editing excel, word, or any other attachments and even attach them back to your email account. It has so many features to help you manage your time well.

App Store: Download Microsoft Outlook For iPhone and Ipad.

4. Timepage by Moleskine Studio

Timepage is one of the best calendar apps made available for IOS users on the App Store. It is easy to use, yet the most spontaneous calendar app you will ever come across.

People often talked about customization being the strong point, but the app offers more than that. There are several features you will love including Smart Heatmap, Smart Alerts, Look for events using spotlight, Reminders, etc.

It is also worth mentioning that it can be used with Siri. Timepage is free to download and comes with a trial period. If you want to roll with the app for long, you are to pay $1.99 per month or $11.99 per year.

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App Store: Download Timepage for iPhone/Ipad.

5. To do list & Calendar comes into the league as one of the top-rated calendar apps you should consider for your IOS device. It is capable of providing you the features to keep up with events and appointments.

On the app, you could make use of a task list, planner, reminders, and calendar to help you manage all your To Do List. Another cool feature you are going to love on the app is the ability to assign tasks, this could be very helpful for group projects or when you have some tasks that need to be carried out by a group.

There is more the app can do for you and it also deserves to be on this list.

App Store: Download To do list & Calendar For Ipad & iPhone.

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