Canadian dollar to Naira Black Market Exchange Rate

Canadian dollar to Naira Black Market Exchange Rate Today | Conversion of CAD Dollar

Canadian dollar to Naira Black Market Exchange Rate Today: Are you interested in knowing the current conversion rate of CAD Dollar to NGN currency?

Sometimes, you may have some foreign notes that you want to convert to the Nigerian currency. And the best way to deal is to know the actual amount it is currently priced in the Black Market to avoid being cheated.

CAD Dollar is one of the less traded foreign currencies in the world. At least not as active as what we have seen with the US Dollars. The information can be very hard to come by. Fortunately, the information can be accessed on this page at any period you might need it.

You might not understand the need until you have been shortchanged by a Bureau De Change Operator or the Aboki FX Exchanger at the Black Market. To save you such plight, always endeavour to know the exchange rate before going there.

For easy access, you can bookmark this page as we will keep updating the rate whenever there is any change.

What is CAD Dollar to Naira?

CAD dollar to Naira

CAD Dollar is interpreted as Canadian Dollar. The currency is the official currency used in Canada, one of the most exciting countries in the world that people from other countries including Nigeria love to go to.

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The symbol of the Canadian Dollar is also $, the same as the US Dollar. However, it is best written as CA$, C$ or Can$. This was proposed to differentiate it from other countries that also adopt the dollar as their monetary unit. 100 cents is equal to 1 CAD Dollar.

Requesting a CAD Dollar to Naira exchange is you asking for your foreign notes to be converted to Nigerian currency. It may be from your bank, the Aboki at the black market, or whatever medium you choose to use. This form of exchange is not that common in Nigeria, but one still traded once in a while.

What is Naira to CAD Dollar?

Naira to Canadian dollar

The Naira is the official currency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is the most widely used currency for buying and selling or exchange for goods or services. The official symbol of the Naira is ₦.

Another monetary unit used by the good people of Nigerians is Kobo. Although, it barely makes any impact when negotiating or buying a product or service, however, it could come in handy for online purchases payment that has a decimal. A 100 kobo is equal to 1 naira.

If ever there is a need to procure some Canadian Dollar (CAD), it can also be purchased at the Parallel market. This is one of the foreign currencies that Aboki also sells to individuals and businesses.

How much is 1 Canadian Dollar to Nigerian currency?

Someone that has some CAD Dollars would be needing answers to the question, “Prevailing conversion rate for Canadian to NGN for today?”

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The truth is change is a thing common in the FX market. If you are not familiar with the trend, you will be surprised to know that the rate may suddenly change within the next few hours. This is why there is always a need to ascertain the position of the exchange rate before the move to the Black market.

When you have the actual rate, finalizing a deal without being shortchanged by the Aboki at their respective locations would be like a walk in the park.

The conversion rate of the Canadian Currency Exchange Rate will be provided in the following section for your perusal.

Canadian dollar to Naira Black Market Exchange Rate

See the current Canadian dollar to Naira Black Market Conversion Rate for today below:

Canadian dollar to NairaBlack Market Exchange Rate
BuyingNGN 575
SellingNGN 585

Canadian dollar to Naira exchange rate is the rate by which CAD Dollar is traded for another in the parallel market. Meanwhile, the figure is always changing like most foreign currencies traded in the market.

To engage in this kind of trading, you must have received the currency in its physical note. It could also be a gift from someone who just arrived from Canada, the most important thing is to have it on paper.

Bank Canadian Dollar to Naira exchange rate for Today

Bank Canadian Dollar to Naira is the actual amount you pay in Nigerian currency for using a payment system that accepts CAD dollars. This normally occurs when a buyer pays using his or her debit card on a foreign or Canadian-owned site.

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Banks normally propose different conversion rates and if you are actively paying through such a method, you can always contact your bank for the current CAD dollar to NGN rate as rates do change frequently. This could be good for people using many bank accounts, this way, they will be able to choose a bank that offers a low rate to save more.

Also, payment can be made to your account directly from someone in Canada. The amount will be automatically converted using the bank rate for conversion. It is best to always receive the cash in its physical form as already discussed.


1. What is Today’s Canadian Dollar to Nigerian Naira exchange rate?

The CAD dollar to naira exchange rate is always updated on our page. With the information, you will be able to make a good stand while haggling over a deal at the Black Market.

This information always gets an update and it will be based on market data as well as other inputs from our sources.

2. How much is CA$ 100 in Nigerian currency?

To know the total amount you will be getting on 100 Canadian dollars, you will need to ascertain the exchange rate first at that period.

Once you have a figure, you can go on to multiply the foreign currency amount by the rate. Eg, if the rate is N350 and you have 100 CAD, you will multiply 350 by 100 which will give 35,000 worth of Nigerian currency.

3. How can I get the best exchange rate for CAD to NGN?

No exchange operator will do you better than the Aboki, or Mallam as you may rather call it at the Black Market. The rate they offer is usually higher than the conversion rate elsewhere. By using the bank for exchange, you will be losing a whole lot of money especially if there are lots of notes to convert to Naira.

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