best MTN tariff plans and migration codes

Cheapest MTN tariff plans: call rates and migration codes 2024

You will agree with me that choosing the right MTN tariff plan is no easy feat, but the good thing is if you look well enough, you will find something worth finding.

MTN Nigeria has done quite a work with their prepaid plans, offering you cheap tariff plans and with some great data plans for people who love to stay long on the internet.

Much has already been said about MTN tariff plans on this platform but this time we will be doing a different thing.
One is introducing all MTN tariff plans to you and their migration codes on this page. The other is letting you know the best and most attractive MTN tariff plan to migrate to.

In short, the purpose of this article is to bring all MTN tariff plans in one fold coupled with their charges and activation codes.

Best and cheapest MTN tariff plans and their migration codes

MTN Pulse 11.26k/s after spending N15.36kText “406” to “131 or Dial *406*1#
MTN TruTalk11k.26/s daily access fee of N7.17Send “TT” to 131 or dial *400#
MTN Yafunyafun 60k/sec (main)
75k/sec (bonus)
Buy a new MTN sim
MTN XtraValueN42.38k/minDial *131*2#
MTN XtraValue Carte42.38k/minActivate from myMTN app
MTN BetaTalk73k/sText “BT” to “131”
MTN XtraSpecial Prepaid13.33k/sDial *408*1# or text “408” to “131
MTN Awuf4u68.80k/sec*888*Recharge PIN#
MTN XtraSpecial Postpaid13.33k/secVisit MTN Office
MTN Mpulse15.36k/secDial *344*1#

1. MTN Pulse Tariff Plan

My top MTN tariff plan, I am not joking if I say it remains the best MTN tariff plan to date. MTN pulse has been revamped several times, but still leads while the rest follow. It shares some similarities with Airtel SmartTrybe as they both offer something more than just cheap call rates.

Charges on MTN pulse is very cheap like I earlier mentioned, customers who migrated to MTN pulse will be able to call any network for as low as 11.26 kobo per second after spending N15.36k. SMS to all local networks is billed at N4/SMS.

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There are also special data plans on MTN pulse, you will be able to purchase a 15gb data plan at the rate of N500 and also enjoy special Instagram packs.

I could go on by mentioning the weekly free data, Music+ at N10, and other life-enriching MTN products but the MTN night plan is the main attraction for me on MTN pulse.

How to migrate to MTN pulse tariff plan

Like it is done on every GSM network in Nigeria, there is free migration every 30 days. Subsequent ones attract N100 after you have used your free migration, you will need to wait for 30 days before using your free migration.

  • To migrate to MTN pulse tariff plan, simply dial *406*1#. You will receive a success confirmation message immediately after activation.
  • You can also migrate using the SMS option by sending “406” to “131”
  • All prepaid customers can switch to pulse. Postpaid customers are not allowed to use this prepaid plan.

2. MTN TruTalk Tariff Plan

MTN TruTalk tariff plan is really living up to its name by providing a very affordable call rate for everyone who loves to talk non stop.

To enjoy this great tariff plan, there will be a daily access fee of N7.17 which is charged when a customer commences a chargeable call. After the charge, calls to all networks in Nigeria are charged 11.26 kobo per second.

SMS charges remain the same, the cost is N4 per SMS sent to any network in Nigeria. SMS sent to an international destination is N15/Message.

How to migrate to MTN trutalk tariff plan

All prepaid customers can migrate to MTN trutalk irrespective of their current tariff plans.

  • Migration can be done using USSD code or through an SMS option.
  • To use the SMS option, send “TT” to 131.
  • For USSD option, dial *400# or *123*2*6# to migrate to MTN TruTalk tariff plan.

3. MTN yafun yafun tariff plan

If you are yet to join the MTN network, this might be a good time to do so. MTN yafun yafun comes with several benefits such as 700% bonus when you recharge N100 or above. 100% data bonus for 4 months when you activate a data plan and free data every month.

If you are calling from your main account, call charges will go for 60k/second. Calls from the bonus account are charged 75k per second.

The bonus can be gotten from any of the following channels – Physical Recharge, VTU, DYA, and On-Demand channels.

How to migrate to MTN yafunyafun tariff plan

  • To migrate to MTN yafunyafun, the first step is to purchase a new MTN sim from any MTN office near you or in your local store.
  • Check sim thoroughly. If the seal is already broken, do not buy the sim pack.
  • Register your new sim. After registration, load your first recharge to activate the sim.
  • Your MTN sim carries MTN yafunyafun as the default tariff plan for new customers.

4. MTN XtraValue Tariff Plan

The MTN XtraValue was introduced to attend to your browsing needs, voice calls and SMS. This bundles pack ensure you never miss out on anything. It comes with two variants, xtradata and xtratalk.

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When you select MTN xtratalk, you will get more talk time than data. This is good for people that love to spend more time on calls. The MTN xtradata gives you more data to browse, download, stream and do anything on the internet without being restricted. Prepaid and postpaid MTN customers can switch to MTN XtraValue.

Calls made to all local networks on MTN XtraValue are charged 42.38k/second. The international call is charged 66k/sec.

How to migrate to MTN XtraValue Tariff Plan

  • Dial *131*2# and select any of the bundles.
  • Another way to migrate to MTN XtraValue is through MyMTN app which is available for download on the store.
  • XtraValue customers will be able to check bundle balance by dialling *559*61# or *556#.

5. MTN XtraValue Carte Tariff Plan

If you loved MTN XtraValue, you will love the new MTN XtraValue Carte. The new MTN xtravalue carte is a big improvement on what we are used to, giving the prepaid and postpaid customers another way of getting more from MTN.

Prepaid customers will have to migrate to the plan but postpaid customers will not be migrated to the plan but will still enjoy MTN XtraValue Carte.

Call charge on MTN XtraValue Carte is even better, customers pay 42.38k/sec for voice calls after choosing from the abundant bouquet of a personalized bundle. Local SMS is charged N4 per message and SMS sent to international destinations at their standard rates.

How to migrate MTN XtraValue Carte

Download MYmtn app from the play store to get started.

  • Open the MyMTN app. From the app, click on “bundle”
  • Select “Build Your Bundles”
  • Choose from the bundles.
  • After selecting your Xtravalue carte bundle plan, you will instantly be migrated to the plan.

6. MTN BetaTalk Tariff Plan

If I am not using the MTN pulse tariff plan, I will probably be on the MTN BetaTalk Tariff Plan. People who are on betatalk will agree with me that it is one of the best plans with fantastic offers.

BetaTalk customers get 250% on recharge of N100 and above, 150% when the recharge falls below N100, 75 free SMS every week and free data to browse. The bonus on recharge can be used for SMS, voice calls and browsing.

If you are calling from the bonus account, you will be charged 73k per second for making calls to to any network in Nigeria.

Unlike most tariff plans on the MTN network, you still retain the value of your recharge in your main account.

How to migrate to MTN BetaTalk Tariff Plan

  • Send “BT” to “131” to migrate to BetaTalk.
  • Alternatively, you can dial *123#. Reply with 2.
  • Respond back with “1” to activate the MTN betatalk.

7. MTN XtraSpecial Prepaid Tariff Plan

MTN XtraSpecial Prepaid Plan is another specially designed tariff plan for prepaid customers with amazing call rate and special data bundles.

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For just 13.33k/sec with no daily access fee, you can call all local networks and 18 selected international destinations. You will also get 10mb data bonus on your first recharge every month with the validity to run for 30 days.

Customers on MTN XtraSpecial Prepaid can also send SMS to all local networks at N4/SMS. International SMS is N15/Message

How to migrate MTN XtraSpecial Prepaid

  • To migrate to MTN XtraSpecial Prepaid, Dial *408*1# or text “408” to “131”
  • First migration within 30 days is free. Subsequent ones attract a charge of N100.

8. MTN XtraSpecial Postpaid Tariff Plan

If you are an MTN XtraSpecial Postpaid customer and looking for something similar to MTN xtraspecial prepaid. Behold, I bring to you MTN XtraSpecial Postpaid tariff plan.

Want to hear the best gist about MTN Xtraspecial postpaid? Call rate is so cheap and without daily access fee, you will also be able to call any network for just 13.33k per second. You can also make calls to 18 selected international destinations at 15k/second.

How to migrate to MTN XtraSpecial PostPaid

  • Visit any MTN office in your locality to migrate to MTN XtraSpecial.
  • You will be given a Subscriber Agreement Form for you to complete and sign.
  • A valid ID card, utility bill and 2 passport photographs will be required to complete this process.
  • You will also need to complete a credit consent Form and bank confirmation form.
  • A credit rating will be carried to know your suitability.
  • If you are already a postpaid customer, there is nothing else to do as you are already on MTN XtraSpecial Postpaid.

9. MTN Awuf4U Tariff Plan

MTN Awuf4u is another exciting MTN tariff plan that gives you 400% bonus on every recharge of N100 and above and 275% on recharge below N100 with the validity between 14 days to 30 days. It also comes with 75 SMS every week.

68.80 kobo is charged per second when you make local calls and calls made to other countries are charged 90k/second. Local SMS rate is N4 and international SMS is charged at their standard rate.

How to migrate to MTN Awuf4u

  • Buy an MTN recharge pin from any eligible channels.
  • Recharge with 888, that is *888*Recharge PIN#.
  • You will get your bonus immediately and will be able to use it as acceptable on MTN Awuf4u.

10. MTN Mpulse Tariff Plan

mPulse is an exciting tariff plan designed by MTN which equips students between the ages of 9 and 15 with the resources they need to succeed.

The mtn mpulse tariff plan come with several benefits and amond them are –WhatsApp bonus on first recharge monthly, N200 airtime reward on your birthday, Data Bonus on recharge and FREE 30MB on your first access to mPulse website.

Calls to all networks in Nigeria is charged at 15.36k/sec and MS to all networks is N4.

How to migrate to MTN Mpulse

  • Dial *344*1# from your MTN Line.
  • You will be migrated immediately for free. You are allowed 1 free migration every month. If you have already used it, you will need to pay N100.

Best MTN tariff plan for calls and data

If you are looking for the best MTN tariff plan for calls, you will find a lot on this article. Among them are MTN Pulse, MTN TruTalk and MTN XtraSpecial postpaid but if you need something better MTN Pulse tariff plan is your plug.

The MTN pulse stands out among the rest, you are not just getting a very cheap call rate but also some great offers including the popular MTN night browsing. It does not come as a surprise to know that MTN pulse is the most distinguished tariff plan in Nigeria.

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