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40+ Latest Children Hairstyles in Nigeria

When focusing on the girl child, their appearance always matters. Their outfit, skin glow, and hairstyle often matter a lot. One of the most important of the three is their hairstyle as it has been said since old times till now that the hair is a woman’s pride.

Having this pride isn’t just enough as a woman or a girl but keeping it clean and healthy is the real deal. One of the ways of keeping this pride clean and healthy is by styling it.

Children love styling their hair more than any age group because it makes them feel mature, most especially females. Hairstyles for girls are literally countless as new styles keep popping up by the day. Due to this reason, many parents find it hard to follow up with the trend of hairstyles for their female kids and often find it hard to choose the best or right hairstyles.

If you’ve been facing this difficulty, worry no more as we will be showing you the latest and currently trending hairstyles for your children, especially, the female kids.

Latest Hairstyles for Kids in Nigeria (Female)

These hairstyles are of three types;

  • School hairstyles
  • Random/Holiday hairstyles
  • Party hairstyles

Schools in Nigeria do not allow some hairstyles during school sessions so you have to be very selective of the hairstyle your girl child wants to wear during this period; it has to be very simple and less expensive. Also, there are other hairstyles that the female kids can do on holidays and for special occasions and traditional events or random hairstyles, your female kids can do while on holidays. Below is a list containing all three types for you to choose from.

1. All back

The ‘All Back’ hairstyle is one of the most common and most simple hairstyles for female kids. In the all back, the hair is braided about 8 to 12 times from front to back in a vertical pattern lining the head from front to back.

Children hairstyles in Nigeria

2. Koroba (Basket)

The ‘Koroba’ hairstyle is a simple hairstyle that has a Yoruba origin. The hairstyle is based on the meaning of the Yoruba word ‘Koroba’ which means basket. In this hairstyle, the hair is braided from the center of the head to multiple points around the head to imitate the look of a basket turned upside down.

Children hairstyles in Nigeria

3. Shuku

The Shuku hairstyle is another latest hairstyle for children. The Shuku is very similar to the Koroba hairstyle but instead of weaving the hair from the middle downwards, it is weaved from points around the head to the middle of the head (upwards).

Children hairstyles in Nigeria

4. One-sided Cornrow

This is another trendy hairstyle for children in Nigeria. The one-sided Cornrow is weaved in from left to right across the head forming a corn row pattern and taking an endpoint at one side of the head.

Children hairstyles in Nigeria

5. Two Step

In the two-Step hairstyle, the hair is weaved into two layers of two different patterns. One pattern will be weaved from the front of the hair to the middle, and then the other pattern weaved behind it. The all-back pattern is used in the two layers.

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Children hairstyles in Nigeria

6. Alicia Keys

This is one simple and popular hairstyle for Nigerian kids. This hairstyle is taken from a popular celebrity called Alicia Keys. In this hairstyle, the hair is weaved in a zigzag pattern in 4 to 6 rows on the scalp.

Children hairstyles in Nigeria

7. Roundabout

This hairstyle resembles its name as it is weaved in a circular pattern around the head in a form of a spiral.

Hairstyles for female kids

8. Police Cap

The Police Cap hairstyle is weaved to resemble a police beret. It is weaved like the all-back hairstyle but bigger and fewer and then the braids are weaved forward and meet in the middle.

Hairstyles for female kids

9. Patewo

Patewo is translated to clap in English. It is weaved from both the left side and right sides of the head to meet at the center imitating the meeting of the hands when clapped.

Hairstyles for female kids

10. Double Patewo

The Double Patewo is just like Patewo just that it is done on two sides of the head.

Hairstyles for female kids

11. Groundnut or chin-chin hairstyle

The groundnut hairstyle is very light and simple. It takes its name from its likeness to the size of the groundnut or chin-chin snack. It is not weaved but packed in small proportions on different positions on the head imitating the size of an African snack called chin-chin.

Hairstyles for female kids

12. Abeti Aja

This hairstyle is of a Yoruba origin resembling its name which means “Dog ears” in English. The hairstyle is done in such a way that the hair is divided in the middle and then weaved on both sides then packed and rolled on each side.

Hairstyles for female kids

13. Beret

This children’s hairstyle is a hairstyle imitating the way berets are worn. It is weaved in such a way that the hair is bending or concentrated on one side of the head.

Hairstyles for female kids

14. Didi

The Didi hairstyle is another simple hairstyle suitable for your kids. The Didi hairstyle is like the all-back hairstyle but inverted. The normal all-back is weaved outwards while the Didi is weaved inwards giving that interlocking look.

Hairstyles for female kids

15. Super Buns

Super buns are weaved from the front of the forehead and around the head to the middle of the head then it is weaved up together there as multiple bun or dough.

Hairstyles for female kids

16. Center Ponytails

This is another hairstyle suitable for your kids. The center ponytail hairstyle is weaved from around the head to the crown and packed at the crown to form a ponytail.

Hairstyles for female kids

17. Angle weaving

In this hairstyle, the hair is weaved at different several angles and partitioned from each other.

Hairstyles for female

18. Galax

The Galax hairstyle is very similar to the Patewo hairstyle but in the middle where the weavings from both sides meet, it is braided together from front to back at the middle.

galax copy 1200x791

19. Ghana weaving

Ghana weaving is one of the most popular hairstyles in Nigeria originating from Ghana and it is very trendy. It has a short parting at the middle or side of the head from front to back and the hair can be braided down in an all-black pattern.

Hairstyles for female

20. Bob Marley

The Bob Marley is a hairstyle named after the popular music legend Bob Marley. The hairstyle imitates the hairstyle of the music legend. It is braided with attachments and is fat in size and a little bit rough in texture.

Hairstyles for female

21. Calabar

The Calabar hairstyle is one popular and original Nigerian hairstyle originating from the Calabar people. To make this hair, you divide the hair into plenty of sections and either do a corn row in each section or weave it down to be like a floating braid.

Hairstyles for female

22. Banana leaf

The banana leaf hairstyle is a very good hairstyle for female kids. it is done in a pattern that resembles the leaves of plantain or a banana. This pattern is made by dividing the hair into two portions in the middle right from the front of the head running through to the back like the division of the Red Sea by Moses. After the division, the two portions are then weaved downwards to the left and right to form a resemblance to the banana leaf.

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Hairstyles for female

23. Fish Bone

The fish Bone hairstyle is a hairstyle gotten from weaving large corn rows into smaller corn rows to form a pattern resembling a fish Bone. The hairstyle got its name from its resemblance to a fish Bone and it is plait in 5-7 rows due to its big size.

Hairstyles for female

24. Salt and Pepper

The salt and pepper hairstyle is a popular and funny hairstyle for female kids. This hairstyle is a mixture of the Calabar hairstyle and all-back hairstyle. To make this hairstyle you divide the hair into two portions across the middle from the front to the back, you do this with the first partition in the all-back pattern than the other partition in the Calabar style pattern preferably the Calabar style with floating braids.

Hairstyles for female

25. Threads

This hairstyle is very common among children. It makes use of a rubber thread to weave different patterns on the head. The hairstyles that can be done with the rubber thread are very wide and versatile but the most popular style of trade hairstyles that is done by many female kids is the thread hairstyle in which the trade is used to form a bridge-like hairdo from one ear circling the head round to the other ear.

Hairstyles for female

26. Cornrows

Cornrow is a very unique and traditional hairstyle. It is a raised braided straight row. It is more attractive and more raised than the all-back hairstyle. To do this hairstyle, the hairstylist has to pick the hair right from the scalp and make raised and upward rows. The cornrow can be done in 10-12 straight rows on the head or as desired.

Hairstyles for female

27. Fulani Braids

The Fulani braid is one of the most unique braids in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. It is unique for its very long length and how the length extensions are braided and left to hang beautifully around the scalp.

Hairstyles for kids

28. Big bun

The big bun hairstyle is a unique hairstyle that is like the baskets hairstyle. In the big bun hairstyle, all the braids are weaved from around the head to the center or the middle of the head, unlike the basket hairstyle which is weaved from the middle downwards around the head. After weaving the braids to the center of the head a big bun is rolled or braided at the point where all the braids meet at the middle of the head.

Hairstyle for kids

29. Side bun

The side bun hairstyle is very similar to the big bun hairstyle only that it is not on the center of the head but at the desired side of the head either on the right or on the left. In the side bun hairstyle, the hair is weaved from different positions around the head to a common side and then weaved together at that side to form a bun.

Hairstyle for kids

30. Tiny twist braids

Instead of the normal-sized twist of braids, this is a hairstyle that requires the twist of braids to be smaller and tiny. The tiny twist braids are a hairstyle of long length and population. The braids are usually long and very plenty on the scalp.

Hairstyle for kids

31. Pony Tail

The ponytail hairstyle is very common in female kids as they can relate this hairstyle to a very popular and favorite cartoon of theirs called Barbie. The ponytail hairstyle must be long to achieve the beauty and uniqueness of the hairstyle. To do this hairstyle the hair is weaved from the front sides and back of the head upwards to meet at the center of the head then it is packed what’s a band and left to hang down from the center of the head.

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Hairstyle for kids

32. Side-swept cornrows

This hairstyle is a very popular and suitable hairstyle for female kids. It is a hairstyle done with cornrows. To make this hairstyle or the cornrows braided with the hair are braided to one direction or one side of the head which is either to the left or to the right side of the head but most preferably the upper right side of the head. The cornrows are made to lie to the side of the head and then left that way.

Hairstyle for kids

33. Braids and bun

The braids and bun can also be called cornrows and buns because the most preferable braid when doing the braid and bun is the cornrow braids. To make this hairstyle cornrows are plaited or weaved from around the head to the center of the head and then a big bun is braided on the center of the head it is very alike to the big bun hairstyle but the most preferable braid for the hairstyle is the cornrow braid unlike the big bun hairstyle, any type of braids from the all back braids to the Alicia keys braids to the basket braid and so on can be used.

Hairstyle for kids

34. Crown Braids

This hairstyle looks just like its name implies ‘a crown’. To make this hairstyle a very fat braid is made from the back of the head around the scalp circling the head to imitate a crown. The middle of the hair might be weaved in a basket style or might just be left naturally and gelled.

Hairstyle for kids

35. Half up, Half down Ponytail

The hairstyle is the same as the ponytail hairstyle just that it is divided into two portions on the scalp. The hair is partitioned into two; one partition up one partition down then both partitions are weaved into ponytails.

Best Children hairstyles in Nigeria

36. Straight back braids

The straight-back braid is similar to the all-back just that its twists are smaller and longer. All back braids are short well straight back braids are long.

Children hairstyle

37. Two cornrows

This hairstyle is funnily for lazy female kids. The hairstyle is made up of two cornrows which are waved from the front of the head to the back and are sometimes long in length or short in length.

Hairstyle for kids

38. Rice and Beans

The rice and beans hairstyle is a hairstyle done with cornrow braids. This hairstyle is unique because it is a mixture of small cornrow braids and big cornrow braids giving it its name ’Rice and Beans’.

Hairstyle for kids

39. Packing Gel

The hairstyle is similar to the ponytail hairstyle only that the hair isn’t weaved before the ponytail is formed but gelled instead.

Hairstyle for kids

40. Dreadlocks

The dreadlock is a hairstyle whereby short or long lock braids or locks are made all over the scalp.

Hairstyle for children

41. Pixie braid or Box braids

The pixie braid is made with the scalp filled with curvy braids that reach below the ear, covering the two ears or just one in the Bob Pixie braids.

Hairstyle for children

42. Unicorn dreams

The unicorn dream is a hairstyle done with ponytails. In this hairstyle, two ponytails are made on both the left sides and right sides of the head. It is one of the favorite hairstyles among female kids.

Hairstyle for children

43. Butterfly Braids

The butterfly braids is a unique hairstyle that is very similar to the two cornrow hairstyle. Butterfly braids are made by weaving two large cornrow braids on both sides of the head to the back but instead of letting it hang like the two cornrow hairstyle it is weaved together at the back of the head.

Children hairstyle

44. Side Didi

The Side Didi is also called the sleeping didi. Instead of weaving the Didi straight to the back of the scalp, it is weaved to either the left or the right side of the scalp implying a sleeping direction.

Hairstyle for children

45. Double Bun

The double bun hairstyle is like the side bun hairstyle only that it is done on both sides of the head. In the double bun hairstyle, the bone is made on both the right and the left sides of the head. To do this hairstyle the hair is first of all divided into two partitions the partition on the right side is weaved to the right side and then a bone is made on the right side then the other partition on the left is also weaved to the left side and then a bone is made on the left side.

Best Children hairstyles in Nigeria

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