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CSUF portal – Guide to using the Csuf login portal

Are you a Student of the California State University, Fullerton looking to make use of the Csuf portal? The answer is in this article and we would also be providing guides for Canvas, Zoom, and more in this article.

Csuf portal is a login portal for all students of California State University, Fullerton with the focus on ensuring that they can access important information from anywhere to help them throughout their stay in the School.

As a student of the school, this is a login portal you want to familiarize yourself with as it is a one-stop shop for information and services regarding your admission, tuition fees, housing, registration, student records, and more.

This article will contain some valuable guides that you might find helpful as you go on with your schooling at the California State University, Fullerton.

About California State University, Fullerton (CSUF)

California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) is a Government-owned university situated in Fullerton, California, and was founded in 1957. It was known as Orange County State College at that time. The school started from a very humble beginning like most schools with 452 students in class in 1959.

In July 1962, the school also recorded another major event by changing the name to Orange State College. 2 years later, the name was also changed again, named California State College at Fullerton. In 1972, after a thorough review, another name was proposed which eventually became the final name change the school made – California State University, Fullerton.

The School, California State University, Fullerton do receive a great number of students during their admission phase. The number of students enrolled runs to over 41,000 in number with a graduate student body of more than 5,000 which is considered the biggest in all of California and CSU.

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CSUF has a login portal for its students and we will provide the relevant tips as said before to help students, especially freshmen, to get on quickly.

How to login on CSUF login portal

Check out our guide on how to sign into the Csuf login portal:

Csuf login portal

1. To login into your Student account, simply visit the CSUF login portal or enter http://my.fullerton.edu on your web browser.

2. Enter your username

3. Provide your CSUF Login Password as well.

4. Click Login.

5. Validate your account by authenticating with Duo to finally sign in.

Checking Application Status

Staying on top of it all is the best way to avoid missing out on admission deadlines. After creating your account, you can log into your account to view your application status on CSUF.

The acknowledgment letter sent or given to you will contain guides on how to create your CSUF student account and other useful information. You will get the letter 5 or 7 days after submitting your application.

If you do not get the acknowledgment letter in your inbox within the timeframe, you can check your spam or junk folders. If it is still not there, send an email to admissions@fullerton.edu for help. Sometimes, you might have given out a wrong email address, thereby making it an obstacle to receiving the mail.

Creating a CSUF account as a New Student.

If you are yet to sign up for an account on California State University, Fullerton, follow the below guide for help:

1. First, go to the CSUF Office of Admissions if you do not yet have the CWID and PIN.

2. Wait for at least two business days after receiving your CWID and PIN.

3. To create a California State University, Fullerton (CSUF Campus account), simply visit the CSUF Sign up page.

4. Enter your CWID and PIN in the fields.

5. Click Continue to continue your CSUF registration.

6. Provide your Last Name (Surname), DOB, Zip Code to confirm that the CSUF login details belong to you.

7. Next, enter a username for your student account and email address. The username can’t be changed once confirmed.

8. Now choose a password that is difficult to guess. Password must be at least 12 characters and not more than 20. Ensure it has three of the following: a number, lowercase letter, uppercase letter, and a special character.

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9. Select security questions from the drop-down menus and provide your answer for each of them.

10. Provide your mobile phone number to receive an emergency or instant notification.

11. Take a moment to check all the information you have provided. Click Submit once you have confirmed everything is in order.

How to recover your campus-wide ID (CWID)

If you can not remember your campus-wide ID (CWID), you can always recover it. Getting it back is as simple as creating a student account on the Csuf portal. You can follow the instructions provided below

1. To recover your CWID for the Csuf portal, you will need to go to Find my ID Page.

2. Provide the requested information – Last 4 digits of your SSN, Last Name, Date of Birth, and complete the captcha.

3. Click ‘Find my ID’

How to set up DUO Two-Factor Authentication on Csuf portal student account

For your security, you can slot in additional ways to confirm it is you on your Csuf account by setting up a DUO Two-Factor Authentication. Below is the guide:

1. Go to your CSUF Duo enrollment page by entering
http://www.fullerton.edu/it/students/2fa/index.php on your Portal.

2. Enter your username and password. Next, click Login. Meanwhile, you will need to complete captcha.

3. After login, go through the record to confirm if they are correctly put and set up. You can adjust by updating your mobile phone number or skip the Duo Mobile setup process.

4. To activate Duo Mobile, click Request the activation link here.

5. The next step is downloading and installing Duo Mobile App from the Play Store or App Store.

6. Click Request the activation link here.

7. Once clicked, a message containing a link will be sent to your phone number.

8. By clicking on the link, it will automatically open Duo mobile app. You should see a CSU Fullerton account in your Duo Mobile app. This is a confirmation that your DUO Two-Factor Authentication is now set.

9. Go back to your web browser and tap I have activated Duo Mobile. Next is the Portal

What is Csuf Canvas?

Csuf canvas is Students resource hub that houses several materials and contents to help students in their academic pursuits, mental health, personal goals, and overall wellness.

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How to access Canvas from Csuf Portal

1. First, you will need to sign in to the Campus Portal.

2. Tap Canvas button in the My Courses widget. You can also go to the app section and click Canvas. The app section is below the account profile.

How to receive an email for new Discussion posts

Here is a guide on how to set up your Canvas account to receive notifications when someone makes a new discussion post:

1. Click Account or Profile icon as you may call it.

2. Next, go to Notifications

3. Go to Discussion and tap Notification icon next to it.

4. Select how quickly you want to receive notifications on new discussion posts – Notify immediately, Daily summary, Weekly summary.

How to stop receiving Canvas notification for new discussion post

If you do not want to get bothered about notifications, you can adjust your settings and finally be free from what may be an annoying message to you. Behold, the guide:

1. Go to Account and then to Notifications.

2. Click on the Notifications icon for Discussion.

3. Tap Notifications Off.

How to subscribe to a Canvas Discussion

1. First, you will need to enable or turn on notification for Canvas-wide Discussion. If you have done so already, skip to the next step.

2. Tap Courses and then proceed to Discussions.

3. Find the specific course you want to subscribe to and tap it.

4. Click Subscribe.

What is CSUF Zoom?

CSUF Zoom is a web and video conferencing tool powered by Zoom that allows California State University, Fullerton Students, and employees to interact through audio, video, and screen sharing platforms. The number of Participants can be up to 300 in number and can be accessed on major devices like Computers, Tablets, and Smartphones.

The Zoom platform is one of the many ways that Instructors impact knowledge. Before a user can start hosting or scheduling a meeting, he or she must first activate a Zoom account by signing in with the CSUF Portal Login details.

How to use the CSUF Zoom

1. To access the CSUF Zoom, visit the login portal, http://my.fullerton.edu.

2. Login with your username and password.

3. Go to the search bar and look up for Web Meetings

4. Click Web Meetings link.

How to log in to the Zoom app using SSO

As a Student of CSUF, you can sign into the Zoom App using SSO. Below is the step by step instructions:

1. Launch the Zoom app from your device.

2. Tap Sign in and then click Sign in with SSO.

3. In the Company Domain field, enter Fullerton and click Continue.

4. Enter your CSUF login details and click Login.

5. Click Open Zoom Meeting.

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