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CSUN Canvas: Guide to Access CSUN LMS and Zoom

CSUN Canvas is a learning management system used by California State University, Northridge, and comes with all the features and functions expected of a modern LMS such as management of enrollments, assigning grades, administering quizzes and exams, sharing of documents, communication, as well as personalized features for individual students

Once you have been offered admission at the school, and done what is required of you to become a bonafide student, the CSUN Canvas should become a priority. It is fully embedded with all the resources and tools needed for you to become a success.

With the LMS, you will be able to access materials provided by your instructors, view schedules, check grades, set their own preferences to receive notifications on their mobile devices, and many more.

How to log in to CSUN Canvas

csun canvas login

Follow the instructions below to access CSUN Canvas

1. Navigate to canvas.csun.edu to get started on the LMS login page.

2. Enter your user ID and password. If you are an applicant, you should enter the email address and temporary password received from the University.

3. Click Login to access your CSUN Canvas Account.

What you should also know about CSUN Canvas

The content management system provided by California State University, Northridge also supports many external tools including Respondus and Turnitin so that the faculty will be able to access the applications. Also, there are third-party apps that can be accessed within the CSUN Canvas such as Youtube to embed images, Khan Academy, Educreations, Wikipedia, etc.

There are a variety of mobile apps that you will come across on Canvas, but the two major ones are Canvas Student app and then the Canvas Teacher app used by Instructors. The canvas teacher app is for instructors. These apps are available for the devices running the leading operating system, Android and IOS. However, for IOS devices, it has to be at least iOS 10 for it to run.

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Canvas can be used or accessed on most browsers including Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox. Avoid using it on the lite version of any browser as the output is greatly reduced thereby resulting in a poor user experience.

How to view Announcements as a student on CSUN Canvas

As a student, you should keep your eyes open for any announcement that may display from time to time. To do that, you can follow the guide below:

1. After you have logged in on the CSUN Canvas, proceed to Announcement from the Course Navigation.

2. In Announcements, you can view all the announcements in your course. Each announcement will come with certain information such as the image of the user who posted it, an indicator if it has been read or not, and the number of unread/total replies in the announcement.

3. You will also be able to filter the announcement and also be able to search for an assignment especially if you have got a huge list.

4. Click on the name of a particular announcement to view it.

How to submit an assignment on CSUN Canvas

You can submit an assignment online which has to adhere to the submission type chosen by your Instructor. On rare occasions, you may also be provided the option to resubmit your assignment if your lecturer allows it. To submit your assignments on the Northridge Canvas, follow the instructions below:

1. In Course Navigation, click the Assignments link. Assignments can also be accessed through your dashboard, Calendar, Modules, Gradebook, or Syllabus.

2. Click the name of an assignment from the list.

3. Click the Start Assignment button to begin the process.

4. You should see the submission attempt if set by the Instructor. Your instructor may also decide to limit the number of attempts you are allotted for an assignment.

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5. Another is the submission type, which is what type of submission you can use for the assignment. It may be file upload, text entry, submission of media, or by entering a website URL. Select the Submission type to proceed.

6. Click Submit Assignment.

How do I view my grades

Students will be able to view their grades in current or concluded courses and below are the guides to view your grade:

How to view grades in current course

  • Go to Global Navigation, and then click the Courses link.
  • Click the name of the course.
  • In Course Navigation, click the Grades link to see your grade for the current course.
  • To print your grades, click the Print Grades button located at the top left of the screen.

How to view grades in concluded course

CSUN students will be able to view their grades for concluded courses. Depending on how the grade is calculated for your course, your total score may display as a percentage or point value. If viewable, concluded course grades can also be viewed from any active course

After signing into your CSUN canvas account, navigate to Global Navigation. Now, go to the Courses link and then proceed to Al Courses by clicking the link. Under the Past Enrollments heading, click the name of your concluded course. In Course Navigation, click the Grades link to view your grades in the concluded course.

How to take a quiz on the CSUN Canvas?

Taking quizzes is one of the ways to improve yourself, especially if you are a student looking to come out in flying colors. It also prepares you with the likely questions that you may encounter in tests or exams.

Questions may be shown one at a time or all one page depending on how your instructor chooses to set up the quiz. If you are unable to finish, you can pause it to resume it at a later time.

1. Now that you are on the Course Navigation tab, click the Quizzes link.

2. Find the quiz you will like to take and click the title or link.

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3. Click the Take the Quiz button to begin the quiz.

4. Read the instructions and complete the quiz while taking note of the instructions.

Note: Do understand that the Csun Canvas is designed to save your answer to the quiz as you go through with it. However, you can also submit when done. When you are through, you will be able to view the result of the quiz immediately.

About CSUN Zoom

CSUN Zoom is a web and video conferencing tool made available by California State University, Northridge for Faculty, Staff, and Students. The tool provides a platform for interaction and communication through audio, video, and screen sharing between up to 200 participants.

It can be used across devices including laptops, computers, tablets, IOS, and Android devices. Any user who is on Zoom can initiate an online meeting between two or more people. This makes it easier for anyone to join irrespective of where they are. Meanwhile, only a host can start or schedule a zoom meeting. As a host, you can use your csun login details to access your csun account.

How to log into csun zoom to join a zoom meeting

csun zoom us

  • To log into your csun zoom us account, start by visiting the school zoom login page at csun.zoom.us.
  • Click Join a meeting.
  • Another request will be made, asking you to Join meeting or download app. Choose one suitable for you.
  • Enter your Meeting ID or Personal Link Name.
  • Click Join to access your online meeting through the csun zoom.

How to get started on CSUN Zoom

1. Visit csun.zoom.us from your web browser.

2. Select the Download Center from Quick Links. Alternatively, click csun.zoom.us/download.

3. Select Zoom Client for Meetings to download.

4. Open the ZoomInstaller.exe file if it does not automatically open. Now, Tap Sign In.

5. Login with your CSUN user ID and password. These are otherwise known as myNorthridge portal login credentials.

6. Enter CSUN in the field that appears.

7. Sign in using the same user ID and password you used to login into the CSUN Portal.

8. Zoom will automatically run in a new window. At times, you may need to select Zoom, Run or Continue to kickstart the Csun zoom app.

9. Choose your initials in the top right corner. This will show you your CSUN email information and say LICENSED. If you had previously logged in using Google or created a free account, you should log out and log in using only your CSUN login details.

10. Once all these steps are followed, then you have successfully downloaded the zoom app and also signed into the zoom pro account.

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