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CSUN Portal: Helpful guide to access myNorthridge portal

CSUN Portal is the CSUN’s official web portal for enrolled or current students as well as applicants who are yet to find their feet in California State University, Northridge. The CSUN Portal is otherwise known as myNorthridge Portal.

The platform is designed to help students with all the tools and resources that they need to carry out what is expected of them, all available in one central location. A known fact common to the CSUN Portal is the convenience that comes with it. Using the service, you can get almost everything you need to as regards your education including access to CSUN Canvas.

How to log into CSUN Portal

myNorthridge portal

Follow the instructions below to sign in and access the myNorthridge portal:

1. Open your web browser, and go to www.csun.edu.

2. On the sign-in menu myNorthridge portal, click Portal.

3. Enter your user ID and password. If you are a new applicant, you will need to enter your email address and the temporary password received from CSUN.

4. Now, click Login to access your CSUN account.

5. Alternatively, you can just visit the direct CSUN portal login page to sign in quickly.

Things to note when accessing the CSUN Portal

To use the myNorthridge portal, you must have a CSUN user ID which has to be activated. To activate the user ID, find the user ID and initial password in the admissions packet sent to you by Admissions and Records.

After, visit the school website at www.csun.edu and log in using the Portal on the sign-in menu myNorthridge Portal. Once done, you will see the CSUN User ID guide, follow it to activate, and also reset your password.

If you have trouble logging in, you should check if the caps lock is off and if Javascript and cookies are enabled. Also, ensure you do not enter incorrect user ID and password. If after doing everything and still the same, you might try closing and relaunching to see if it is resolved. You can also contact the IT Help Center for professional help.

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Upon login to the Csun Portal, you will have the navigation bar in view. The myNorthridge Portal is divided into seven tabs, we have the Home tab, Services tab, Academics tab, Services tab, Financial Matters tab, and Add Page tab. By default, the home page always comes up, but you can select other tabs to view content and resources embedded within.

It is also very important to always log out after finishing using the Csun Portal. This is to prevent unauthorized persons from using or accessing your account. To log out of your account from the myNorthridge portal, Go to the upper right-hand corner of the page and click Logout.

How to activate your CSUN portal account

Follow the activation instructions below to set up your CSUN portal account:

1. After applying to California State University, Northridge through Cal State Apply, you will get an email from Admissions and Records sent to the email address you provided during your online application. The caption

2. The email will be received within one to two days of your online application carrying the caption, “Activate Your CSUN Account”

3. Endeavour to always check your CSUN email and myNorthridge Portal regularly for official communications as the school will stop sending emails to your personal email address.

4. Now, check the mail sent to you by Admissions and Records for the “Activation CSUN User ID and Password”. The electronic email will have a link to validate your identity and also set up your own password.

5. Now that you have the user ID and Password, visit the CSUN Login Page at auth.csun.edu/idm and enter the login details into the text boxes.

6. Follow the successive instructions to activate your user ID and password for use on the CSUN Portal.

How to change your CSUN portal password

You may decide to change your password if you have any reason to believe it has been exposed or just want to change. It is easy to change the password for your my Northridge Portal and we will be guiding you through the process:

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1. To change your CSUN portal password, visit the Change My Password page.

2. Enter your CSUN user ID and current password.

3. Provide the new csun password and ensure it satisfies the system requirements.

Note: When creating your new password, you should note that the password can contain a minimum of 12 characters and can also include any number of alphabetic characters, numbers, special characters, or capital letters. Also, your password should not contain your names or CSUN Portal userID.

How to reset your forgotten CSUN password

If you are unable to log in on your my Northridge Portal due to an incorrect password, you can easily reset the forgotten CSUN password, and start accessing your CSUN Account again.

1. Navigate to www.csun.edu to change your password for use on the myNorthridge portal.

2. Go to Portal on the sign-in menu CSUN portal.

3. Scroll down and click Forgot My Password.

4. Provide your date of birth and should follow the format, MM/DD.

5. In the next field, you only need to enter any of the following – Your CSUN user ID, your 9-digit CSUN ID number, OR your CSUN email.

6. Click Next to go to the next phase.

7. Select your preferred method to receive your temporary password or reset link. Once you have made the decision, select the Send Temporary CSUN Password button to get the temporary password.

9. Follow the subsequent instructions to change your password.

How to find your user ID for your CSUN Account

If you have forgotten your CSUN userID, you can search for it by following our guide below:

1. To find your CSUN userID, start by visiting the myNorthridge portal at www.csun.edu.

2. Proceed to Portal located on the sign-in menu in my Northridge portal.

3. Scroll down to reveal the Navigation Tab and click Forgot My User ID.

4. Complete the fields with the necessary information and click Search to retrieve your CSUN user ID.

CSUN Email

Students are provided a CSUN email account when they apply at the school. This will be sent by the Admissions and Records with your CSUN email address and initial password. The login details can be used to access your CSUN email account for the first time before being prompted to set your passwords.

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The CSUN student Gmail account sent to you will now be your official email account and can be used to get in touch with you. Students will also be able to get in touch with the School.

How to access your CSUN email

To log in and access your Csun email account, go to the Gmail login page or navigate to my.csun.edu and then sign in using @my.csun.edu email prefix and Csun password.

If you know your email address, you can sign in to your myNorthridge Portal and proceed to the Student Center (SOLAR). Your student Gmail address is located under Personal Information.

If you are yet to receive the temporary Csun password, reach out to the IT Help Center in person or by phone. If you have your CSUN password already, tried using it but not working, you can reset the CSUN password using our guide and try logging in again.

How to add classes via myNorthridge portal

Follow the guide below to register for class via the Csun Portal:

1. Visit www.csun.edu and Select the myNorthridge Portal link.

2. Login with your CSUN User ID and Password.

3. Now you should see your myNorthridge Home page after entering logging details.

4. In My Checklist, review the Registration and Incomplete Tasks sections to locate your enrollment appointment, the allowable maximum unit load, and any registration hold alerts.

5. Now, tap Enroll in a Class.

6. The Student Fee Payment Notice will be displayed. Read the disclosures and where to find your account charges and payment deadlines. Then select your Form 1098-T delivery option. To continue, accept the Statement of Financial Responsibility by selecting the “yes” or “no” box for electronic delivery of your IRS Form 1098-T.

7. Click the desired Term from the list and click Continue.

8. Go to the desired Term from the list and click Continue.

9. There are two ways to select classes to add. Select Class Search to look up available classes. Click Search or Type the 5 digit Class Number and tap Enter.

10. The Select Classes to Add – Enrollment Preferences page will pop up on the screen. First, check the status of the class: open or closed. Now, go through the preference and click Next when satisfied.

11. Your enrollment shopping cart will display the class you have selected. You can add more classes by searching for more classes to add.

12. The Confirm Classes page displays. Review the classes you have selected and click Finish Enrolling to process the request.

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