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Delaware state in USA: Interesting things to know about DE

Delaware may not be as big as most of the 50 states in the US, but there are various aspects of the state that suggests it is a great state with lots of interesting things to boast of.

Also, The State is not well known around the world. For instance, places like California, Florida, New York, Texas, and Georgia are some known states all over the world. Despite that, it could be perfect for most people who are looking for simplicity combined with everything that makes life more livable, such as affordable homes, decent jobs, security, and many more.

The state of Delaware is famous for many things, but one that mostly set her apart from others is being the first state to be admitted to the Union in the US. Being first is notable, therefore one cant mention the history of States in the USA without mentioning the first. Delaware was officially a state in the US on December 7, 1787.

Delaware got its name from the Delaware River, and then in succession named after Thomas West, twelfth baron De La Warr and who served as the first governor of Virginia. The name De La Warr is also spelled “Delaware.”

The Capital of Delaware is Dover and the largest city in the state is Wilmington. Wilmington in Delaware occupies a total area of 17.19 sq mi.

The Nickname(s) of the State of Delaware (DE) is The First State. The others are The Diamond State, The Small Wonder, and Blue Hen State. Its motto is Liberty and Independence.

The demonym used for people from Delaware is Delawarean.

Land Area and Population

Delaware occupies a total area of
1,982 sq mi, making it the 2nd smallest state in the US after Rhode Island. The state is bordered by the Delaware River, Delaware Bay, New Jersey, and the Atlantic Ocean in the east; by Pennsylvania in the north; by Maryland in the South and West.

Additionally, there is also a meager part of the state occupying the eastern side of the Delaware River which shares land boundaries with New Jersey.

According to the 2020 population census, it is recorded that the state of Delaware has about 1,003,384 people. This makes it the 45th most populous state in the US.

Delaware State Flag

The flag of Delaware has a Colonial blue field, on it is a buff-colored diamond, and also has a coat of arms of the state of Delaware in the diamond. Below the buff-colored diamond is the date, “December 7, 1787,” the State of Delaware became the first state to be admitted to the union.

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Delaware state flag

The colors on the Delaware flag depict the colors of the uniform worn by General George Washington and who is the first president of the United States. He served as a President from 1789 to 1797.

The coat of arms occupying the center part shows a shield of horizontal green, blue, and white stripes. On the stripes are some items representing the strength of Delaware when it comes to Agriculture, the items are a sheaf of wheat, an ear of corn, and an ox standing on grass. On top of the shield, there is a sailing ship. There is also a farmer on the left side and the right, there is a soldier.

Below the shield, there is a ribbon with the state motto, “Liberty and Independence” fitted into it.

The current flag of the Delaware Stae was adopted on July 24, 1913.

Most Popular Cities in Delaware, USA

1. Wilmington, DE

Welcome to Wilmington, Delaware, one of the best cities to live in if you are considering moving to the state and also happens to be the largest. In the city, there are affordable housing plans plus also a good spot to step up, especially if your children are still not through with schooling.

There are quite a good number of schools there including the University of Delaware and Drexel University. And if some excitement is all you are in haste to find, behold, it is a very good place where you can find awesome restaurants, and experience arts and culture.

With your family and friends, you want to check out Delaware Art Museum and the Andre Harvey Studio. This could provide you with something to talk about especially if you all are interested in Art. Your children or wards could also take a liking to Delaware Children’s Museum, and you can also expand by taking it to Bellevue State Park, Nemours Mansion & Gardens.

As a tourist, there are some decent hotels and motels in Wilmington, Delaware but one you want to check out is Hotel du Pont.

The total area of Wilmington is 17.19 sq mi.

2. Dover

How can anyone miss the capital of Delaware and the second-largest city in the state? Dover is worth checking out if you are targeting a good time. Also, it is a good place to move to in the USA when you consider all that it can offer.

The state capital can be found on the St. Jones River in the Delaware River coastal plain and has a very strong standing among the cities in Delaware when it comes to healthcare, technology, and manufacturing industries.

There is so much that is also been said about the City, including being a place with historic buildings, nice eateries around, shopping centers, and more. Also, if you want to check some casinos if you are feeling lucky, a good place to start is Dover Downs Casino.

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Other attractions that will no doubt keep you in wonderlands are available, among them are the Air Mobility Command Museum, the Dover International Speedway, and the Biggs Museum of American Art.

There are decent places to stay if you have nowhere to lay your head, check out some nearby hotels. Meanwhile, The Dover Garden Suites and the Home2 Suites by Hilton Dover should do just well for you.

The total area of the state capital, Dover, DE is 23.97 sq mi.

3. Newark

Newark is one of the best places you should check out if you are planning a trip to Delaware. The city is close to Wilmington and is also home to the prestigious school, the University of Delaware.

The place has a lot of options you want to explore, shopping centers, restaurants, attractions, and many more. Also, there are parks that can be utilized for biking, horse-riding, and hiking. Carpenter State Park is a very good one for hiking and Glasgow Park is a place where you can have fun with friends or with your family.

You should also see through the Newark Reservoir which is good for some walks and sightseeing. The air around the area should do your world some good.

There are also many great hotels down there, but we can only ask you to check out the Homewood Suites or the Embassy Suites Newark. The two hotels are close to Wilmington.

The total area occupied by Newark is 9.43 sq mi.

4. New Castle, Delaware

New Castle is one of the top cities in Delaware, about 6 miles from Wilmington. The city is in New Castle County and situated on the Delaware River.

New Castle was formerly the state capital of Delaware but was later moved to Dover which today is still the state capital. The place is the home of Broad Dyke, the first dyke built in the United States.

It is simply one of the best cities to live in due to the serene atmosphere. There are other historic places you can discover, such as Nee Castle Courthouse, Old Library Museum, and the Amstel House Gardens.

For a place to stay if you are a tourist, you will find Fairfield Inn & Suites enough for you or anyone you tagged along with.

Make a point to visit the New Castle Court House, a museum that will no doubt give you something to talk about among friends and families. Other historic sites to see include the Old Library Museum and the Amstel House Gardens.

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5. Smyrna, DE

Smyrna is in the northern part of Delaware and is definitely one of the best places in Delaware. One can say it is situated in Dover, Delaware Metropolitan Statistical Area.

The total area of Smyrna is 6.31 sq mi, of which water manages to squeeze out 0.07 sq mi. The cost of living in the place is very low compared to most regions.

If you are a family person with children, there are some good schools over there such as Smyrna High School, Smyrna Middle School, Smyrna Elementary School, and many more. It is also easy to find jobs there, that should not be any problem for anyone who wants to start afresh there.

Another thing you are going to love about the City is the low crime rate. Most people would be looking to get a place where they can feel very safe, which Smyrna can provide in abundance.

10 Interesting Facts About Delaware

Below are some interesting things to know about Delaware State in the US:

1. Among the 50 States in the United States, Delaware is the second-smallest state measuring about 1,982 sq mi in total area. Rhode Island is the smallest state in the US.

2. Delaware was home to a music icon and reggae pioneer, Bob Marley for over a decade, 12 years precisely. He moved into the state in 1965 with his mum and was there till 1977. He earned a living by working for Dupont Company and at the Chrysler assembly plant in Newark. Bob Marley also had one of his children, Stephen Marley born there.

3. The State of Delaware was the first state to ratify the constitution of the United States, on December 7, 1787. Hence the nickname, “First State”.

4. One of the interesting things about Delaware Bay, DE is that it is home to the largest concentration of horseshoe crabs in the world.

5. Do you know Pea Patch Island in Delaware? If Yes, you may still be wondering why it was named Pea Patch Island. It was named when a ship transporting peas, ran aground and then lost them, which led to pea plants growing on the island.

6. Delaware Memorial Bridge that links Delaware with New Jersey is one of the longest suspension bridges in the world. The bridge’s total length is 10,765 feet and its width is 59.1 feet. It receives about 80,000 people daily.

7. Several ships have been named USS Delaware to honor the state of Delaware.

8. The state is among the 5 states in the United States that have no sales tax. Others are Oregon, Montana, New Hampshire, and Alaska.

9. Despite being one of the smallest states in the US, it has more than a million registered corporations.

10. Sussex County in Delaware rears more broiler chickens than any other county in the US.

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