How to download any version of microsoft os

How Do I Download Any Version Of Microsoft OS?

Microsoft has remained relevant since the early days while adding necessary updates to optimize the user experience. It is known for offering global servers, and mobile, system solutions to its users.

You can download any version of the Microsoft operating system directly from this publication.

Looking back, windows 7 was the Apex Windows operating system, we further saw a release of Windows 8, 9,10 within a short time, and most people had to switch from W7 to try out other versions of Windows operating systems.

In the present-day world, people now use Windows 10 or Windows 11 meanwhile, the tech company already teased its users about releasing W12 anytime soon.

How To Change Windows OS Version?

Everyone has the free will of choosing any operating system that’s perfect for them. Everyone has their personal preference and not everyone is comfortable with upgrading to a higher operating system, as some people find W8 to W11 irritating because of its constant auto updates of programs in the background. Still, auto-updates can be disabled.

It is highly recommended that you upgrade to a higher version of the Windows operating system if you’re yet to do so. Although that will depend on your computer’s properties.

An upgrade will not only amplify your user’s experience but will also help amplify your security status, therefore making it complex for hackers or malware to gain access to your computer system.

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Windows 8 is currently the standard operating system for any laptop or computer device owned by the MS company. This is because some application programs will refuse to function effectively on a lesser version of Windows.

Looking back from the 90s when MS released the first operating system till the present day world, it is safe to conclude that Windows 7 is the best of all time because of its beautifully designed interface and it automatically comes with its pre-installed Browser.

Key Points To Note Before Downloading Any Microsoft OS

Before choosing to upgrade your operating system from Windows 8 to above, you need to check if your computer system is eligible for an upgrade. This is mostly attributed to the size of your desktop or laptop computer storage device (hard disk).

Sadly, you will be unable to perform an upgrade if your hard disk is small in size or doesn’t have a quantifiable amount of storage space left on your hard disk.

How Do I Download Any Version Of Microsoft OS?

How To Bypass Payment While Performing A Windows Upgrade

Do note that you can perform any of these upgrades without worrying about the financial cost of updating your OS, the MS company allows all users to perform any upgrade at zero costs.
However, you are most likely to purchase an activation key in order to gain access to the full features that come with your newly installed Windows.

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You can bypass paying for an activation key while installing your new windows by choosing the “I don’t have an activation key” option while installing your new windows. This will allow you to use your selected Windows OS for free but may be limited to performing some functions such as changing your themes and wallpaper, but you can also bypass the wallpaper option by selecting any image file from your media library for this purpose.

How To Enjoy Windows Unlimited Access

You can only enjoy full benefits attached to a Windows operating system after making payments and activating your Windows device. This means you are allowed to activate your upgraded OS after the installation processes to enjoy the full benefits attached.

You can achieve this using the settings option on your computer device. Look out for any menu that spells out “Update” Click on it and select the activation option. You’ll only see the activation option if you are using the free version of Windows, where you’ll further be prompted to input your access key.

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