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Download 100+ Best PPSSPP | Latest PSP Games For Android

What are the best PPSSPP Games to download and install on Android device?

These are the questions game lovers often asked from friends, experts, and search engines such as Google and Bing. In this article, we will provide you with the top-rated and updated best PSP Games APK For your Android device.

But then, what is a PPSSPP game?

But first, you will need to understand the term called, PSP emulator.

PSP emulator is an emulator that allows you to play quality PSP games you would not have been able to play on your Android Phone without its aid. PPSSPP is an acronym for “PlayStation Portable Simulator Suitable for Playing Portably”, and to play any PSP games, you will need to run or load it through the emulator to get the action and fun.

The selection for the best PPSSPP games to download on your smartphone in this article will be based on current ratings, reviews, and users’ opinions.

But first, there are few things you should know about this wonderful invention made just for portability and speed.

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How Does PPSSPP Work?

We have the PPSSPP games, the emulators, and the zip file extractor. If you ever want to play any PPSSPP games, you will need to download the PSP emulator from Google Play Store. We recommend PPSSPP emulator and is available for free. However, you can also go for the gold plan (ads free) if you wish to support the team effort. It cost just 2.49 USD.

After, you will need to download the game of your choice. There are several third-party platforms where you could get the PlayStation games, but ensure you only download from trusted sources that pose no threats to your Smartphones and you as well.

The PPSSPP games will come in rar, zip, or 7z extensions. You will need a file extractor to drag out the main .iso file. There are several extractors on Google Play Store, but we will recommend RAR.

Once the extract is ready, putting the PPSSPP emulator to work is the next step

How do we do that?

Well, it is very simple and needs no much emphasis on jargon. Launch the emulator from your Android device > Download PSP GAMES in ISO or CSO file format > A folder, called PSP will be automatically created on your file manager, but if not, create one > Move the downloaded game folder, ignore the other folders > Go back to the PPSSPP emulator to play the game.

Requirements for Playing PPSSPP

  1. Android Smartphone.
  2. The phone must have at least 1Gb ram and 4Gb free space to run effectively.
  3. An extractor – RAR, ZArchiver, or any good one.
  4. PSP emulator
  5. ISO or CSO of the PSP game you want to run and play on the emulator.
  6. Some games require an internet connection to work effectively.

Best Free PPSSPP Games for Android


God of War: Ghost of Sparta is the 6th installment in the God of War series. The action-packaged game was developed by Ready at Dawn and uploaded by Sony Computer Entertainment.

God of war ppsspp games

The storyline is about Vengeance set in Greece, a place where Kratos, God of war was born. Kratos is one of the seeds spread around by Zeus, the first of the gods and often referred to as protector and father to all.

Kratos has always been the one to possess power and authority which eventually led him to sell his soul to Ares. Zeus and the other gods could see this and this led to them betraying him. However, the tragic loss of his family had fueled his rage towards carrying out revenge in a very cruel way.

Meanwhile, Zeus also received a prophecy that one of his many sons would have him killed just as he murdered his father to take a more central role. All these are among what brought the motivation.

The gameplay is no different from previous installments but centers more on combo-based combat carried by the main actor of the event and its ferocious weapon, the Blades of Athena. It comes with a timed event that ensures that the player must overcome within a specified time. You will also find difficult stages that you will need to complete before moving to another.

The game has been fully upgraded and users could make use of the new weapons, navigational abilities, and magical powers worthy of a god to compete. God of War has remained one of the best PPSSPP games to download and install on Android and here we are recommending it to you for download.

2. FIFA 2021

If you have enjoyed playing the previous editions of FIFA, then getting the FIFA 2021 is what you should be vying for. The game was developed by Electronic Arts under the EA Sports label and often releases annually to correspond with changes common with club and national football teams.

fifa 2021 best psp games

FIFA Video game is the only platform where you can experience the biggest events in Europe, South America, international competition, and more which include EPL, Laliga, Europa League, Champions League, and Europa League.

EA Sports holds the license, thereby providing you access to over 17,000 players and 700+ teams alongside more than 30 leagues plus 90 stadiums. It is truly an incredible feeling knowing that your favorite teams and players are right under your control. It has a great graphic and having it run on your PPSSPP emulator via your Mobile phone ensures you can easily play from anywhere.

3. PES 21 (Pro Evolution Soccer)

Pes goes by different names, it is called Winning Eleven 5 in Japan, and also called World Soccer while the rest of the world would rather tag it, ‘PES’. Meanwhile the name, ‘PES’ has stuck more than other names.

best ppsspp games for android fifa 2021

The football simulation video game was developed by PES Productions and published by Konami. It is one of the most played soccer games and one could say it is a worthy competitor to FIFA. About 19 leagues are licensed in the game, not as much as the exclusive right given to FIFA. Most teams under the licensed leagues use real players as well as logos and kits.

Aside from the little drawback, PES has a great graphic and is designed to be more of a simulator. You are going to be good to be able to do some tricks and flicks which is much easier on FIFA. In other words, what you do is what you get.

4. Tekken: Dark Resurrection

If you have played the Non-PSP Tekken before, you are even going to love the PPSSPP version due to the portability, graphics quality and the game modes are exactly what game fanatics want to see.

best psp games for android

It is one of the best additive and fighting games so far, evidenced by the large numbers of fans that have downloaded and played the PlayStation game.

In this version, you are going to love the added new moves, the enhancement made to all characters, and the new ranks. It is almost impossible to tell you the experience as you need to live it by downloading the Playstation game onto your Android.

5. Ben 10 – Alien Force

Ben 10 – Alien Force is among the best-animated TV shows out there and having it as a PPSSPP game is a wonderful privilege.

best playstation games for android ppsspp

Considering how the show fared in the market, we were not surprised to see it as a video game and so far, it has also been a success. The cartoon is about a 10 years old boy, Ben Tennyson, his cousin, and grandpa max on vacation.

During their first night of camping, the unimaginable happened as Ben stumbled across a pod believed to be Alien’s pod with a mysterious device named the Omnitrix. The device immediately attached to him giving him the ability to transform into a variety of alien life-forms and each coming with its unique powers and ability. With these newfound powers, a young Ben went on to become the hero charged with stopping evils and alien attacks.

This particular version centers on Ben who went with his cousin and a friend to track all that remains of the alien technology hidden on earth as well as unravel the mystery behind the disappearance of grandpa max.

6. Mortal Kombat – Unchained

Your childhood is not bad if you were among those that played the legendary mortal kombat on Sega. The amount of content, the moves, and various tricks packed in it are almost unbelievable. This game is back and better on the PlayStation and also can be played as PPSSPP Games on your Android smartphone.

best ppsspp games for Android emulator

Given that Unchained is the continuation of deception, you are likely to find some stuff you are already familiar with and some slight improvement due to storyline upgrade. Added to it is Endurance Mode that allows you to go head to head with successive opponents. It is a great game to play and having an android phone does not mean you should miss out on all the fun.

7. Avatar (The Last Airbender)

The cartoon, Avatar (The Last Airbender) is almost a complete package, aside from the action part, the adventure and fantasy you are going to get from the various episodes, viewers also get a good laugh.

best ppsspp games for smart phone

The cartoon is deemed to be one of the most-watched and downloaded anime videos ever produced. The action is now available as a video game that most age-grades can play. The gameplay allows you to choose any of the characters, Sokka, Aang, Katara, and Haru in a single play event.

Each character is embedded with his own special set of skills and with the ability to earn additional ones as the game progresses. The game has lots of resources that players can collect to make special items that can be used in the game. It is also one of the best PPSSPP Games any game fanatics would enjoy playing on their emulators.

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8. Call of Duty (Roads of Victory)

Call of Duty (Roads of Victory) is another remarkable PSP game worth having on your PPSSPP emulator. The game is a perfect shooting game if you are looking for games with various fire weapons.

best ppsspp games for android

The game was created by Amaze Entertainment and published by Activision Publishing. In the game, you are going to come across different barricades and phases which you are expected to overcome. Call of Duty has 3 important missions, they are Canadian, Canadian, and American.

To cross the hurdles during the US battle, there are important stages such as Operation Detroit, Operation Market Garden, and Operation Avalanche you will need to overcome. The British mission involves getting the better of your opponents in Operation Varsity and Operation Market Garden. And then we have the Canadian mission in which you are to face the Battle of the Scheldt, Operation Blockbuster, and then Operation Infatuate.

If you are featuring in multiplayer, up to 6 players are allowed to join via ad hoc. The game types they may face are Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, King of the Hill, Team Deathmatch, and Hold the Flag.

9. Lord of The Rings – Aragorn’s Quest The

Lord of The Rings – Aragorn’s Quest, the perfect PPSSPP game anyone could ask for. The adventure game with lots of action scenes was officially released to the public in 2010 by WB Games. Since then, it has commanded several applause from fans, especially from people who have watched the movie.

ppsspp games download android

Being a lovely and adventurous movie with a wide following, you can expect great quality and much focus on ensuring that the characters are exceedingly great. Even if you have not watched it before, you are going to enjoy the various adventures in the game.

10. Spider-Man 3

Ask any kid to name their 10 best movie heroes and you can expect about 90% of them to squeeze in Spiderman. Many characters have taken the roles of Spiderman, but we are very impressed with the way Tom Holland and Peter Parker have been able to show us that a movie can be action-packed and still funny. These characters made us love Spiderman more.

best playstation game for ppsspp emulator

Spider is no doubt one of the best ppsspp games you should endeavor to have in your emulator. It can be very inspiring and also addictive. If you are going to play it, ensure you have some alarm set so you won’t miss the more important stuff.

11. Fast and Furious

Another exciting PSP game worthy of taking a place on your device is Fast and Furious. The game is based on the movie Fast & Furious, which entails some action and racing.

best ppsspp game android download

It revolves around the main characters in the film with lots of cars to select from. If you access the single-player mode, you will have to go through the storyline. It is mostly about getting one over your opponents during racing, but you also have to overcome them by using more sophisticated weapons provided in the game.

12. WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011

WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 is yet another PPSSPP game you can have much fun while playing. The game combines two kinds of WWE, smackdown and raw to give gamers an experience they would want to go over and over.

best playstation game for ppsspp emulator

It is even better now and users can now experience a new feature called Match Creator, which allows players to create new kinds of events. Also, online mode is now back.

The likes of Hulk Hogan, Shawn Micheal, John Cena, and Undertaker gave us a good show and it is about time you experience what it feels like to be the man of the moment using the various skills and weapons to beat your opponent.

13. Naruto Shippuden – Ultimate Ninja Impact

Naruto Shippuden – Ultimate Ninja Impact for years has been one of the most downloaded and highly rated PSP games on any gaming website and apps that allows downloading of PPSSPP games.


We have seen several improvements over the years, but one of the most outstanding improvements to the game is the rotating camera thereby allowing view from each angle. The combat is lovely and you will want to repeat the same phase every time.

Gamers can take the role of several characters with their distinctive moves and ability. You can be a Naruto, Sakura, or whatever character that got you.

14. Grand Theft Auto – Vice City Stories

Grand Theft Auto – Vice City Stories is one game considered elite and one to play for the fun, action, adventure, and mild racing you can get.

Best ppsspp games

The storyline is about a very ambitious Vic who intends to build and control a large organization of criminals alongside his blood brother, lance. To become unstoppable, they are just going to have to deal with other sets of criminals.

The game allows players to take a role in a large environment with the ability to combat, use weapons, walk, swim and do most things to survive attacks.

15. Need For Speed – Most Wanted 5-1-0

Although the game was created in 2005, it is still one of the most addictive racing video games to play on your Android’s PSP emulator.

top ppsspp game android download

The game was the idea of EA Canada and EA Black Box but was published by Electronic Art. It entails street racing with lots of events and racing circuits to have the moment in the city of Rockport. Players will be trying to become the best while also evading an arrest from the police due to the disorder set by these elite racers.

The game modes are single and multiplayer and come with 4 play modes – Challenge Series, Quick Race, and Career. The 4th mode of play is only for multi-player game mode that can only be played on certain consoles.

Iso file link: Download Need For Speed – Most Wanted 5-1-0 (Size: 178 Mb)

16. Assassin’s Creed – Bloodlines

Ask anyone who ever watched the movie, Assassin’s Creed, they will tell you how captivating and action-packed the film was. Now we have it as a game where you can role play and display those beautiful moves and skills.

best psp games android

Users have great weapons such as knives, swords, and blades they can use to surmount the enemies. This deserves to be one of those games you want to play when you need to free your mind. The graphic is decent and this new update ensures you can pick up your throwing knives when you walk over them.

17. Iron 1 and 2

The PSP game is almost difficult to describe due to how awesome and cool it is. It is a nice feeling knowing that one of our favorite Marvel SuperHero, Iron man (Tony Stark) has a game developed which everyone can enjoy.

best psp games for android

The action-adventure game is published by Sega, giving us one hell of a storyline featuring super villains such as Titanium Man, Iron Monger, Melter, Blacklash, and Controller.

  • Iso file link: Download Iron 1 (Size: 477Mb)
  • Iso file link: Download Iron 2 (Size: 696Mb)

18. Lord of Arcana

The game, Lord of Arcana was created by Access Games and published by Square Enix. It was specially designed for gamers who love action video games. In the game, you are going to take up a role and fight monsters and demons. It also allows up to 4 players to play the game.

top ppsspp games for android emulator

Being a monster slayer as well, you can also ask for help from monsters. Players can use magic like fire to cause untold damage to the enemies. This is a top game you will love, once you have downloaded it, you are going to want to spend much time with it.

19. Metal Gear Solid – Peace Walker

It is almost impossible to see video games published by Konami to have a bad rating. The same goes for Metal Gear Solid – Peace Walker, another Playstation game with massive followings from around the world.

ppsspp iso game android

The action-adventure video game is simply a class one with the storyline centers on a man called Snake and is set in Costa Rica in 1974. In the game, you have two modes you can play, they are Mother base and the addictive mission.

The mission has to do with you causing untold damages and killings in the enemies base. In this mode, you can decide on which mission you want to go through and you can rest assured it is all entertaining. The mother base is all about army management mode.

20. Dante’s Inferno

The PPSSPP game, Dante’s Inferno is the work of Visceral Games and offered by Electronic Arts, a renowned brand known to almost every game lover.

ppsspp game

The game allows you to control the protagonist, Dante through a series of battles involving you using a weapon, ‘scythe’ that can be used on the antagonists. Players could also adopt another weapon called Holy Cross that blows out a volley of energy on enemies.

The game is quick and you are going to experience some great moves that are going to wow you as you get better in the game. The game size is huge, which is expected considering how much effort was put into it by the developer.

21. Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII

The game is about a very brilliant young man, Zack Fair who was tasked with the responsibility of searching for the soldiers who went missing. As Zack carries out the mission, he unfolds Project G, and Genesis’ origin, which have something to do with high-ranking members, Angeal Hewley and Sephiroth of the forces.


As a gamer, you will take the role of Zack Fair, moves him through and between open areas which allows you to interact with non-player characters, battle freaks, and even more. The player can also decide to take a side mission and if successful, a reward will be given and new missions could also get unlocked.

The game is going to be a series of events with amazing graphics capable of tempting you to stay glued to your screen for some time. No wonder, it is one of the most played Playstation games around the world.

22. Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen Europe

Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen Europe is more like a reflection of the original movie and comes with lots of events any gamers would want to walk over.

ppsspp psp game download

The PPSSPP game has two different campaigns, the first showcasing the Autobots while the other, mainly revolves around Decepticons. Unlike the old version, this update allows you to choose the mission players that you would want to go through with and also the environment. It also comes with additional characters and missions, thereby giving you ample choices for your entertainment and fun.

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Multiplayer is another feature you will adore on Transformers and comes with 5 different modes. There are lots of features in the game and you will not experience them until you have them saved on your Android phone.

23. Army of Two – The 40th Day

Army of Two – The 40th Day is a game you want to have if you are looking for some massive shooting video game. It plays out by using just two characters, Elliot Salem and Tyson Rios who set out to fight unrelenting forces while also using the experience and expertise of their handler, Alice Murray.

best ppsspp game android psp

To do that, they have a massive collection of weapons they can use and each can also be upgraded for even greater destruction of the enemies’ lines. Players will also be able to pick up weapons and grenades from defeated enemies. Another way to get weapons is through armored boxes, rescuing hostages, and more.

The game can be played in two modes, single-player and multiplayer mode.

24. Dead Or Alive Paradise

If you have experienced Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 in all its glory, then you need no convincing about Dead Or Alive Paradise game as it is captivating.

playstation game for ppsspp emulator

In the game, you can indulge in several activities, such as Pool Hopping, Hip Battle, Beach Flags, Tug-of-War, and Water Slide. Players can make use of items to help them do better. Also, characters have their favorite color which has a say on items they receive.

The players would also be able to race on jet skis and other events that are so thrilling. If you are a lady, or not just interested in any gory video games, then this sports video game could intrigue you into giving up everything.

25. Pursuit Force

A video game published by Sony Computer Entertainment is expected to turn heads especially if it falls within the action and combat category. It does not come as a surprise to see Pursuit Force flying and deserves also to be among the top PPSSPP games you deserve to get on your mobile device.

ppsspp games

The game is about a security agent who specializes in keeping criminals at bay. He is a fighter. How does he do that?

He will need to chase down adversaries and also engage in serious gun battles against heavily armed gangs to try and seize vehicles. There are about 30 missions a player could take which is more than enough to keep you busy. In each of the missions, you are going to deal with about 6 different gangs.

As you go on in the game, you can earn rank and also open new missions with a new set of abilities to make the game easier and even more exciting for you.

26. Clash Of The Titans

Clash Of The Titans is one hell of a movie and is remains among the special set of movies on my storage. Anyone who has seen the movie will have no doubt about downloading Clash Of The Titans ISO on their Android device.

ppsspp game download android

As a player, you can combat your way using your hands and also make use of weapons for severe damages. Players will be able to use points accumulated to upgrade their weapons and can also perform a series of moves on the adversaries.

27. Prince Of Persia – Revelations

This article has probably featured enough action-adventure video games for you to download, but adding Prince Of Persia – Revelations to the list won’t be a bad idea considering how much weight it carries.

playstion game download android

This is a single-mode player, but you are going to love things you could do including devising violent new combos using melee weapons, engaging in a ferocious battle with the enemies, and other challenges. Even though it is a good storyline, you are also going to love the graphics and sounds.

28. Gran Turismo

If you have ever played a racing game like Need for speed and you feel you need another racing simulation video game, then Gran Turismo is exactly another racing game worth gracing your list of PPSSPP games.

best top ppsspp games download android

It is no doubt a perfect one as it is well structured, developed, and with good handles. Players can trade within the game and with more than 700 cars available, finding the perfect one should not be that difficult. You can also carry out repairs and share your cars among your tweeps.

When trying to play the daily events, you will need to put on the work, signing up for it is the first step and then qualifying to have a chance to go against a human opponent.

Another great thing about the game, Gran Turismo is playing offline which means you won’t need to expend data. This is only available in Arcade mode. Go to any Iso store, download, install and start enjoying all the excitement it brings.

29. Crash Tag Team Racing (CTR)

CTR is one of the racing games popular years back due to the massive works put therein by the creators. It involves the main character who must win at all costs to earn the dilapidated theme park.

list ppsspp psp games

To do that, Crash Bandicoot will have to take on the tricky Doctor Neo Cortex. There are five different environments to role play and players will be able to collect park’s currency, wumpa coins, and power crystals.

There are about 8 characters including the main protagonist and the newly introduced characters which makes it more exciting especially if you have played the previous version.

30. Hellboy – The Science of Evil

Not many get to experience the comic book, Hellboy: The Science of Evil, however, if you miss out on it, you surely want to see the movie version. It will always be among the best-rated movies.

Psp games

And here we also have the game version playable and enjoyable on your PPSSPP emulator. Gamers even love it more than most games as it has online and offline multiplayer co-op for up to 2 players.

You are in charge of Hellboy and you will need to battle hard on several levels with all sums of in 6 chapters. To reach the next stage, you must endeavor to defeat the enemies using the gigantic hand for most combat situations. Hellboy has lots of moves needed to overcome, but it all depends on how good and calculating you are.

31. Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider is a decent PSP game worth taking some space on your Android Smartphone. The game was influenced by the movie, ‘Ghost Rider’ a young man and Stunt motorcyclist, Johnny Blaze who gave up his soul to become the blazing ghost rider to save his dad.

best ppsspp games

As a ghost rider, he can change into a burning skeleton. He possesses so much power to the extent it makes him almost impossible to kill especially when in flames.

The motorcycle is powerful enough even more than all conventional vehicles. Blaze can also transform his bike and even cause it to burn without doing any actual damage.

32. Beowulf – The Game

The PSP game, Beowulf was developed by Ubisoft Shanghai due to the success the movie enjoyed when it was released in the United States of America in 2007.

download best psp games for android

Beowulf can be controlled to dodge, attack, counterattack, and can switch into carnal mode. A carnal mode that gives him the ability to carry out a series of attacks including punches, and the use of weapons to heap miseries on the enemies. Power can also be upgraded in the game.

The characters in the game are voiced by the actors who acted in the movie which is surely exciting news for those who have seen the movie.

33. Soul Calibur – Broken Destiny

The single and multiplayer video game features exciting characters such as Kratos, Taki, Talim, Heishiro Mitsurugi, Tira, Ivy Valentine, Voldo, Cassandra Alexandra, Yoshimitsu, Chai Xianghua, Cervantes de Leon, Hildegard von Krone, Siegfried Schtauffen, Sophitia, Setsuka, Seong Mi-Na, Nightmare, and Amy Sorel.

best ppsspp games

The game has Quick Match, The Gauntlet, Trials consists of three portions: Versus Mode, Training Mode with each of them having their unique attributes which is a bit different from what we are used to on the predecessor, Soulcalibur IV.

However, there have been some adjustments in Soul Calibur – Broken Destiny. Players will no longer be able to change muscularity and physical attributes but come with an even better upgrade as they now can modify, position, and change the size of items.

34. X-Men Origins – Wolverine

The movie itself, X-Men Origins: Wolverine comes with lots of action scenes, spearheaded by the fictional character Wolverine. The combat in the game is carried out by grabs, light, and heavy attacks. He also has an anger issue, and when the meter is full, can be used to cause devastating harm to the enemies.

psp ppsspp download android games

By getting the better of enemies, accumulating collectibles, and demolishing, you earn XP, also known as Experience Point which can be used to level up. Going to the next level is also gaining some points, and players could use the awarded points to get an upgrade.

35. Dead to Rights – Reckoning (Europe)

Reckoning is a third-person shooter and simple video game for people who are not looking to download a large chunk of the PPSSPP ISO game, yet enjoy the amazing game time while on it.

ppsspp games download

The game was published by Namco but was developed by Rebellion Developments on February 3, 2006, in Europe and 2005 in North America. It has the usual single and multiplayer mode.

The protagonist, Jack Slate has a style similar to the legendary movie star, Steven Seagal, and also has this unique style of shooting while he goes down to the floor. He loves to move with his dog that does a good job taking down enemies at the press of a button. Not big on size, but you are going to love the simple and decent graphics.

Iso file link: Download Dead to Rights – Reckoning (Size:105Mb)

36. FIFA Street 2

FIFA Street 2 does not look like a game that will go out soon as it continues to amass players from around the world. One could not tell if it is the simple design, control, or the fact that it is one of the games that does not slow down android devices with small random access memory.

ppsspp emulator games

You can say what you want, but it remains a game that you want to explore. It is a street football game in which you are allowed to role play a 4 man side. To win, you just have to ensure you meet a determined number of goals or points via tricks, or within a time limit.

It also features a career mode that allows a player to improve and also get the chance to captain his team and possibly enter the world market. Great players such as Pele and Carlos can be unlocked in Fifa Street 2 and with more surprises to come in the football game.

37. YS Seven

YS Seven could be the game you want to play if you are looking for an action video game. Developed by Nihon Falcom and published by JP: Nihon Falcom. Like most action games, the gamers will have to choose between weapons to fight off enemies.

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good ppsspp games

No weapons or magic types are the same, therefore you are likely to see them with different results, which could be smaller or blown out of proportion. Also, if an adversary has a weakness for a particular weapon, you are bound to see greater damages.

In the game, characters can dodge attacks and thereby reducing the adverse effect of an attack. Also, a meter is available that when full, allows the character to carry out an extraordinary move against the enemies.

  • Iso file link: Download YS Seven (Size: 423 Mb)

38. Burnout Dominator

Burnout Dominator is a racing video game available for download for anyone who is looking for competitive racing. The control is almost perfect and players will also enjoy the great features embedded in the game.

good ppsspp games download on android

Also, the moment the meter fills up, the flame will become blue which means you are now ready to even race faster. The game has two game modes, single and multiplayer mode. Burnout Dominator is a game you want to play and besides, the size is not that huge for a game with such quality and could be good for gamers with limited storage size.

39. The Warriors

The Warriors is more of a survival game than an action-adventure, although they all interlocked with one another. The game centers on a gang that was set to take the fall for the murder of a very powerful gang leader and yet must return home.

some good playstation games for android

Now that he is being hunted by police and a set of gangs, surviving is paramount and to that, he needs to defend himself. The characters in the game include the Warriors graffiti artist, Harlem native Cochise, Warriors leader Cleon, Cleon and Swan’s friends Vermin, and lieutenant Swan.

40. Valhalla Knights

Valhalla Knights is a very interesting RPG game that you are going to love the moment you start playing. The storyline is very interesting and you are going to love the feeling that comes from fighting demons to collect resources.

good psp games for android

The game runs without any hiccups and loads faster once launched. In the game, you are going to experience a style not common with most RGP games. Meanwhile, it can be very addictive as you need some level of control to be able to leave the game for something more important. If it is to exhaust some time, then it is exactly the PPSSSP game you want to download and play on your Android device.

41. FIFA 14 – Legacy Edition Europe

FIFA 14 may be a very old football game, but still among the most played Playstation games in the world. The game has been known to provide a reflection of the European league we love and adore.

best games for Ppsspp emulators

About 33 leagues are licensed in the game and come with over 16,000 players and 600 clubs. You can use a club bearing their real names and also use their various kits and merchandise in the game. You will also find leagues from South America, Chilean Primera División, and more in the game.

FIFA 14 has exceeded expectations and will always be one of the PSP games you will never get tired of playing anytime soon.

42. Silent Hill Origins

For those who want a very intense survival horror video game, Silent Hill Origins could give you that. The game was designed by Climax Action and published by Konami Digital Entertainment, a brand known to be top-notched when it comes to gaming.

list of best ppsspp games download android

As a player, your mission is to control the main character, Travis Grady as he looks for information about a girl he rescued from a fire. Aside from using hands for combat situations, weapons such as melee weapons, firearms, and one-shot items are used in close combat.

43. Moto GP

Another name for MotoGP is Grand Prix motorcycle racing, one of the most remarkable, daring, and aggressive games you will ever come across. Moto GP is developed and published by the same brand, Namco.

best psp games for android device

Moto Gp is about the Grand Prix motorcycle racing season, but with some little adjustments to make it a good game every game lover can enjoy during their spare time.

  • Iso file link: Download Moto GP (Size: 253Mb)

44. The Sims 2

For a game most popular as PC games and released in 2004, it is still as entertaining and thrilling even many years later. The Sims 2 is not a gun-blazing or combat video game, but a game that involves using a strategic approach to create something.

best psp games for android

In the game, you will be able to create your sim as well as everything that makes a town tick. The game has been a success and one of the few games to make sales of 100 million copies in less than 10 days. With such a crazy order, you need no one telling you what a game The Sims is.

45. Monster Hunter Freedom 2

Monster Hunter Freedom 2 is an RPG game created by Capcom Production Studio 1. In the game, there are lots of monsters you will have to face, although it always starts with wannabe monsters, but as you progress, you are going to come across the real monsters.

top best ppsspp games for android

There are three difficulty levels in the game for players. The higher the level, the more difficult the game gets. Regardless, there are powerful weapons and rare items that players can use to aid them in their quest. And if you download quests, you will be provided with unique resources capable of giving you bonus equipment.

46. Star Wars – The Force Unleashed

Talking about the ppsspp (PSP) game you should download on your Android, another game you might love is Star Wars – The Force Unleashed. The game scored 4 out of 5 in Trusted Reviews, and 7.3/10 on IGN rating, enough to tell us how gamers rate the game.

list of ppsspp games

In the game, the character has a lightsaber and the Force as weapons. By destroying the adversaries, players get experience points, and found artifacts can also be used to improve skills and powers. The players can move and shoot in the game, but the game tends to favor those who take a more strategic approach. Like most games, the game ensures you get some easy opponents which could rise as you take on bigger missions.

47. Field Commander

If you are the kind that loves military video games, then you are not wrong if you decide to download this Field Commander ISO file. It is strictly a turn-based tactics video game with the player taking the war to a criminal organization called Shadow Nation.

ppsspp games download

There are two modes in Field Commander: Single-player and multiplayer. Players can select any commander officer to take the role of Player’s avatar. Ammunition and fuel are limited in the game for some basic weapons and vehicles, however, infantry has them unlimited.

As a player, you can control the character to cause damages to cities, destroy a terrain or building, and could also call in special supports which always include EMP blasts, Airstrikes, and Satellite Lasers. It is the same style used in other games within the same category, except that the storyline is different.

48. Sonic Rivals 2

Sonic Rivals 2 is a really fast racing video game you want to have your hands on if you are a fan of this genre. The game has 8 characters including Sonic the Hedgehog Players can select from.

best playstation games for ppsspp emulator

All 8 characters will be able to move and run through the level using spin dash and homing attack. By destroying the enemies and collecting rings while you move, the meter fills up and can be used to carry out a special unique move to have an advantage.

Sonic Rivals 2 has 4 single players modes for players to select from with Story Mode being the main mode. The characters also have their different storylines and are divided into 4 teams. There is also a mode called free mode that allows you to choose any of the characters and play Sonic in the traditional 2D Sonic fashion that most android users are familiar with.

49. Tactics Ogre – Let Us Cling Together

Tactics Ogre is a Japanese tactical RPG developed by Quest in conjunction with many several developers. The game is based on tactics and strategies, as players will find themselves building while also preparing for battles to come.

games download ppsspp android

This is not a game that you will just go all blazing using your weapons as there is always a pre-battle tactic you need to work out with your allies. Also, you are going to love the storyline if you value such content

50. Coded Arms – Contagion

Coded Arms is a first-person shooter game designed and published by Konami. You have about 13 levels to complete using a special agent and trained killer, Jacob Grant and who is also good with computer hacking which can be useful in unlocking doors, panels, and turrets.

list of best ppsspp games download on android

The levels to compete in Coded Arms are about 3 namely A.I.D.A. Core, Industrial Zone, and Military Zone. During the mission, the character has special points that can be used to upgrade weapons, health, and armor. Players will also be able to adopt wifi support which can be used for multiplayer mode.

Grenades can be upgraded which normally helps to heap increased damage to enemies. If it takes so much to kill enemies, maybe you have not yet got a better weapon of destruction.

Other List of Free PPSSPP Games For Download On Android

51Flatout: Head On (Size: 377Mb)

52. MotorStorm Arctic Edge (Size: 574 Mb)

53. Lumines (Size: 151 Mb)

54. God Of War: Chains of Olympus (Size: 1.2 Gb)

55. X-Men Legends II – Rise of Apocalypse (Size: 1.1Gb)

56. Disgaea: Afternoon Of Darkness (Size: 446 Mb)

57. Wipe Out Pulse (Size: 215Mb)

58. Resistance: Retribution (Size: 1.41Gb)

59. Spectral souls – resurrection of the ethereal empire (Size: 564 Mb)

60. The simsons game (Size: 723Mb)

61. Final fantasy tactics – the war of the lions (Size: 225Mb)

62. G-Force (Size: 874 Mb)

63. Go! Sudoku (Size 251Mb)

64. B-Boy (Size: 487Mb)

65. White Knight Chronicles – Origins Europe (M5) (Size: 753Mb)

66. Indiana Jones And The Staff of Kings (Size: 383Mb)

67. Gangs of London (Size: 1.0Gb)

68. Marvel – Ultimate Alliance (Size: 1.5Gb)

69. Pac-Man World 3 (Size: 437Mb)

70. Madden NFL 12 (Size: 484Mb)

71. Obscure The Aftermath (Size: 835Mb)

72. Lego Batman – The Video Game (Size: 620Mb)

73. Pac-Man World Rally (Size: 229Mb)

74. Generation of Chaos (Size: 665Mb)

75. Major League Baseball 2k12 (Size: 1.3Gb)

76. Jackass The Game (Size: 1.8Gb)

77. Winning Eleven – Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 (M2) (Size: 784Mb)

78. Marvel – Ultimate Alliance 2 (Size: 1.5Gb)

79. Initial D – Street Stage (Size: 524Mb)

80. The Lord of The Rings – Tactics (Size: 485Mb)

81. Everybody’s Tennis (Europe) (Size: 1.3Gb)

82. Bakugan Battle Brawlers – Defenders of The Core (Size: 749Mb)

83. Cars 2 (Size: 433Mb)

84. Castlevania – The Dracula X Chronicles (Size: 766Mb)

85. Flatout – Head On (Size: 377Mb)

86. The King of Fighters Collection – The Orochi Saga (Size: 1.13 Gb)

87. Lego Indiana Jones – The Original Adventures (Size: 672 Mb)

88. F1 2009 (Size: 421 Mb)

89. Warriors Orochi 2 (Size: 1.4Gb)

90. Lunar – Silver Star Harmony (Size: 872Mb)

91. Manhunt 2 (Size: 1.0Gb)

92. Eragon (Size: 164Mb)

93. Kingdom Hearts – birth by sleep (Size: 1.5Gb)

94. Sonic rivals (Size: 120Mb)

95. Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy (Size: 1.3Gb)

96. Race Driver 2006 (Size: 940Mb)

97. Puzzle Quest: Challenge Of The War Lord (Size: 82Mb)

98. Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow (Size: 1.1Gb)

99. M. A. C. H modified – air combat heroes (Size: 244 Mb)

100. Test Drive Unlimited (Size: 960 Mb)

101. Sega Rally Revo (Size: 171Mb)

102. Cars (Size: 271Mb)

103. F1 Grand Prix (Platinum) (Europe) (Size: 318Mb)

104FIFA 06 – Soccer (Size: 616 Mb)

105. Killzone – Liberation (Size: 511 Mb)

106. Formula 1 – 06 Portable (Size: 537 Mb)

107. Championship Manager 2006 (Europe) (Size: 136Mb)

108. Cabela’s Legendary Adventures (Size: 386Mb)

109. FIFA 07 – Soccer (Size: 1.1Gb)

110. FIFA 08 (Size: 1.2Gb)

111. FIFA 09 (Europe) (Size: 857Mb)

112. FIFA 10 (Europe) (Size: 870Mb)

113. Pro Cycling Season 2010 – Le Tour De France (Europe) (Size: 247 Mb)

114. Prince of Persia – The Forgotten Sands (Size: 523 Mb)

115. Little Big Planet (Size: 1.3Gb)

116. Prince Of Persia – Rival Swords (Size: 1.0 Gb)

117. Outrun 2006 – Coast 2 Coast (Size: 382 Mb)

118. SOCOM – U.S. Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo 3 (Size: 1.1Gb)

119. Kingdom of Paradise (Size: 1.0 Gb)

120. Final Fantasy (Size: 143Mb)

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