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How To Download And Play Games From Facebook Gameroom

Playing games from Facebook Gameroom is a favorite pastime activity for many young adults. You may have been stuck with the idea but do not know how to download and play games from Facebook Gameroom – you’ll find everything you need to know here.

The gaming hub on the Facebook app enables users to discover, follow, and play games with other virtual friends. You can also watch live gaming videos or prerecorded ones on the app. You can play from diverse languages while connecting with friends in different groups and platforms via the gaming hub too.

You can find an unlimited number of streamers on the left side of the gaming hub with links to multiple sections such as Home, Browse Games, Browse Streamers, and many others. The Browse Streamers option will unveil streamers who have become popular in the Gameroom, and more suggested streamers on the left side of the same section.


Facebook Gameroom is an online game platform specifically designed by Facebook to allow users to have more memorable experiences through their gaming features. Game lovers can find their favorite games, play, download, and even share using their PC.

Facebook Gameroom was formerly known as Facebook Games Arcade. It is an independent PC app with a user-friendly interface that offers game lovers the opportunity to discover games by genre, categories, and recommendations. You can play web, mobile, and native video games without being interrupted by Facebook’s newsfeed.

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You are likely to discover most of the games you’ll find on Google Play Store also on Facebook Gameroom. Farmville, Candy crush, Mecha beasts, Clash of cats, World maker, Star wing, and countless others are available for you. You can use the search bar to do a quick search if you have any in mind.

Beyond just playing games, the Facebook Gameroom offers game lovers a ground to connect, interact with one another, play casual games, and build relationships in different areas across the globe. You can create a tournament in the tournament section to make other players compete with each other.

Casual gamers can discover games with other friends in a room, and join various gaming groups on the hub among others! Commonly regarded as Facebook’s answer to Steam, the app consists of a wide range of games that are segregated in multiple categories and are completely free for users.

To get started, you do not necessarily have to be signed up on Facebook to download and install it – you only need to set up Facebook Gameroom on your device.


Get started with downloading and playing games from Facebook Gameroom on your PC by logging in to your computer.

  • Ensure that you have a good internet connection running.
  • Go to https://www.facebook.com/gameroom.
  • Then, tap Free Install. You’ll have to follow the instructions provided to download and install Gameroom on your PC.
  • Then, open the app, sign in to your Facebook account and search for your favorite games to play.
  • You can simply type in the names of the game you are looking for in the search bar and click play now.
  • Note that once you are signed in to the platform, all your Facebook games will automatically show up with your current levels and rewards.
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While users are required to download and install Gameroom to enjoy it, the game platform is however specifically designed for Windows 7 and above PCs. Linux and Mac can’t use Facebook Gameroom currently.


Facebook Gameroom is absolutely free. Game lovers can download, install, and play all games provided on the platform without paying a dime.

However, some features would only be activated when you make some purchases with real cash. But you can choose not to do this, and still have a great experience on the platform.


There are some games on Facebook Gameroom that can be downloaded through Flash and can be played offline. It all depends on the conditions provided in each game. But generally, you’ll need to be connected to the internet to use the app.


The Facebook team works constantly around the clock to keep the platform safe for users. When users report bugs or make other complaints, the team immediately fixes the situation to make it safer. This ensures smooth gameplay with no worries.

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