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Top 20 Sites To Download Free Korean Movies In 2024

Korean movies are increasingly popular around the globe. It is very likely that you have found yourself glued to one too. People fall in love with the Korean series for diverse reasons. Some love them for the kind of culture they showcase, some for their clean contents, and others for their gorgeous-looking actors! But whatever your reasons are, we have in this article, the top 20 sites to download Korean movies and dramas.

The websites revealed here also include SRT or subtitles in English and are quite popular for the intense, emotional, and engaging content they provide. They offer mind-blowing and captivating Korean movies such as Iris, Ju Mong, and several others that held their viewers glued to their screens. Finally, downloading your favorite movies on these platforms is pretty easy and straightforward.

What Are The 20 Best Websites To Watch or Download Korea Movies


KissAsian is one of the leading sites to download Korean movies. They provide rich and engaging content without you needing to pay a dime to download them. Visitors will receive the latest series, drama, a wide range of shows, and Korean movies. There are also popular anime options to pick from that are packed with action, history, and comedy.

Even if you browse the site without a specific movie in mind, the site also makes available a random icon to help you get started with juicy options. And if you have a particular movie in mind already, simply proceed to use the search bar to fish out the movie or just navigate your way around the site.


Viki is one of the best sites to consider when it comes to downloading Korean and other Asian movies. It provides subtitles of movies in any language of your choice. Hence, there is no language barrier as regards watching any movie that catches your attention.

Viki is absolutely free; however, it uses advert pop-ups that distort your experience on the site. But aside from that, every other thing is great. The site stands out from others in several ways.
One, they are much more popular than most of their counterparts. Two, they provide top-notch services without charges.

Three, their app is available on the Play store with fast loading pages, and high-quality downloads of movies. Users are also allowed to create their own watch list of favorite movies to watch later.


MyAsianTv is another interesting website that is regularly being updated with new Korean movies and dramas. The website has a simple and clear layout that makes it easy for users to download their much-anticipated movies in one click.

The platform has classy designs that qualify it as one of the best sites to visit. Aside from Korean options, the website also provides several other Asian movies that you can watch, including the latest movies. Although, the Asian movie site has a huge collection of movies and dramas but users are allowed to request movies if they can’t find what they are looking for on the site.

As a prospective user, it is important that you register before on the site before gaining access to download every movie of your choice. This is one of the most used sites for all Asian movies.


Dramago has one of the most fascinating homepages on the internet. It is one of the top sites where users can discover their favorite Korean movies. It has a very attractive layout with a faultless color combination and easy to use interface.

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Dramago has a huge volume of beautiful movies from diverse countries. Aside from Korean movies, you’ll find Japanese movies, Chinese, and the Philippines. You’ll be able to search for top dramas making big hits.

They also have many other features you’ll find interest in. For instance, you may find interest in their surprise packages, news on popular stars, and Japanese Manga.


As a favourite of Korean anime lovers, Animetv welcomes millions of visitors from around the world. Although it seems quite similar to Viki, however, it has a huge base of Korean movie dramas.

The highlighting feature is great and users are also able to play Korean anime series even with poor internet connections. It also provides users with some special browsing options that make gaining lifetime access to diverse Korean movies quite easy.


DramaBeans is another site dense with different Asian dramas. They have close similarities to websites already highlighted, but the site is unique as one of the oldest Kdrama sites on the internet. The website is easy to navigate to discover interesting movies.

You can also use the search bar to find movies and shows that you can stream or download. Users have the freedom to pick a thought-out movie or series to download or accept offers from the website. You’ll find multiple genres of movies that you can choose from. Drama, dance, action, romance, and even music are well featured on the platform.

More features you’ll find interesting on DramaBeans are movie reviews, film news, Kpop news, drama casting, celebrity news, and drama recaps among others.


Newasiantv has everything you’ll wish to have on a TV site. They offer one of the best movie options for any genre of Asian series for free. You’ll find different kinds of horror films, action, animations, mystery, fantasy, crime, romance, history, war, and music.

After selecting your choice of movie to download from the site, you’ll also have access to see the plot of the movie for a brief overview of what is packed in the movie. And even if you do not want to download directly for reasons best known to you, you can also stream the movies from the site.

You’ll be amazed at the wide range of movies available on the site, spanning from the late 60s into the 21st-century series.


‘Dramanice’ has a kind of appealing white and pink layout that melts the hearts of visitors at first glance. You’ll find old and new movie collections with both subtitled videos and their original versions.

The site has been able to build a loyal customer base over the years of their existence. They also have consistent availability of a recent collection of movies that gets users regularly attracted to the site. You should check things out to get your favourite Korean videos.


Netflix is a household name when it comes to streaming. It offers a wide range of hit movies, TV shows, documentaries, and anime on virtually all devices that can browse the internet. You’ll be able to watch different kinds of movies, including Korean movies anytime you want without having any distorted experience from unwanted commercials.

There are regular new updates added to the site every week. You can watch your favorite Korean movies anywhere and anytime by simply signing in to the site with your account. You can download to watch offline at your own convenient time.

You’ll find Netflix very flexible to use. You are not tied to any commitment using the site. With just a small service fee, you can watch your favorite Korean movies every month. You can also decide to cancel your account in just two easy clicks.

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The site is imbued with an extensive library of documentaries, feature films, and many more that can be watched as much as you desire.


Users of Dramacool9 receive updates of their favorite Korean movies every day. The site is undoubtedly one of the top sites to watch or download all kinds of movies. It covers a variety of selections and languages that necessitates integrating subtitle options on the site. This helps users around the globe translate and subtitle their favorite movies in their own language.

Dramacool9 offers more than just Korean movies. You can discover Japanese, Taiwan, Chinese, and other Asian collections from the site.


DramaKoreaIndo is another widely recognized option that uncovers the best Korean dramas and movies out there. You can choose to download or stream your findings. It has a very classic view that appeals to its users with a great collection of recent and popular Korean movies.

You may also choose to download their app, to keep you updated with tons of new uploads on the site daily. You’ll really find the site worth considering.


MyDramaOppa mixes its collection of Asian dramas. It offers high-quality films that are constantly updated.

This is great too as you can watch your favourite videos from the great quality they present. However, if you’d rather download your movies, then consider the other alternatives.

Movies and shows available on MyDramaOppa are often subtitled in English and are totally free. The website has a simple and easy-to-use layout that aids easy navigation on the site. You should also consider using the search bar for a quick search of your Korean movie choices.


DramaGalaxy is simply when you add drama to a galaxy. Lol. Yea. The website dishes out great Asian movies that can be easily searched for using an A-Z list displayed on the site. The main categories of the site include Drama list, drama movies, popular shows, news shows, popular movies, and their daily releases.

Users can stream Korean movies of their favorite from the platform, and can also try out their app. The app, however, isn’t available for all smartphones yet. Only users of Android devices can use the app. Efforts are ongoing to make the app available for other devices.


Ondemandkorea is another exciting platform where you can download, watch, or stream Korean dramas for free. It has a great collection of Korean content that it would be hard not to see any of the Korean dramas you want to watch or download.

It also has a paid service, by subscribing or upgrading to a premium service, it means you will be able to watch your favourite Korean without ads interruption and also enjoy some premium exclusive content.

To watch movies for free on OndemandKorea, you only need to sign up using your Facebook account or a valid email address, then you can watch selected Korean dramas with ads.

Ondemandkorea has a dedicated app on Google play store and app store which means you will not need to use the browser every time you want to stream or download Korean movies.


Mydramalist is one of the best websites in the world to get a Korean drama or tv shows for free. Every category has been correctly arranged for users, making it easier to use even if this is your first time on the site.

If you are looking for popular Asian or Korean drama, which could also mean the most-watched and downloaded Korean dramas, then you just need to select popular dramas. Being the most popular means that it is very intriguing to watch.

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The site makes use of ads as a way to generate some money but not as intrusive as we have seen with most free Korean drama sites. The ad placement is to make sure you continue to enjoy the movies with no cost on your part.


Asiancrush is another online Asian platform to visit for all the latest or new Korean movies and series. It was recently that I also came across this site, and I can assure you that it deserves a place on this list.

The Korea movies portal has already arranged content in two, when you go to the menu, you have ‘series’ and ‘movies’. If you are looking for short movies, then you go to the movies section but if you are looking for Tv shows you can glue to for a while, you should go to series. There are lots of great movies you can check on the Asiancrush website.


Kocowa is a great addition to the list of the top websites you can stream or download your favourite Korean movies. The American online movie site offers great arrays of TV series and videos to people living in the north and south America. However, people from other regions would still be able to access the site using Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Website visitors can watch selected videos or movies for free on the site without registering an account. Meanwhile, they will not be able to watch the newest movies until they sign up and subscribe. They may also have to deal with mild advertisements. Buying a plan on Kocowa provides them with other exciting packages not available to a free plan.

Kocowa app is available for Android, IOS, Roku users.


WeTv is arguably the site if you are looking to download, watch or stream originals and popular Korean movies for free. To make it easier for WeTV users, videos are classified into 3, namely Variety shows, Movies, and Dramas.

You will also be able to adjust video quality to a lower version if you want to save your data, however, the HD videos look great to the eyes. Also, there are several languages and substitutes to choose from, you just need to select your preferred language.

Wetv app is available on the Google play store.


Smallencode is ranking high fast in the league of the best sites to download Korean movies and other greats dramas and series.

The website allows users to download their favorite movies and also stream on the platform. You may choose to unravel beautiful and great Asian dramas and movies by making your selection based on category, drama index, movies index, etc. You’ll also find out the newest trailers, trending movies for the week, show starting the week, and shows ending the week.

The site makes it easy for users to navigate to discover upcoming TV shows, reviews, ratings, and more. There is also an available search icon where you can input your favorite Asian movie titles and get them quickly.


Dramafans is one of the best websites to get Korean Drama Series Online with English subtitles for free. The website is user friendly and it is built to make it easy for users to access a large collection of Korean dramas on the site’s homepage. You can also find the latest Chinese, Taiwanese, and Japanese movies which make it more of an Asian movie site.

If you are not still convinced, you can quickly access Dramafans content by clicking site links such as By First Letter, Hot Drama/Movie, Browse Drama By Category, Drama/Movie Index, etc. This should help you get your choice of Korean movies quickly.

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